Femi (Brother)

1 O perfect life of love! 
All, all, is finished now, 
All that He left His throne above 
To do for us below. 
2 No work is left undone 
Of all the Father willed; 
His toil, His sorrows, one by one, 
The Scriptures have fulfilled. 
3 No pain that we can share 
But He has felt its smart; 
All forms of human grief and care 
Have pierced that tender heart. 
4 And on His thorn-crowned head 
And on His sinless soul 
Our sins in all their guilt were laid 
That he might make us whole. 
5 In perfect love He dies; 
For me He dies, for me. 
O all atoning Sacrifice, 
I cling by faith to Thee. 
6 In ev'ry time of need, 
Before the judgment throne, 
Thy work, O Lamb of God, I'll plead, 
Thy merits, not mine own. 
7 Yet work, O Lord, in me 
As Thou for me hast wrought;
And let my love the answer be
To grace Thy love has brought.

Femi (Sister)

This love is beyond feelings. 
I can't explain it. It's like a 
It is not feelings, it's a person. 
Jesus, you are love....
You are love!!! 
I have love burning inside of me.
See what you have caused now. 
I've been crying since.
 His love is just washing over me. 
Reminding me of where I was before 
I met you and how he has transformed 
my life and shown me grace.
How I prayed to Him to send 
someone to help me and then I met 
you on Twitter. 
He loves me....oh how He loves me
I was born again but didnt know what it 
meant to be born again. 
I didn't know who I was in Christ, 
I didn't know the Holy Spirit. 
He didnt leave me that way. 
He connected me to you and now 
I'm free. 
Grace and peace has been multiplied 
through the knowledge of God my 
Father and Jesus Christ my Lord

Femi (Brother)

So I have a testimony...
Some will remember I used to own 
a lounge and I followed the Holy Spirits 
leading to shut it down. 
Turns out I had a significant debt 
after closing it down.. 
I was relaxed that He would sort me out... 
A few weeks ago whilst ministering 
on Telegram, I heard a word of prophecy 
saying all debts paid... 
I spoke it oh... but didn’t think of myself 
as a beneficiary .... ANYWAYS... 
Fast forward today.. 
He DID! Debt paid!

Gbenga (Brother)

The day I met His love, I was in Oshogbo, 
I was lost those days!
So lost I embarked on wanderings to 
find myself! 
I went to Iwo, ila Orangun, Eruwa, 
Everywhere in the southwest! 
I was searching for myself! 
I had no money and I was not chasing 
I had secondary school friends living in 
these places. 
I just started walking about looking 
for them! Nobody understood! 
My soul was lost! I was lost! 
I couldn't place a meaning on my life! 
I was just not real! 
I went to see this guy in Oshogbo! Kazeem! 
He took me in and treated me well! 
We talked in the evening and strolled! 
I didn't know what I was looking for 
but I knew when I see it, I will recognize it! 
This fateful day, I was at the Motor Garage 
close to Terminus hotel! 
A bus came out of nowhere! 18 seater 
bus on full speed! 
I had gotten lost in thought and wandered 
into the road! 
The bus hit me! 
My hands jumped right in front of 
me instinctively to protect my body! 
The bus hit me and the bus jumped 
It was as if a bubble suddenly 
covered me! 
I stood there and I wasn't shaken, 
injured or hurt! 
The bus was pushed backward! 
The bus was shivering and trembling! 
The driver too! Everybody! 
It was a crazy day! 
I stood there like a maverick! 
Nobody knew who I was or 
where I came from! 
A man came out of crowd and 
draped his hand across my shoulder! 
By that time the adrenaline had 
started rushing through my body 
and I was shivering! 
The man said "Olorun feran re o. 
Ma gbagbe! Meaning " God loves you, 
dont forget!"
This was 2002 or 2003! 
His love was loving me too much! 
Even when I didn't know him! 
Thank you Jesus! 
Thank you for loving me

Sister Iyabo

I know that bubble covering of protection. 
I felt it too when I had an accident 
years back. 
I was not injured one bit and the 
car was a write-off!
Jesus truly loves us even before 
we know Him. 
Now my heart is racing and I'm 
Jesus is Love!
Love is Jesus!
His love is so great
He brought Heaven to us
NOTHING can separate us from Jesus!

Brother Eyitayo

You know that moment; that alone 
moment with Him when all is quiet 
and you can literally feel His 
love pour upon you? 
My heart’s racing now

Sister Amaka

My God
My God 
Thou at great and mighty 
For you have loved us before 
we found you 
Before we knew you 
You have loved us 
We thank you
We glorify you 
You are worthy
Ever worthy
I refuse to cry
I remember my thoughts
Those devilish thoughts and how 
they’ve been washed away
The turning around of my life 
was mighty 
Thank you Father 
You love showed me I had more 
to offer 
Your love showed me that I wasn’t 
what I had called myself
Thank you Father

Sister Gbemi

The day I did "follow follow" in school 
as a trusting fresh student
I followed a male friend and his friend 
to hang out. 
Instead of them to take me back home, 
they took me to their house in Quarters 
in OAU very dark, lonely road like that. 
I did not even know anywhere.
My friend started saying he wanted 
to sleep with me. 
I did not understand. 
Offered me money, blackberry bold, 
and what not. 
I started begging the Holy spirit oo. 
Me that left my room without my phone. 
Did not even tell my roomies what I 
was going out.
His friend used his key to lock us in
stared at us asking what was happening. 
Apparently, they already had a pan in place.
He just said "leave her omo ote leleyi"
(Meaning leave her she is naive) 
and they drove me back in stony silence. 
My slippers were in my hands till I got 
to my room.
I found out later that was the in thing at 
that moment in Quarters.
 Gang raping girls. 
The Holy Spirit changed their minds. 
The guy even changed the TV station to 
Chinese as I did not agree.
Thank you Holy spirit. 
I never would have been able to live 
that down...

Brother David

One experience of His love 
I cannot hold back is sometime last year 
at worship & warfare session of RCCG 
It was Mercy Chinwo ministering. 
My eyes were closed and hands lifted partly 
singing, partly praying in the Spirit.
Suddenly I felt this warmth on my right 
side (as if someone was closing-in) and 
then a peck on my right cheek. 
Then He said, "I love you..." 
With tears uncontainable
I responded, "I love you too Lord Jesus. 
I love you, I love you...
It was much later before Mercy Chinwo 
started singing her hit song, 
"Jesus you love me too much..." 
You can imagine what meaning the song 
had to me and how with every being in 
me, I sang it!

Brother Frank

Romans 5:8
[8]But God showed his great love for us by 
sending Christ to die for us while we 
were still, sinners.
This dumbfounds me each time I think of it.
His love is greater than life itself.

PS: Today His love made himself known to us,
His love brought us to tears of joy
His love took us to the past
His love quickened us and strengthened us
His love preserved us, and lifted us
His love loves loving us! As we learn to love Him
(The discussion above was taken from the
PSSBCNigeria/GSWMI Ministers Platform
today, 13th December 2019!)