The argument was age old

He began by denouncing all the churches scattered all over the nation

His argument was also logical

Crime and corruption seemed to have multiplied faster with the spread of religion

He mentioned the countries he had visited or resided in all over the world

How they have done so much better without religion

For this country to move forward, religion must be abolished totally

This notion of God of the gaps

The God that fills up all the vacuums in your life

That God that the advanced countries had rendered useless with technology, must also be eradicated determinedly in his opinion

He spoke on and on

Rambling about superstition and exploitation of the ignorant by religious bodies

How China had been able to lock God out of their country and how countries like Russia outlawed religion totally

His audience was a Christian brother in Jeans and T-Shirt, he loved listening to such arguments with a wry smile on his face.

They had been friends since their high school days but life had taken them through different paths in the last twenty years.

While the young man had travelled to Europe through the desert immediately after they completed their secondary school education, the man in Jeans and T-Shirt had furthered his education in their country.

They had kept in touch over the years and now the young man had returned home to settle down!

It is true that Apostle Peter said Christians must always be ready to give a good defense of the hope they have in Jesus Christ, but sometimes such is better done in power rather than words

The young man mentioned all the churches, the issue of private jets and the controversial issue of seed sowing, tithes, first fruits etc. He was very frustrated with the way the country was and was resolved to blame God for the misdeeds of greedy and selfish men.

They parted ways thereafter

The man in Jeans and T-Shirt dropped the young man off at the hotel where he was lodged and went home.

Three months later, the young man called the man in Jeans and T-Shirt. He had bought a house in Igbo-Agbowa in Ikorodu area of Lagos state

The house was sold to him at a quarter of the market value!

He paid for the house and immediately.

The first thing he noticed was that the agent that told him about the house refused to have anything to do with the payment. The agent insisted that he should pay the money directly into a bank account. The agent also refused to collect his commission on the sale.

Once he paid and the agent handed him the keys, the agent disappeared into thin air.

He drove to the house. It was a beautiful edifice.

He contacted some contractors about some renovation works he wanted to do on the house. They were eager to work with him until they discovered they would be working on the house. All of them tacitly backtracked.

It was very strange!

When he went to introduce himself to his next door neighbor, the woman looked straight into his eyes and told him never to sleep in the house and dispose it off as soon as possible.


Everyone who participated in building the house (Surveyor, Architect, builders, bricklayers, plumbers, carpenters etc) all died with a year of building the house and everyone who had ever lived there buried a relative at least twice every year!

The house was haunted!

The house had been standing for five years but it has had over twenty owners!

“Sell it off as soon as possible!”

Of course he didn’t believe the woman! What rubbish!!!

Haunted houses in 2015!

Superstitious jargon!

Two weeks later, one of his cousins who was having accommodation issues moved into the house with his family. A week later, his cousin’s wife died! She was 32, a mother of two and in perfect health. She slept that afternoon and that was that.

His cousin came to him with tales of nightmares and eerie feelings in the house. Something strange hung in the atmosphere. He dismissed it

Two weeks later, one of his cousin’s children died mysteriously in her sleep

His cousin took his other daughter and ran! He left all his belonging behind and has refused to pick his call since then

He spoke with some people about the development and they advised him to sell the house or consult those close to the deities and ancestors on what to do to ward off evil from the house

He decided to sleep in the house for a while and see what the nonsense noise was all about

The very day he slept there he saw a chameleon screaming in his dream!

When he woke up, he had lost hearing in his right ear

He left the house immediately!

He moved back into a hotel but he had never had a day of restful sleep since then!

Every night, a dread and terror would fall upon him in his sleep in such a horrible way that by the time he wrestles to wake up from sleep he would be drenched in sweat and panting furiously.

He had not slept in three days because he was afraid once he fell asleep this time, it will be for the last time!

He is dying

What can his friend in Jeans and T-Shirt do to help?

The man in Jeans and T-Shirt laughed!

It is very unchristian to make fun of others but he couldn’t help himself.

It is a man who had never seen war that calls himself a man of war!

Only God is a man of war!

No one can declare war on God!

His friend did not call the popular talking head of the movement against pastors and churches on the social media for help! His ideology and vast experience on his travels were of no consequence.

When push came to shove!

Adam would always turn to God!

The man in Jeans and T-Shirt drove to his friend’s hotel room. His friend was a nervous wreck. His hands and legs were trembling, his eyes bloodshot. He had drunk coffee and eaten kolanut nonstop for days. He had seen terror and terror had seen him!

The man in Jeans and T-Shirt laid hands on him


His friend slept

The man in Jeans and T-shirt invited the room keepers to clean up his friend’s room while he watched over him. His friend slept for eight hours!

When he woke up, his two ears were working. He was refreshed!

Man In Jeans and T-Shirt: There are demonic spirits all over the world. They are not concentrated to Africa like many people claim. They are at work all over the world domineering and influencing many people to do abominable things.

The gay movement all over the world is the push of the demon possessed and demon influenced people to gain recognition and legality among men. It is nothing new.

There was a time the sons of men and the sons of God cohabited in the earth and intermarried!

The end result was the flood of Noah!

There are terrestrial powers and demonic powers at work in this world. Denying them doesn’t make them go away. Pretending they don’t exist doesn’t make them go away.

It is true that religion is exploitative and majorly counter-productive!

Jesus is not a religion!

Jesus is eternal life!

Would you accept him as Lord and savior now?

His friend fell on his knees and became born again that instant!

It was the only way to live in victory all the days of his life.

And the house?

The man in Jeans and T-Shirt went there to pray.

Just once.

As soon as he stepped in the house

All the demons ran!

They didn’t even put up a resistance

The friend lives there and has tenants now

It’s been three years since the tide turned!



PS: The general location of the house was mentioned in case anybody living around would like to do some investigation.

There are houses like this all over the world

Many had fallen victim of the wickedness of those who greed and quest for wealth had led to dangerous bargains with the hordes of hell

Don’t fall victim

The second Adam is a life giving spirit, accept Him and become a life giving spirit