The Spirit of Dominion

The Spirit of Dominion

I met a young lady and her grandmother at the event we had in Maryland last Sunday

I last saw the young lady and her entire family in the year 2020 when they dragged her down to one of my meetings at Surulere and labeled her a witch

And they were right!

She enjoyed being a witch

Always lost in a trance in broad daylight

She would sit somewhere fiddling with the belt of her gown or the edges of a wrapper (marking time in a hypnotic state) for hours

Anyone who dared to touch her or bring her out of that hypnotic state would fall sick almost to the point of dying at the time

Whenever she came out of the hypnotic state she would be talking to her parents like they were her servants

“Mummy, you know I had gone for my meeting and you didn’t prepare my bath or cook my food? It is like you want your shop to catch fire Abi?”

Daddy, didn’t you see that I was in the other world making a case for your business not to be destroyed by my friends and you didn’t buy me a new shoe? Maybe I should make you so poor that you will see a piece of paper and be calling it money”

She practically made her grandmother blind, because the poor old woman was always dragging her to churches for deliverance

She said, “If you can’t see the road, you will stop taking me to your fake pastors”

When I was told of her exploits by her mother and father, I felt so proud of her

(I know some of you will think that is weird but I don’t think the way most people think.To me, she would make a great asset to the gospel especially because she already knew how to dominate the physical realm through her mastery of the other realm.)

Many witches can’t even do that. They hide and dodge while they do evil. They will be intimidated to afflict their own parents and siblings while pretending to be innocent or while being threatened that if they don’t allow the evil to happen, a bigger evil would just be around the corner

I liked the fact that she was assertive, domineering and yeah an open terror

Her parents are Christians but they didn’t know how powerful they were in Christ

It was a lesson for many to learn for free

Someone with nothing was ruling over those who were full of the Holy Spirit and power

I had to be proud of her abeg.

I sat with her and her parents in my office and just observed her

She was quiet, doing that repetitive thing with the belt of her gown while looking lost in thought

Her mother said, “She is gone again, that is how she goes into her evil coven and nobody dares to bring her out of it”

I asked an usher to get me communion, tapped her on the upper arm and called her name

She came out of the trance

I told her to say after me

“Lord Jesus, today I accept you as my Lord and Saviour”

Then I said l, “This is the Holy Communion, the body of Christ. I served her the bread and the cup”

Then, I took her and her parents to the church auditorium and got her filled with the Holy Spirit

She manifested and did drama but at last she was full of the Holy Ghost

I told her parents she would no longer trouble them as she had now become a member of the body, flesh and bones of Christ.

I didn’t see them again until the “Ascend” event we had last Sunday

She had just gained admission into the University, her grandma was looking much younger and healthier and her parents also were doing so well

Her mother had even gave birth a new child, (miracle baby) and her dad had been posted to Abuja with all pending promotions and dues paid, etcetera

It was a very happy and healthy family

They came to say , 'thank you'

The young lady especially was glowing

She told me she is "The sister in Jeans and T-shirt" and that I am her role model!


The attitude she had from the beginning while in darkness, she still had now in the light

Intimidator and possessor! A natural ruler and reigner. I told her to keep that attitude. Many believers don’t know how to live like that, the few that do so naturally gives me great joy.


It is not every witch that can be so treated though

Some would rather die than leave witchcraft

I shared with us the story of this so called Christian woman who was afflicting her own children and grandchildren somewhere in Canada

The entire family had relocated abroad and her children took her along despite her protests

In retaliation for taking her she killed her first son

The young man was a pastor

His church members gathered together to pray

This woman began to confess

She said she needed to return to the village or she would lose her crown in the coven

She had told her children over and over to let her return home and they wouldn’t listen

So she decided to teach them a lesson

The other children bought her a ticket and sent her back to the village

Then they cut her off completely and abandoned her as instructed by their pastor

I was told about the case by one Tayo Adefila on twittery, by this time the woman was roaming about FESTAC begging for bread

Her children had sworn never to have anything to do with her and had cut her off for three years

We went there to give her food and shelter

I asked her if she would like to give her life to Jesus

She said she had done too much evil to desire a new life and a crown in heaven

She felt it wouldn’t be fair

She had laid her hand on the plow of wickedness, she didn’t want to look back

I told her my offer was a “take it or leave it” offer

If she said no, she wouldn’t live to see the next seven days

I couldn’t in good conscience leave a witch in peace to keep afflicting people

She said she understood and had made her peace

She died two days later

She didn’t need to

She chose to

As believers we must dominate and not be dominated by any “power” especially because we know we have “All Power” and whatever the other entity is claiming to have is like a rat claiming to be landlord when the Lion is not around

It Is pathetic to see believers who are scared of any form of darkness.

We must also rember that not all witches are meant to be treated with “suffer not a witch to live” instruction as written by Moses

Some of them would make fantastic evangelists and even prophetesses when brought into Christ

The gospel you will preach to them however is not the gospel of mere words or oral persuasion

It has to be the gospel of power

They must see that your power is superior and that even their very life is being lived at your mercy

The machine gun defeated the bow and arrow, the principle of superior arm winning a war still stands till tomorrow

In Christ you have the greatest weapon of all for use in the realm of both men and the Spirit

Don’t forget this!

To be full of the Holy Spirit and still be fearful is a recipe for disaster

Rule in the midst of your enemy, dear Christian, Dominate your realm through Christ!


PS: We will be having a class on the Spirit of Dominion tomorrow during the Night of Glory

It is online

If you can, please join through the links

Let’s learn a thing or two about putting the Spirit of Jesus to work in our realities

See you there.