The Mirage

The Mirage

Greatness was supposed to be his for the taking

Everybody saw it

He knew it

But where was the greatness?

When he was in primary school, he rose like a meteor

His teachers commented over and over in his report card “An industrious child”, “A promising child” “A born leader” “A genius”

His mates accepted it without putting up a fight

Many a time the brightest and the best amongst them would approach him

“Please teach us this or that”

He always obliged

He was light years ahead of them

In secondary school the rise continued

He was the youngest member of the state’s think tank

Contributing valuable insight in policy defining discussions

His hold on the dynamics of life was uncommon, so was the depth of his insight

Everywhere he went people attributed greatness to him

And yet…

It was all in words

He was as poor as a church rat and so were his parents

He was never offered a scholarship or any form of assistance

He was like the poor man that saved a city only to be scorned and unwanted

When he got admitted into the university

He was singled out quickly for a leadership position

With only two shirts and a trouser!

He delivered excellence

Sometimes people will approach him with lofty projects

Sir, kindly support us

He used to look at them

How did they expect him to support them?

Didn’t they see how he dressed?

Didn’t they notice he was poor?

His mother would tell him, those approaching him for help were not seeing his present condition, only his future

He would offer his counsel and such projects would take off splendidly

He would also be acknowledged and praised

But not once did anyone say “Take this for your services”

He graduated with a first class

And yet he couldn’t get a job

He didn’t get a scholarship

He didn’t get anything!

He sat at home and watched as lesser mortals raced ahead of him

He didn’t seem to have lost his abilities

People still reach out to him when they need his input

But nobody seemed to deem his talent worthy of any noteworthy compensation

He met a girl

She was an average student

Graduated with a second class lower

And yet was flying high in everyway

"How do you do it?" He asked her

She didn’t have an answer

She was simply favoured!

Life was so unfair

The girl liked him a lot

He had tremendous potential

He was the kind of person she always wanted to be

A cerebral giant

His present situation was pathetic but she had the touch of gold

She was sure she could transform his fortune

They worked together

He had several mind blowing ideas

He had tried selling such to many corporations without any success

She took the same ideas and turned them to gold

Within a year they were rolling in good money

She eventually got him a job in the banking sector

Within ten years he owned his own bank

Everybody said “We knew you were destined for the top”

When people see his resume, they nod and say “No wonder”

They assume he got to the top because he was a genius

But he knew better

Favour beats genius anytime

His life is a proof