You Light of the world 
Awake  and glow 
Glow so the souls of men may rise 
Rise and Live 
Live in Light.

See the souls of men languishing in darkness.
Some ''re grinning and laughing loudly
Faking a jolly merry Life.
Few stay on in silence 
Staring, they remember though faintly
Life on the distance shore before the wreck 
They remember that glow. 
Look into their hearts 
Listen to their inner minds 
Listen! Can't you  hear their inner voices 
Mumbling fearful words
Utterly confused 
Frightened and deranged 
They 'r certain they're doomed 
Lost in the maze of lies.
Maze so thick with interwoven shrubs 
Fibres on fibres of entangled words and actions
One word here 
One step there 
Spoken in disarray while groping in darkness 
Chaos in maze of merry

Light of the World 
Awake and glow 
Light up the world 
With Eternal Light. 
Awake and glow 
Glow that the souls of men
May live in Light.