His father gave up all hope as soon as he was born

He was premature, as black as sooth and looked terribly deformed

His breathe came in short bursts

Like a diver lost under the sea, drowning in a world alien to him

The doctor told his mother he wouldn’t last the night

It was a bitter pill for his mother to swallow

She had waited for many years to have a baby

And to have one and lose him so soon was the cruelest thing of all

She turned away from the doctor and sobbed silently

Death and life were no strangers to the doctor

The signs were unmistakable

The baby would die, of that there was no doubt

It was only a matter of time

The doctor left

His father also left to prepare his grave

At least nobody will refer to them as barren again

They had given birth to a child

Even if he didn’t last an hour

They can only hope to bear another

After preparing the grave he returned

The child was still breathing

Slowly and in spurts but breathing all the same

Minutes turned to hours

At a point he started opening his mouth

His mother beckoned to his father to bring him

He was hungry

He needn’t die of hunger

He took to the milk and he calmed down a little

His mother’s family members came around

They had heard the prognosis

They came to support to their daughter

They gathered around the mother and her suckling child

They prayed

That was the very moment the child gave up the ghost

The mother screamed as he went still

"Oh my! Is he really gone?"

His father took him from her and went into the night

He laid him beside the grave

Said a prayer

Carried him and showed him to the heavens

As he lowered him carefully

The child screamed to life

His voice drowning the silence of the night

"He lives!"

His father took him back to his mother

“The little one has decided to stay for at least one more hour”

Hours turned into years

As he grew, the doctors continued to diagnose and predict his death

He wouldn’t last the year

He had a heart condition

He lasted the year

He wouldn’t ever live to see five calendar years

He did

He wouldn’t live to become a teenager

He defied their prediction again!

At sixteen, he became bedridden

His fragile heart couldn’t take the toils of life anymore

He had used up his share of the life he got from the first Adam

As he progressively retrogressed

His grandmother gave him a Bible to read

To ease his passing

With nothing else to keep him company, he read the bible

He began to see that there was another life

A better life than the one he had in heaven!

Oh let me die, he thought, let me see my God in glory

But then he read that the life he longed for in heaven

Had been brought to all men through Christ Jesus

He had a covenant right to the life of the second Adam

Not a life of flesh and blood

But a life by the power of the Holy Spirit!


Alone in his room, he mumbled

“Lord Jesus, I give my life to you. I accept you as my Lord and savior, I receive this new life through you and I confess that the life I now live is not my own but Christ Jesus lives in me. Amen”

After praying, he didn’t feel any better but he believed!

He asked himself, what would a sixteen year old be doing now?

He sat up, put his feet on the floor and started walking!

He took ten steps, felt weak and walked back to his bed!

He rested a little, took twenty steps, thirty steps, whoa!!!

The more steps of faith he took, the stronger he felt!

The next morning he was able to walk down and have breakfast with his family

Within a week he was walking about town, telling people about his miraculous recovery

At 18, he became a preacher

He received the baptism of the Holy Spirit

And he changed the world!


PS: If only you can have the audacity to accept Jesus Christ today

And boldly take the steps of faith to challenge your limitations

You will overcome


For Harmony, the joy of the Lord

Just a few hours old at the moment

You were born to win!

Daddy loves you