(2nd Chronicles chapter 16)

The private secretary to the King 
came in with the royal phone. 
“You have a call sir. 
It’s the National Security Adviser”. 
King Asa took the phone. 
“Yes? Really! Are you sure about this?
Ok, arrange for the Security Council to 
meet immediately!” 
The king dropped the call and told 
the secretary, “I will be meeting with 
the security council in about 30 minutes. 
Send the message out please.”
“Yes, of course, Your Majesty!”
 The Secretary hurried out of the 
Throne Room…
The meeting started exactly 30
 minutes later. 
All the Security Chiefs were present. 
The National Security Adviser briefed 
them on the intelligence report he 
just received barely an hour earlier: 
The neighboring Kingdom was 
planning an attack on them. 
“Are you sure about this?” the Chief 
of Army Staff asked. 
“We have an excellent diplomatic 
relationship with them, why would 
they want to launch an attack 
against us?”
“Let us call their ambassador to a 
meeting and raise these concerns”, 
the Chief of Air Staff submitted. 
He must be aware of this. 
Let us be very sure of these intelligence 
reports before we take any counteractions!”

God Almighty sat at a meeting with 
the Hosts of Heaven. 
There was an excitement in the air. 
The Hosts had an idea of what the 
meeting was about. 
“We have an issue at hand, gentlemen! 
I am sure you remember King Asa? 
Well, it seems he will be needing 
you guys again soon…” 
“About time!” Angel Michael said. 
“It’s been a while he asked us for 
I like fighting for that guy!” God smiled. 
“You like fighting for anybody, Mike!” 
A round of laughter filled the room. 
“Well, yeah! But it’s been a while we 
fought for him. 
How long- 20 years?” “Thereabouts. 
The last time he needed us was when 
he asked for our help when the Ethiopians 
came against him. 
They came with a million soldiers, 
he had only 580 thousand men. 
He called for assistance and boy, 
I am sure you guys had fun helping him out!”
“We sure did, sire”, another angel responded. 
“Well, his neighbor seems to be planning '
to attack him right now. 
He has just called for a Security Council 
I am sure when they are done, 
he will call for our assistance again 
so you guys should get ready- seems 
there is a battle to be fought!” God concluded.
A loud roar was heard from the room. 
The other angels outside knew what 
was going on. Apparently, these warrior 
angels were going for a battle. 
They are always excited to fight, 
just as they were always excited to 
carry out their own duties…


King Asa confirmed the neighboring 
kingdom was indeed planning to attack his. 
He was afraid. He realized he had not 
fought any battle for 20 years. 
How prepared was his army for battle? 
How skilled are they now? 
Nobody perfects any skill without practice, 
he reasoned. 
He remembered his last war. 
It was against the Ethiopians. 
He had been King for 15 years when 
they came against him. 
Now he’s been king for 36 years. 
These guys have not fought for 20 years. 
Those who fought that war are now 
20 years older. 
The younger ones have no experience. 
Is this war worth it? 
He addressed the Security Council: 
“Gentlemen, I don’t think we need to
 fight this battle. I will liaise with one 
of our friends, Ben-Hadad the King of 
He is a friend, his dad was a close
 friend to my dad too. He will help us. '
We will find a way around this…”
The Security Chiefs were stunned. 
Ask Syria for help? Why? 
The Naval Chief asked, “Your Majesty, 
let us be cautious with this. 
I remember the last battle we fought, 
we asked for help all right- but not 
from Syria! 
We asked help from the Hosts of Heaven 
and they came to help! I am sure they will 
come to help again if we ask for it…”
“Well said, Chief. But my concern is, 
our armies have not fought for 20 years, 
neither have the Hosts of Heaven. 
We all know you can’t improve on a skill 
you do not practice! Our army is rusty. 
So is the Army of Heaven!”
The Security Chiefs looked at each 
other in shock. 
What is King Asa saying? 
How in the world would he think the 
Hosts of Heaven is RUSTY? 
What is he thinking? Unfortunately, they 
could not go against him. 
After all, he was the King…


God looked down from Heaven. 
He had been waiting for the signal from
 Asa for a while. 
Michael had gathered his boys, 
waiting for the signal from him. 
They were battle ready.
Asa never sent the signal. 
God realized he had made alternative plans. 
He had sought assistance from Ben-Hadad, 
the King of Syria! God was disappointed. 
Asa! Why? I am waiting for you to just PRAY! 
You did 20 years ago, I gladly sent you 
Michael and his boys! 
Why are you now relying on Syria?
God sent for Michael. 
“Tell your boys to stand down: 
Asa will not send any signal.” 
Michael was dumbfounded. 
“Why? Does he have any choice?” 
God sighed. “Well, apparently he 
seems to think Syria is a better 
option for him. You guys will not 
be fighting any battle today. 
It is very unfortunate when my 
children do not even consider 
me as an option when they have 
It is very unfortunate when I am 
ready to answer their prayers, 
but they just do not pray. 
It is unfortunate I am ready to help 
them get over all their problems 
and challenges, but they just do 
not ask!”

And there was a great disappointment 
in heaven….

“I was ready to answer my people’s 
prayers, but they did not pray. 
I was ready for them to find me, 
but they did not even try…”
Isaiah 65:1 (Good News Version).