The Great Escape

The Great Escape

She was fifteen years old when it happened
Her grandfather was celebrating
his 70th Birthday anniversary
The entire family had to be there
They were living in Lagos at the time
They had to travel to Ibadan
They were going to see their old
uncles, aunties, cousins and other
She was very excited
The journey from Lagos to Ibadan was
very exciting
She counted the trailers which they
overtook while her younger brother
counted the buses
It was so much fun
By the time they got to their grandfather's
There was a huge crowd
Her mother promptly joined the other
wives to tend to the cooking
Her father joined their grandfather and
the other men in preparing the place
for musicians, caterers and all
The children were left to watch the
television and entertain themselves
There were so many children
Even though the grandchildren were
seventeen in number
The children of the other relatives
were there too and they were watching
She was too old for Barney
She tried to change the channel but
the little children cried and everybody
looked at her somehow
She was the first grandchild and the
oldest among them
She was really bored
So she started running up and down the
stairs and horsing around
At a point she felt she should go and
sit down with the others and take
care of her younger sister who was
seven years old
But then somebody had backed the 
baby and she didn't have anything 
else to do
Her immediate younger brother was
so engrossed in the barney that he
didn't notice she was restless
Then some of her older cousins arrived
They were from the north and closer
to her age
She last saw them when she was like
ten years old
There was a lot of noise and laughter
She quickly glued herself to one of
The one nearer to her age
They went for a stroll within the compound
They watched as the music band arrived
and started setting up
They saw the guests arriving from 4 pm
It was the first time she was hanging
out with her older cousins
She really liked how they made her
feel like a grown up
When it was about 9pm, the oldest
of his older cousins took her by
the hand and took her to one
of the rooms
He started touching her in a strange
She didn't want to be rude but she
didn't like it
She told him to stop
She tried to leave the room
He pushed her fiercely
Her heart began to pound in her
She screamed but her voice was 
drowned out by the loud music
on the street
Her cousin's eyes were steely and
He rushed at her and tore out
her panties
He was going to rape her
She was so scared, she just watched
and prayed under her breathe 
as he began climb on top of her
"Jesus, please, dont let this happen
to me!
Jesus please, dont let this happen to
That was all she could say
Just then, her mother and another
woman opened the door and walked in
They didn't know anything was going on
They were looking for a room to gossip
in unheard and somehow chose that
It was the greatest miracle ever to
happen to her
It was also the worst day of her life
Her mother screamed
Her cousin retreated and ran out of
the room
Her mother pounced on her and beat
her silly
She didn't even know what to say
What can she say?
Her mother kept shouting "I left her with
her brothers, she left them and started
following boys about"
The way her mother said it was how
it happened but it made it sound as
if she went looking for what happened
That was so wrong
She didn't even imagine something like
that could ever happen to her
The issue was discussed on the family
altar the next morning before prayer
Her cousin was called forward by her
He was 21 years old and he was already
an undergraduate
She was just fifteen
Her grandfather told her cousin he was
no longer welcomed at his house
her grandfather called her cousin
a rapist and even insulted his parents
They left the house within the hour
Her grandfather apologized to her
He said he was very sure she was
not to blame for what happened
He told the family he saw her cousin's
father (His brother) do the same to
young girls hawking things when
they were growing up in Kaduna
several years before
Her grandfather said they all kept quiet
then and pretended as if it was okay
because of family ties
Her grandfather said he didn't know
the spirit was passed to his brother's
The whole family was shocked over
the revelation
Her parents took it easy with her
after that morning
But she had learned her lesson
Going off with strangers regardless
of relationship or family ties was not
a wise decision

PS: Mobola is happily married with
She sends in this story to help our
teenagers understand through her
experience the importance of 
obedience and wisdom
Thrill-seekers often end up in hot
Like Dinah, the daughter of Jacob
She said she was a believer at the 
time and full of the Holy Spirit but
even though she felt a huge caution
in her spirit that day when she saw
her cousins, she felt she was safe
in her grandfather's house and
nothing bad could happen to her 
As it turned out, she was very
The Holy Spirit does not give us
instruction based on what we can 
He gives us instructions based on
what he has seen
Heeding his voice keeps us out of
trouble and leads us into the destiny
he has prepared for us.

GSW's notes: If you are reading this
and you have been involved in some
scandalous activities that nobody
knows about or that people know 
If you have raped before or molested
if you have been raped or molested
if you were abused as a child
If you have been exposed to videos
and pictures that corrupts the mind
Dont assume it is normal
Don't go on living your life like 
someone without a great destiny
Come to Jesus today and receive a
brand new life
He will change you by the power
of the Holy Spirit and transform
your life from glory to glory
If you will like to give your life
to Jesus, kindly say this out Loud
"Dear Lord Jesus, I know that I am 
a sinner, and I ask for Your 
I believe You died for my sins and 
rose from the dead. 
I turn from my sins and invite You 
to come into my heart and life. 
I want to trust and follow You as 
my Lord and Savior.
I invite the Holy Spirit into my life
today, I know the greater one now
lives in me and I have divine power
I shall walk in this power to the
glory of God all the days of my
life in Jesus name. Amen"


You are now a brand new Christkind
Your life will never remain the same
Please send a message to if you
said this prayer
God bless you