Adonai, The Spirit

A wind whose direction cannot be 
gauged with a wind vane
Unpredictable in its patterns and 
Infused with unquantifiable energy 
resulting in a gust so terrifying
Trees with roots so strong and deep 
are uprooted
Treasures so buried within the crust 
are unearthed
The wind is the king on the sea -- 
better pray to have it on your side 
while sailing
The wind cleanses, heralds, dictates, 
and corrects situations
He is the wind
He is Holy Spirit.
Fire burns in varying degrees of intensity
The men of valor couldn't withstand its 
heat when its captured essence was 
stirred up seven times in the furnace

Fire dances along its paths exuding 
heat and light, bringing chaos and 
shattering the human order
Its shape flickers on a candle inviting to 
a child to touch
It licks and cleanses all things in a 
refined manner pleasant to its will as 
Elijah would testify

Like the earth core with immense heat 
that keeps the workings of the tectonic 
plates in check, it broods and maintains
It melds solid items with far extreme 
divergent properties
Yet, it easily pierces and splits seemingly
 indivisible items
He is fire
He is the Holy Spirit.

In Him is no shadow of turning
In Him are all the spectrums of light 
dwelling -- from the strongest gamma 
rays to the least radio waves

While physics shows that the frequency 
and wavelength of the spectrum light 
are indirectly proportional, but for him 
both are in consonance in the same 
direction --his frequncy is high, and 
so are his wavelength and propagating 

When light comes on, darkness naturally 
logs off
He brooded over the earth during 
recreation and the reign of darkness halted
Let there be light, and there was light!
He is light
He is the Holy Spirit.

To those redeemed by the lamb he 
dwells within
Guiding them in the directions of life 
if yielded to
Calming their nerves in their troubled 
Leading them from the bank to the 
middle of the river of life
By his presence, eternal life has been 
imparted to their spirits
He is love 
He is a person
He is the Spirit of God.

John 14:26 NIV
But the Advocate, the Holy Spirit, whom 
the Father will send in my name, will 
teach you all things and will remind you 
of everything I have said to you.

Do you want to know the Advocate? 
Simply invite Jesus today. Come as you are!