Showing up big is God's modus operandi
Showing up subtly is also God's modus 
He showed up in smoke, fire and thunder
on a mountain and frightened the Israelites
He showed up in a manger and his arrival
was missed by all but a few several years
The key to walking with God is sensitivity
Paying attention!
One Saturday morning in 2017
He woke up early in the morning without
a plan
All he wanted to do was sit at home and watch
football matches all day
Suddenly the Holy Spirit said "Dress up and 
Go" to the office
It was a clear instruction
It was not a taboo for him to work on weekends
But he must have something important
to do at work before driving to the office
After struggling with the voice for a few
He told himself he had nothing to lose
Perhaps he forgot something on his desk
that the cleaners might throw away
Perhaps there would be another instruction
once he got to work
He dressed up and drove slowly to his office
His office was fifteen minutes drive from his
When he got to the office, he found an 
unusually large number of cars around 
his office
He saw people dressed in party outfits
There was a party!
A colleague was getting married and the 
hall in the office complex was being used 
for the reception!
He had forgotten completely!
No wonder the Holy Spirit insisted that he
must come to the office
He found a parking space and walked 
towards the hall
The Holy Spirit said "Not the hall, the office"
Wow! He turned away from the hall
He walked into the office building
He saw a group of people standing
in front of the conference room
He greeted them
They told him they were Bible college 
They wanted to use the conference room for
their lectures
But they couldn't find the facility manager
Could he assist them in any way?
He picked his phone and called the facility
The facility manager appeared with the keys
The conference room was opened 
The Holy Spirit said "Join them"
He followed the students into the 
conference hall
He asked their coordinator if admission '
was still on
The coordinator said "Yes"
He joined the class
lectures started that morning
It was also the last day of registration
The coordinator told him the registration
form was ten thousand Naira
The school fees was One hundred and 
fifty thousand Naira
She gave him the registration website
and payment portal addresses
He had his laptop and internet dongle
with him
He went to the car to take both
When he got back to class, he set up the
laptop and began the process of registration
He was done in a few minutes
He uploaded his passport and filled in all
the necessary details
But he didn't have the money to pay the
school fees
It was such a huge amount for him to
cough out at once
It was more than twice his monthly pay
He really couldn't afford the school
But he filled in the details all the same
and stared at the payment portal
It would take a miracle!
He waited!
During the break an elderly woman, also
a student approached him
She introduced herself and they exchanged
She said she had been finding it difficult
to register online
She was not computer literate and hadn't
found the time to do the registration
at a cyber cafe
He volunteered to help
Within a few minutes, she was fully registered
The woman was so impressed
When they got to the school fees payment
She transferred her fees through her
mobile phone to the school's account
She forwarded her mobile receipt to
him for upload via WhatsApp 
But instead of sending one receipt
she sent him two
She said "I am sorry I didn't ask you 
but I hope you have not paid!
I mean the school fees!
I have already paid for you"
Sure enough, the second receipt bore 
his name
That was how he became a fully registered
Weeks later, he was asleep when the Holy
Spirit said 
"Build me a website"
He woke up the next morning and checked his 
The first tweet he saw was that of a young
man who claimed he travelled to Lagos
from Ilorin and had gotten stranded
He needed some money to sort himself
The young man also added that he was a
professional website and app builder
He reached out to the young man
Within two weeks, the website and the 
android apps were built
And thus the journey of
It was supposed to be a simple tool for
It was supposed to be a more effective means
of connecting people to the gospel
It became more than that!
I became a vehicle of salvation to many
it became a vehicle of healing and hope
It became a vehicle of restoration
It became a connecting point for mystics
It brought brothers and sisters together
to learn the ways of the Holy Spirit and
grow in the wonders of His grace
It birthed the Pneuma School of the Supernatural
and Bible College
It birthed the Citizenship of Zion class
It birthed the CZC executive class
It birthed the GSW Intercession group
It became a ministry within a year!
It has a record of over two million souls 
reached globally
Many souls were set free from addictions,
yokes of darkness and religious bondage
It birthed the daily Bible reading, prayer and  
classes on zoom
It birthed the Night of Glory vigil
Yokes of barrenness, delay, sickness and
strongholds of wickedness were broken
Testimonies poured in daily to the glory
of God!
It also opened the door to local, national
and international ministrations
Who would have thought the Holy Spirit
would use something as simple as 
testimonies and stories to open an effectual
door of ministry?
The impact of the Pneuma has been 
He was digging once, The Holy Spirit told
his to stop digging!
"Why dig when I have provided you with a
flowing river" The Holy Spirit asked
The river had flowed ever since...
Providing many with succour, hope and
growth in the things of the spirit
Helping many others to reach out and 
preach the gospel with confidence,
joy and gladness
Librating many from the oppression of
religion and burden of guilt
Bringing Sons and daughters into their
inheritance and a consciousness of their
divinity through Christ
He gave us wings, he gave us the wind
He made us soar!

PS: will be a year old
on October 2, 2019
The Gbenga Samuel-Wemimo Ministry
International (GSWMI) has become a 
reality by the power of the Holy Spirit
A fellowship of Spirit-led sons and 
daughters has been birthed
The Night of Glory, September edition 
Tehila Praise will hold on Friday 27th 
September 2019 
The first supernatural conference will hold
on the 1st of October 2019
Both events will hold at RCCG Christ 
Covenant opposite The Place, Ogudu, 
Ogudu road. Lagos

Gbenga Wemimo is proceeding on a few
weeks retreat!
New stories won't be posted during this
It is time to be alone with the Holy Spirit
It is time to wait upon the Lord
Kindly visit the website often and feed on
the sincere milk of the word
Ride the wind of the Holy Spirit and surf
the waves of supernatural realities
Grow and be inspired
If he is leading to do anything
Don't delay
Get on it immediately
Obeying the Holy Spirit leads to our
Always remember this!
The prayers on Telegram and Zoom 
mobile will continue daily by 8:45 pm
and 9 pm daily!
See you in a few weeks


- Gbenga Samuel-Wemimo