Consider This........

Consider This........

Some people have a diary. A woman can take a book and say, “In 1956, this was only 7 months after the wedding, I will never forget what he did to me. After the birth of my 3rd son in 1962..” What the husband did in ’56 and ’62 and ’65. 

Some men are the same too. They just don’t say theirs. They keep it burning inside. 

You want to be like the Lord Jesus–you have to make some real good changes to be free. How wonderful it is to be free. Not holding things against people. When you hold things against people you are bound. You are bound by those things which you hold against people. 

You are in greater trouble than people who have offended you. Usually, you are more unhappy than they are. Such people may not even know the Lord. 

He says is there anything too hard for the Lord? Don’t you think by Sarah’s laughter that she’s saying; “Don’t try to raise my hopes?

You see there’s another woman in the Bible and she didn’t have a child and she was old and her husband was old and the prophet was asking his servant, “What can we do for this woman?” The servant said, “She’s rich and she’s got everything she wants.”

The prophet said, “Try and find out what we can do for her.”

The servant came back and said Hey! She doesn’t have a child, plus that, her husband is old. 

When the woman came back the prophet said, “Thus saith the Lord, according to the time of life you are going to have a son.” And she said, “Don’t you lie to me.”

Anyway, she had a son. 

As the boy grew up, he went out with his father one day and came back and died. You know what she did? She didn’t cry! She just asked, “Where is that prophet?”

She got the address and went after him. The prophet asked, “How is it woman?”

She replied, “It is well!” 

The Prophet asked her, “How is it with your husband?” 

She said, “It is well!”

The Prophet asked, “How is it with your son?”

She said, “It is well. But come!”

The prophet went. Then she said, “Didn’t I tell you not to lie to me?! I was better off without a son. Now you give me a son and the boy dies, how am I better off now? It’s better not to have than to have and lose it.”

You know, I agree with her. You don’t know what it is to lose it if you have never had it. 

The prophet said, “Now I know what the matter is. Woman relax your boy will live again.”

Hallelujah! The boy lived. 

Sometimes, it is more comfortable not to have your hopes raised at all so you just stay in your comfort zone and nobody’s trying to stir your nest and telling you that you can have a better job, telling you, your family could become something or anything like that. 

Leave me where I am. I’m alright. 

No. You are not alright. I want to tell you something, God is looking for opportunities to bless you. 

You just must be willing to accept His word as the Truth and disregard your natural tendency to assume you know more than Him. 

What He calls you is what you are!