Be Still

Be Still

God is my Father, He is under a responsibility 
to take care of me..
If He's against a father who doesn't take
 care of his children and family, and call
 him an "infidel", then how would
 He be an "infidel" towards me.
A long time ago, when I harnessed the
 understanding of the Father's Love,
 I don't get worried about anything at all, 
if I get so much concerned about them, 
I just bring it to Him and that's the end, 
I don't pray about it anymore because I 
know my Father is responsible for my 
upkeep and even if He doesn't do it the
 way I asked Him to do it, I also have the
 understanding that He is my Father,
 and as my Father He knows what's 
best for me, so I don't complain, 
I thank Him from my whole heart
 proceeding from this understanding..
Knowing deep within me that He 
knows what's best and will do what's 
best in His "Own" interests, towards me, 
so I relax even though I see nothing coming, 
I'm so calm and confident that His BEST 
is on its way, and eventually it shows up 
and it's ALWAYS beyond my Imagination.

Folks telling you to give some amount of 
money in order to attract God's Fatherly 
responsibilities over you are WOLVES..

Just go and know your Father, many of 
us don't!

In the natural realm, maturity is by how 
much you have stayed independent of 
your parent's resources for you..
But in God, maturity is defined by how 
much you have gained alignment with 
Father's design for you.

I recently read some remarks from a person
 who has slid from truth into the abyss of 
deception. They were commenting on how 
they were, "tired of talking about the bible,
" referring to scripture in a condescending 
manner as,"this little black book."
This is what results when personal opinions 
and bias are consistently exalted above the 
ministry of the Holy Spirit, in one's study of 
God's written Word.
No one can understand the Word of God 
without the ministry of the Holy Spirit. 
(1 Corinthians 2:11,12, John 16:13,John 17:17)
If the Bible is boring the ministry of 
Holy Spirit is not being relied upon, 
to reveal His Word. (John 6:63)
There is daily life, joy, and excitement, 
as Jesus is revealed within the pages of
 God's written Word.
I am rejoicing in God's Word, 
How about you?(Psalm 119:162)
If not, allow the Holy Spirit to guide you 
into this glorious promised land of "
revelation knowledge."  
This IS the LIFE that ALL of humanity 
(including Christians) are attempting to find, 
regardless of whether they realize it or not. 
His words are life to those who FIND them, 
and health to all their flesh.(Proverbs 4:20-22)

"A Word To Aspiring Ministers Attempting 
To Build A Ministry"
"Prepare thy work without, and make it fit 
for thyself in the field, and afterwards build 
thine house." (Proverbs 24:27)
Notice that the house is built after the 
field is mentioned.
The "field" speaks of a harvest
As it pertains to ministry, so many are 
attempting to build their ministry to get 
a harvest, rather than building that 
ministry from a harvest.
True ministry must grow from the harvest 
of an overflowing relationship with God, 
if it is to effectively minister.

"The Eyes Of A Fool"

"Wisdom is before him that hath 
understanding; but the eyes of a fool 
are in the ends of the earth. 
(Proverbs 17:24)
A simple paraphrase of this verse 
could read as follows: 
"The eyes of a fool are always looking 
out there, for what they already have, 
right in front of them."
I have seen this play out many times in 
the lives of Christians.
Those who believe that if they move here, 
or move there, or do this, or do that, 
they will somehow find fulfillment.
However the reality is that, regardless 
of where one may be in their natural status, 
or geographical location, the presence of 
God is ALWAYS available, and "in His 
presence is FULLNESS of joy." (Psalms 16:11)
The GREATEST joy is found in genuine 
fellowship with God, through His Word, 
and this fellowship can, and should be 
experienced daily. 
So we must ask ourselves, 
"Am I deriving my joy from a relationship 
with God, or am I refusing godly contentment 
as I look through the eyes of a fool?"

"How A Minister Can Go Amiss"

I have been pondering the reality of how a 
genuine minister can deviate from their 
God ordained course.
I believe it occurs when that individual 
experiences a level of success in their 
ministry, such as a good teaching series, 
an accurate prophetic word (s), or even 
manifested healings.
The danger of success is that a subtle 
departure from the Word can begin to take 
place, IF the manifestations become the 
When this BEGINS to occur the Word will 
now begin to be a tool that is used to 
conform to, and confirm the minister's 
The fruit of this type of ministry going awry 
is that it is no longer about the ministry 
building people, but rather, about people 
building (and conforming to) the ministry.
People have now become expendable for 
the sake of the ministry.
An indicator that this mentality is in the 
heart of a minister is when they are more 
excited about their ministry then they are 
about their relationship with Jesus.
Allow God to build your ministry for ONLY 
He knows when you and I are ready for the 
next phase.(Hebrews 6:3; Psalms 75:6,7)
(Note: And it is almost ALWAYS longer than 
our flesh would like)
As ministers, you and I are to focus on 
preparation, and allow God to deal with 
our promotion.

Stop waiting on results before you believe 
that you have the power of God, and start 
believing you have the power of God, to 
see the power of God.
(Ephesians 1:17-23)

What actually is IMPARTATION??

IMPARTATION is NOT giving what you 
have to someone, it is actually LAUNCHING 
that person into his own Possibilities in God, 
his own Pathway, you only activate what was 
laying dormant in him and he is LAUNCHED!
Falling on the ground when power hits you 
is good, BUT it's not IMPARTATION if after 
falling your possibilities in God still lay 
dormant without expression....
It means the PURPOSE of IMPARTATION is 
not fulfilled.

Do you ask, “Did you not pray?” 
Yes, I came to the place whereI did nothing 
else. I prayed and prayed and prayed and 
Night after night I walked up and down our 
long drawing roomscalling on God and 
sometimes almost literally tearing the hair 
out ofmy head. And you say, 
“And you weren’t healed after that?” 
No, I wasn’t healed because I didn’t believe 
the simple statement of theWord of God; 
rather, my healing could not be manifested 
because ofmy unbelief. 
I shut the door and prevented the power of 
God fromoperating unhindered in my body. 
- Dr. Lilian Yeomans


She approached him one evening 
after the monthly vigil
"You are the only one who didn't see a 
vision about me! Everywhere 
I have gone the prophets always see 
visions and they never fail 
to call me out!
Didn't God show me anything 
about you?
She asked
He looked at her
He didn't say a word
He just looked at her
His gaze made her uneasy
Suddenly she said "I can tell 
you everything about your life
I see visions too, I also know 
spiritual things
Although I don't let people know
I am especially gifted in seeing 
things since I was a child!
She looked at him, he knew she 
wanted to activate her "gift" 
and see into his tomorrow
He smiled!
She suddenly screamed and started 
The drama took about fifteen 
When she opened her eyes again
She was on her knees before him
She said "No wonder you didn't 
say a word,
you knew who I was and now 
you have taken all my powers 
away from me"
He still didn't say a word
She said "I want to give my 
life to Jesus now"
He led her to Christ and she 
got filled with the
Holy Spirit
When she shared her testimony, 
she described
herself as a witch and told 
the people all the
evil she had done!
Then she said "The Brother in 
Jeans and T-shirt
took away my powers, I tried 
him and failed!"
He didn't say a word
Because he didn't know what to say
He had no idea she was what she 
claimed to be
All he knew was that his life was 
hid in Christ!
Especially with her, he saw no 
vision and heard no voice and he 
couldn't claim he saw when he didn't!
So he kept quiet and the Holy Spirit 
did His thing!

PS: How can a witch see into the 
reality of a believer?
The believer's life is the continuation
of the life of Jesus
That life is hid in Christ and Christ
is hid in God!
Darkness does not attack light
or dare to look into light!
It would lose it's darkness in the
process of doing so
That's the right order of creation!
If you are a believer and witches are
afflicting you at will
You need to sincerely examine 
what you believe

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