Light Hold

Light Hold

Ministers who understand how the work
 of God flows don't try to bind people
 to themselves. That is a burden that
 will wear you out and incapacitate
 the people under your care.

Your greatest passion should be to put
 the word in their hearts and serve them... 
A minister is NEVER Lord to his brethren. 
He is servant. 
In fact he is sent to awaken the things 
that are in THEM, not to shut them down... 

If your service to them is making them 
more and more dependent on you, 
You have failed.. You must open them up 
to the powers contained in them - 
the Immortal Christ!!

If they see you more than they see the 
Lord, you have failed. In all the teachings 
and demonstrations, our assignment is to 
show them JESUS!!! 
"Holy Ghost please make them see Jesus". 
This is the heart cry of a true steward of Grace... 


You just prepare your heart that they should 
move on as soon as some major work is done 
in them.....
And mind you, it is the Lord who determines 
that, not you! 
Sometimes we want to keep people because we 
feel they are not strong enough, but the Lord 
wants to send them forth into different 
places/persons where/whom you may never 
get to, into the ends of the Earth

You really don't know the impact of your teachings. 
Some people (not all) are disciplined by the 
Lord never to share their dealings with their 
So you may think they are not following 
meanwhile they are growing faster than even 
your personal assistants....

Also, you may be right that some work may 
still need to be done in a certain vessel 
but that remaining work may not be done 
under you. It may be while such a person 
has been released into what the Lord wants 
them to do that they would learn what He 
wants them to learn.

You are not their Lord and you are not 
the one who caliberates their times and seasons...
Learn to release. Let your heart be free... 
Let your hands be open. Do not hold people to 
When the Lord comes to disperse people, 
do not try to build a cage to stop Him.... 
Allow Him.. 

You think when the number of people reduces 
the work has reduced? 
No Sir! You have just planted a seed! 

The growth of a work is not dependent on the 
number of people physically present but the
 amount of impact released into the atmosphere....

A new set of people will flow into the work 
as soon as those ones are gone...and 
when the Lord is done with them too, they 
move on to continue their journey further and 
spread the light they have received.
 Another set will flow in... 
Those who should stay will stay without 
any coersion or manipulation.

As time goes, maybe the Lord will even move 
you away from that work and you will need to 
hand it over to someone whom He has raised to 
continue, without you acting as GO or wanting 
to maintain any form of ownership or control 
over the work. 

It is important to trust the Lord for people 
who will help bear burdens together, 
but it is never the way of God to keep people 
with favours, titles, positions and promises... 
Or manipulate them to remain in a place when 
they should have moved on....

That is not to say that God will not bring men 
who will carry the burden of the work with you, 
but it will never be through your own manipulation 
of their will... 
It will never be by your wisdom. 
It will be purely a working of God in the hearts 
of such persons.... 

A minister must learn to hold all things LIGHTLY 
so as to easily release them as soon as the Lord 
places a demand on them, 

So that they don't become an idol to you, 

So that the thought of controlling a large crowd 
does not become strongholds in your heart, 
a secret ambition driving you meanwhile on the 
surface, it looks as though you are running 
heavens vision... Deception!!

Apst Samuel Onuora