The Call

The Call

So dark and gloomy with noisy shadow 
neigbours decked in their death apparels 
Their sounds cut so deeply into your soul 
while they bask in your cry 
A misery for you, yet a cocktail of delight 
for them
Pressed tight and down with seemingly no 
avenue for an escape
It's a long road, yet a short one where life 
is rapidly ebbing away
A depressed life, a lonely one.

Help appears to have developed a strong 
distaste for you
It wouldn't come near your abode -- 
a place filled with putrid smell and the 
menacing dark wind that snuffs any 
semblance of light
Defeat stands so gigantically tall and strong 
The thoughts of giving up have filled your 

Time is running out fast, perhaps one more
 lapse to go
Once a total stranger, but now the closest 
ally stays invingtinly in the bottle on the shelf
Another drink, a needed one
Even as you down the liquid friend in the 
bottle to give you some comforts
Yet it drives the nails deeper into the coffin
It's a lost cause you said
No one can help.

Even though depression has crept in like the 
devil in the night, and has taken a strong hold 
of you like myxozoans of parasites
And amid the cacophony of the sounds and 
the fast downhill movements
Yet there's hope
There's a light that shines so brilliantly it rips 
off the shadows into oblivion
There's a friend that stays forever glued to 
you while your healing takes place

The gospel is not a myth
It's not a religion being peddled for self gain
The gospel of Jesus Christ is real
It's simple and liberating
If only you would tell Jesus to come to your life
You would see a remarkable transformation 
Yes indeed. 

Matthew 11:28
Come to me all you who labor and are heavy 
laden, and I will give you rest. 

Come as you are!