Break the dams 
Burst forth 
Flow out 
Revive the wastelands 
Refresh the whole Earth.

YET You keep asking; How?
Do You not know yet that 
He lives in You 

How so, You keep asking. 
You ask because you are stagnant.
Because you have been too quiet for too long 
And so you behave like a dead sea.

Have you not heard 
That whoever believes in HIM
As The Living Word said; 
From his innermost being flows streams of Living Water. 
Go now, go read the annals.
Read the annals of the Living Word.
Read the Living Word to yourself
Read and Listen.
Wait and Ingest.
Read and then Listen again.
Read out, be audible.
Wait a while.
Listen again.
Oh! Wait a while longer.
WAIT for the Sounds of The Living Water.

Surely You'll hear
The tinkling sounds of drops of water in your ear
Then babbling you'd feel the pitter-patter splatter against the dam. 
Then comes the staggering rumbling in your belly.
You'd feel your ribs vibrating and quaking.
The Living Water roars!
The dam breaks! 
Streams of Living Water flow from within You.
The droughts cease
Vegetations spring forth
Springs bubbling  forth 
Filled, overflowing with eternal truths 
Oh! Resound this Sound. 
Break the dams 
Burst forth 
Flow out 
Revive the whole Earth.