Bursting Forth

Bursting Forth

In Genesis 15, right after God sealed his 
covenant with Abraham, God told him 
his descendants will spend 400 years 
in Egypt
God also promised that he would bring 
the descendants of Abraham out of Egypt 
with a mighty hand
Abraham didn't argue with God, he 
accepted God's verdict as law
But he was smart
He told Isaac to keep far away from 
As a young man, Abraham and Sarah 
had gone to Egypt in Genesis 12:8-13:2 
to avoid the devastating effect of a 
When they were about to get to Egypt, 
Abraham pleaded with Sarah to introduce 
herself as his sister 
and not as his wife because of her beauty
(This was a half-truth but the intention 
was self-preservation and not faith)
When Pharaoh was told of Sarah's beauty, 
he immediately sent his servants to go 
and bring Sarah to his palace
(Collecting beauty is an obligation of 
Abraham had no say in the matter
Pharaoh paid him Sarah's dowry and 
he collected it
Pharaoh became the legal husband of 
Abraham prayed that God would somehow 
step into the matter God did.
Pharaoh and his household were afflicted 
by a strange disease
Pharaoh called for his 
His diviners told him Sarah had to go
Pharaoh sent for Abraham
Why did you lie?
Abraham claimed he was afraid for 
his life
Pharaoh wanted to be rid of the affliction
Pharaoh paid Abraham and Sarah 
appeasement/compensation offering
Abraham practically came out of Egypt 
He had robbed Pharaoh of gold, silver, 
slaves, and livestock
Now God was telling him, his descendants 
shall become slaves in Egypt for 400 years
Abraham decided it was better to prevent 
the slavery prophecy from coming to pass
He told Isaac to keep away from Egypt 
In Genesis 26, another Famine came
Abraham had died and Isaac felt he 
seriously needed to move to Egypt if he 
was to survive
Famine is usually caused by a lack of 
Egypt had the river Nile and her irrigation 
This helps her cope best with famine 
among the nations of the earth at 
that time
Isaac packed all his belongings and 
began the journey to Egypt, it was his 
only recourse
When they got to Gerar, Isaac slept 
and God appeared unto him
God told him not to go to Egypt and 
God showed him what to do to prosper 
in Gerar
Isaac obeyed God and he 
prospered in the land
Isaac told Jacob the same thing
Keep away from Egypt at all cost
When Jacob left Laban he settled in 
Shekem, one of the cities of Canaan
That was the land God promised 
Jacob wanted to possess the land 
before time with human scheming 
and cunning! 
Unfortunately, Dinah his daughter 
was raped by Shechem, son of 
Hamor (Genesis 30:21, 34, 46:15)
The maternal brothers of Dinah, Simeon, 
and Levi decided their father's 
manipulative diplomatic solution which 
was that the men of Shechem should 
be circumcised was not enough
killed all the men of Shechem
When Jacob saw what Levi and Simeon
 did, he had to flee Shechem with his 
family because he knew there would 
be reprisal attacks from the other 
communities around Shechem
His plan to take over Canaan by 
association and assimilation failed 
Jacob ran to Bethel for safety by 
divine instruction (Genesis 35)
It was when he was in Bethel that two 
significant things happened to him
1. He wrestled with God and started to 
limp on one leg
2. His name was changed to Israel
He didn't know He had to be called a 
nation before he 
could become a nation
The name Israel, changed everything
From the moment he was given that 
name, the engineering of its reality 
became a divine assignment
There was a preordained path he must take, 
according to the Word of God in order to 
be what God said he would be
That path 
was Egypt!
Joseph, the first son of Rachel and the 
eleventh son of Jacob started having 
weird dreams
Jacob showed Joseph with attention 
because of his late mother
These factors stirred jealousy among 
Joseph's brothers and they sold him 
to Midianites
The Midianites took him to 
Egypt and sold him to Potiphar 
(Genesis 37)
In Genesis 39, we saw Joseph's 
triumphs and travails
The first, in the spirit of excellence and 
godliness he exhibited as a servant
The second in the false accusation 
leveled against him by Potiphar's wife 
which landed him in prison 
Eventually, Joseph ended up in 
Pharaoh's palace
His presence and divine guidance 
preserved many people from death 
and his brothers were eventually 
brought to him in Egypt
In Genesis 46, God appeared to 
Jacob and said "Jacob, Jacob, do 
not be afraid to go to Egypt, for i 
will make you a great nation there"
Egypt became the incubator for 
the birth of Israel, just as God 
promised Abraham
When it was time for the children of 
Israel to be free God appeared to 
Moses and commissioned him
By a mighty hand, God took Israel 
out of Egypt
This didn't happen by chance 
The children of Israel cried to God 
when the yoke placed on their 
neck by Pharoah was too heavy
Throughout the book of Judges, 
we saw the same pattern play out
This pattern went on through the 
book of Kings/The prophets until 
Nebuchadnezzar sacked Judah 
from the point Israel was taken here, 
she was never really free again
Daniel prayed when Israel had 
been in captivity for seventy years
Nehemiah served the King of Medes 
and Persia and was given the 
concession to rebuild Jerusalem but 
not as an independent nation
He was appointed the governor while 
Ezra was the priest but the nation 
was still essentially under the 
rulership of Persia (Nehemiah 4)
Alexander the Great conquered Persia 
in 334-324 BC war
and Jerusalem came under Macedonian 
rulership by default
In 146 BC, The Romans defeated 
The Macedonians and Israel came under 
the rulership of the Romans as a result 
of their conquer of the Macedonians
When we opened the Bible to the new 
testament, we see the Israelites being 
asked to return to their local government 
area for the purpose of a census and 
Joseph and Mary 
were obeying this directive when Mary 
started feeling birth pangs and this 
led to Jesus' birth in a manger
Again, the sons of men had a role to 
pay in the process
Three magi's were shown his star and 
they followed it for several months until 
they traced it to the House where 
Jesus and his parents were living in at 
the time
Mary heard the word of the angel and 
said "Be it unto me according to your 
Joseph heard the instructions of the 
Holy Spirit while he was asleep and 
hurting because his babe had gotten 
pregnant miraculously and obeyed the 
instructions foolishly
(How many men would truly accept 
the fact that their wives got pregnant 
by divine power)
It took a lot of foolishness from Joseph 
not to report the dream to a Rabbi as 
manipulative work of witchcraft or 
When God speaks, he expects a 
response from us 
if we agree with His word, what he 
says comes to pass speedily
If we refuse to agree with His word, 
what he says might be delayed from 
coming to pass in the realm of men
Anyone who claims to be walking 
with God through the senses and 
public opinion is a liar
We walk by the Spirit 
We must all endeavor to walk by 
the spirit this season as we move 
into 2021
Living by the senses only helps us 
to fulfill our lusts
The right life is lived by the Spirit 
of God
Walk with the Holy Spirit and learn 
to live the real life of triumph
I wish you a Merry Christmas


The King reigns and shines forth His light
Let everything that dwells in His 
presence shines forth as light
He has become a light in His children 
Let it be proclaimed to the ends of the 
earth that the King reigns and shines 
His light
Let all be drawn to the light that 
He deposits light in His children 
Raise your banner with the angels 
and proclaim His light
The King reigns let the earth rejoice
The word of knowledge has gone 
forth, His children should 
Let His children shines forth as light 
and draw many to the light 
Raise His banner of light saying the 
King reigns
Join the band of music with the angels 
to proclaim His light that He reigns
Like a Chaff the spirit carries me 
Walking me through Realms unknown 
to mere men..
Jedidiah Adedoyin

Like the wind he controls my thoughts 
He says to me: Be still and 
Trust me, 
Like the storms controls the longittude 
and latitudes of the Ocean waves, he 
says I hold you in my arms 
And I’ll control you to shore 
Like the mind of a little child, he 
teaches me.
He Instructs me on what to do and 
when to do it.
A Christ kind he has called me, calm 
to hearing his Voice and following 
his leading.

Sweet Holy Spirit!!
Sweet Holy Spririt: 
Your presence is Serene!
With you i do not need to form what 
I’m not..
With you I bare it all out, sharing my 
weaknesses,hurt and pains
With you, I know for sure cases 
can’t be left unattended to. 
My sweet Holy Spirit:
The chord in my strings, the tuggles in 
my heart. 
My ears hears of the your mighty wonders, 
the splashing of the ocean waves, 
the stormy seas and blowing winds..
The music of the birds, flapping of the 
feathers of eagles high
Oh sweet Holy Spirit.
How I love to Love you!!
Oh sweet Holyspirit!!
Oh sweet Holy Spirit
How I love to Love you...

-Ejioye John