Smart Alec

Smart Alec

He went on his knees

Sir, please help me

Give me a job

I am homeless and hungry

But I can drive a car, I can be a messenger

I can even clean

Just don't tell me no vacancy

My situation is very dire

If i dont get a job today

I might as well be dead

Please sir, give me a job

Help me

The elderly man looked at him

The mark of poverty was visible on his forehead

But he doesn't know the young man from Adam

Come tomorrow, bring a letter from your guarantor

Cry no more

He dipped his hand into his pocket, offers him N200

Take this, have something to eat today

He got the job

He was put in charge of the church compound

They called his title: Sexton

He loved the job

He was also given a room and the church members were very kind

He rarely spends his salary

He worked for a few months

Bought GCE form, Bought JAMB form

Gained admission

The church supported him

He retained his job even as he studied

At a point he requested for a loan

The church decided to promote him

'We have decided to offer you the position of a driver'

You will be driving Prof. SO and So

He lectures in your faculty

What do you think?


Prof took him like a son

He stayed in his boys quarters

Ate with his household

Many assumed he is Prof's son

He carried himself as such

He graduated

While waiting for his NYSC posting

Prof sends him on an errand

This is the money for a printing project

Take it to Prof So and So

He disappeared with the money

13 Million Naira

They found Prof's car in Cotonou

He sold it for 250,000 Naira

He fled the country

Ran to Europe

Prof cried like a baby

The church mourned the loss of a son

Prof sold many properties

Government does not hear sorry

The day of evil tarried, the fool forgets

Life was rosy in France for a while

But money has wings

It flies

It flew away from him

Note by note, currency by currency

within five years, he was homeless

He got desperate, How do I make it here

How do I blow again?

He joined a group

One trip earns you 120 thousand Euros

All you have to do is swallow it

We have contacts at the airport

A sure network

They will look the other way

Highly rewarding

He was in a hole

He dug deeper

He became the mule

Bundesnachrichtendienst caught him

He was thrown in Erstvollzug Prison

The network didn't show up

He had no information about the drug network

He was tortured

Three months later

He was thrown in Maximum prison

Life was total hell

He was raped by fellow inmates

Night after night

For three years

Finally satisfied that he was just a pawn

The German authorities deported him

Back to Nigeria he came

With a Jeans, a T-Shirt and a windbreaker

NEMA received him

He did tests, was placed in a temporary accommodation

He was taught a skill

His head was a mess

He told a fellow deportee his story

The deportee told him he needed to make peace

Go to that church

Look for the Prof

Ask for forgiveness

You have nothing to lose if you say sorry

You have a lifetime of regret if you stay mum

He listened

He went to Ibadan

Went to the Church

Pastor had retired

Students had graduated

He went to the Prof's house

Prof had relocated to the village

Went to the village

Saw Prof!

Prof recognized him

'Daddy, It is I, So and So'. I have come to ask for forgiveness

Prof heard him, Prof recognized him

Prof jogged into his house

He remembered Prof had a double Barrel shotgun

Used to hunt guinea fowls

He ran

Prof came out

Bearing an envelope with his name

His salary of N3000

Prof said 'God said you will need this one day"

I forgive you

N3000 was his exact fare back to Lagos

God's word was spot on!