The Side Chick

The Side Chick

The lady pursued him with a single mind

He did his best to fend her off

“I am married” he explained

“Did I say I want to marry you? Please, don’t flatter yourself’’ she retorted

He could see the handwriting on the wall

But she was very determined

She kept insisting she wasn’t trying to get into his life in order to ruin it

‘Just felt a strong pull towards you, I can’t explain it” She said

He was used to fending off swooning girls all the time

His wife had also swooned drunkenly before they got married

He was no Adonis, he was only blessed with the gift of wisdom

The world acknowledged his gift

He speaks at local and international events all over the world

Heads of states, dictators, rulers and global leaders pay to hear him speak

Wisdom had brought him fame and fortune

And also attracted a lot of foolish people to him

Many are star stalkers who just wanted to boast that they had slept with him to their friends

Few covet his friendship and like King Solomon, more than a few covet his bed

Not because he has any outstanding physical qualities

But because of his mind

He had always found this a bit ironic: He called it his three steps to foolishness

  • Wisdom attracts the foolish
  • The wise sleeps with the foolish
  • The wise becomes foolish!

How would he explain to people that in his own wisdom he cheated on his wife and broke his own home?

He had so much to lose by straying

But these sort of women kept coming

When he was much younger and relatively unknown, he would snap at such admirers and shame them into going away!

But today’s world is poised on a knife edge.

One wrong text message, chat or spoken word would go viral! You cannot win.

Tell off a lady the wrong way, you would be accused of lacking empathy, sympathy or compassion

Encourage her, you will be accused of leading her on

Ignore her, you will be accused of being a snob

He always managed to outwait his admirers

Sometimes he would have lunch with them and try very hard to redirect their thinking

But once in a while, there will be that lady with a doggedness he would come to respect

This lady was one of such

She would send him messages over and over until he read them

She kept nibbling away at his resistance

Eventually he met with her

He: What do you want?

She: I am a virgin and I want to be your side chick. Give me the ground rules. If I break any of your rules you have the right to break it off. I respect the fact that you are married. I respect the fact that you are reluctant to do this. I will stick to whatever boundary you give me. But I don’t want you to friend zone me. At one point I will like to sleep with you. It may be today or in six months’ time.

He looked at her and laughed! He looked around for a hidden camera crew.

He: Are you wearing one of those spy pen or spy glasses? Is this a stunt to embarrass me on live tv?

She smiled and motioned him to come with her

They got into his car

She: Take me somewhere else where you’d feel comfortable and you can search me if you want

His resistance broke

What sort of man would say no to her incredible offer?

A beautiful 25 year old virgin offering herself to a 40 year old for fun only!


She had obviously thought everything through

Why deny her such a simple request?

He asked her for three days to consider her proposal

She smiled

The devil’s got a foot in the door

Three days later she became his side chick

She was 25, dating a 40 year old married man just for the experience!

She had no hidden agenda

It took his wife six months to notice

His wife noticed that the lady’s name kept popping out of his mouth

She asked him one day what was going on

Who was the girl?

He became conscious, no more slips

He meets with the girl once a week at a hotel, they spend four hours together

They talk, they cuddle and yes! He sleeps with her

Sex with her was fresh, new and invigorating

She wanted to learn and he was a willing teacher

She never took a dime from him, not even a gift of any kind

Once in a while, the girl would send him some money

She called it inconvenience change

She would say “Buy something nice for my senior’’,

‘’Take my senior out this weekend’’

By the time their affair was a year old

She had become indispensable to him

He couldn’t imagine life without her

He was still married and goes home to be with his family everyday

But something had changed

His heart was no longer in his home

With every passing day, the distance between his heart and his head increased

Emotion had drowned wisdom in a cesspool of deceit

Three years after she made him the offer

He divorced his wife

One year later, he married the side chick

He had a son and daughter with his ex-wife and a son and a daughter with his second wife

He is still an internationally respected consultant and speaker



PS: The side Chick narrated this story

She was explaining why it is dangerous for a married man or woman to have any form of physical or emotional relationship with anybody outside of their spouses, no matter how strong they think they are spiritually, emotionally or mentally.

She claimed she didn't set out to marry him, though she was in love with him, she was willing to share a little part of his life (however insignificant) despite her feelings for him. She knows it would hurt him to divorce his wife and she didn't want that.

But as time went on the momentum swung towards her because his wife wasn't aware of the fact that the foundation of her home was being eroded. By the time she knew, it was too late!

Emotion is so unpredictable and vagarious.

It can get the better of anybody!

Do you agree with her?