Darkness pervades the depths 
of existence unhindered
Taking ownership of things 
and place it ought not
Stretching to capture more 
grounds to Lord over
But, we step in and roll back 
its reach
We speak life and cause a 
change to happen because...
A million shades of darkness, 
our light cannot consume
Our connection is divine, our 
shine is unending.
For we are of the eternal source 
of brightness
Ours is a place carefully crafted 
in the  realm of blinding lights
We bear the light of the King 
of kings
We exist in the realm of He 
who angels bow before
We are the sons of He who 
the elders worship
And the beasts revere
We are light bearers because 
we are born of and carry 
the greatest of lights.


He made a story of me, 
profound like lost but found
He made a blessing out of 
me, I sparkle like stardust
He made an example of me, a subliminal message to others 
that anyone can be lifted.
He made a life out of a mess 
like me 
A statement to the fact 
he still works wonders.
He made a son out of me, 
a co-heir with Christ; 
an awesome privilege.
I'm cared for, loved and safely secured in Christ


Electrifying beauty spread before 
my eyes
As I walked in the ornamented garden that refreshes the soul
Echoes of my footsteps thunders 
in the hallways of eternity
Blinding lights lightens my path along eternal streets.

Praises rose from the glory chambers of his majesty
And float endlessly giving out 
the sweet smell of bliss
My mind is enamored by the 
breathtaking display of grace
Evidenced by the timelessness 
of his beauty and truth.
On the banks of the river that 
flows from his glory I sat
Watching as it gives life to all 
that is in its path
An awe induced smile broke 
on my amazed face
The novelty of this experience 
will never wane.
The immensity of his glory 
cascades on every layer of life
The leaves move to the rhythm 
of an unending wonder
The mountains thrust their 
majestic peaks and smile at
 their maker
All crowns are laid, knees bent, heads bowed to him.
To him whose breathe is filled 
with eons of eternal spirits
Whose eyes are beyond radiant 
and smile outshines the sun
To the King who established 
all things, seen and unseen
Are our heads bowed in 
fervent adoration forever.
This is beyond a fairy tale
This is the very tale that truth 
is made of
His imperial Awesomeness 
flows unhindered
Yes, I had a glimpse of eternity 
in the garden of the King of