Women are very complex beings

They want their man to be tough, durable, dependable, bold and strong

This was the concept behind chivalry

The idea that men are stronger and should always be willing to help a lady, any lady in distress

Women also want their men to be soft, attentive, caring, mush, romantic, moony eyed, watery eyed, bleeding hearted, emotionally present. But, they want him to be all these things exclusively for them.

To the outside world and every other women apart from their relatives and friends, he should be the (M)an but to them, he should be the (m)an!

Feminism found this idea ridiculous! Women are not weak! Do not open the door for a woman!

Do not treat her like she is physically your inferior! Women and men are equals in every way!

She graduated from law school with a very good result

She was a proud feminist

She had joined the movement right from her 200 Level

Women had been on the receiving end of social injustice for far too long

It was time to level up the playing field!

She was driving home from work one day in the heavy rain

The roads were so flooded that she couldn’t see anything

She found herself in a ditch

She came down from the car

Saw the mess she was in

Started flagging down other vehicles for help

The first car was driven by a woman

The woman didn’t even blink! She sped past splashing water all over her

A man parked.

Then Another!

Then Another!!

Six men of different classes, level of education and shapes parked their cars

They told her to get in the car

Started instructing her on when to press the brake and when to press the accelerator

They willingly left the comfort of their cars to be drenched by the heavy rain

They toiled hard

Determined to pull her out of the jam

Another car came

A woman

She saw her husband amongst the men helping her

She parked, stormed out of the car and started screaming

“You useless man, you park here playing super man! What is in it for you? Cheap sex, you want to collect her card, ingratiate yourself into her heart? Covetous man and you call yourself a pastor”

The man looked at the screaming woman, turned to her and apologized profusely, then he left!

A problem six men were trying to solve had been compounded by the subtraction of one

The most confounding thing was the woman didn’t even say sorry to her, she didn’t even see her!

Eventually one of the men volunteered to tow her car out with his bigger SUV

The men did all they could to stop traffic, they set up the two cars and started pulling

Other cars waited patiently

But two women who were right in the front kept hooting their horns

It took about 20 minutes, but eventually her car was pulled out

She came down from the car and saw the first woman driving past hurriedly

She was her professor while she was in the university

The number one champion of feminism she knew

Though she had taught and imbibed the ideology in every way

It was alien to her in practice

That was the day the feminism thing died to her

Nobody should have to be put in a position to be at war with his or own nature

It is true that a lot of things are wrong with our world

One gender does not have to demonize the other to further its own cause

She started discussing her observations with some of her friends

They shut it down!

“Your experience simply means women are human

Do you know why those women didn’t stop to help you that day?

They may be in a hurry to get home and cook for their entitled husbands

What if their children needed attention?

Men are the scum of the earth

They would go on to buttress their argument with experiences of other people while invalidating her own experience

She shrugged it off

She met a guy

He was a firm believer in feminism

He attended all their meetings and heads a women advocacy NGO

He was a gentleman who had four beautiful sisters

He found a place in her heart

That place where strawberry mixed with chocolate

The very core

She was smitten by him

He treated her with dignity

He was always considerate, a man practicing feminism better than women

She didn’t know how it happened

One minute they were marching the streets together chanting slogans

The next she had surrendered the keys to her heart and her pants

Every time he dives into her, the sun giggles in her heart

He proposed

They picked a date

It was all good

She left for a two weeks conference abroad, missed her flight

Tried his number, it was switched off

Drove to his house

His car was not there

She had a spare, she opened the door and saw her friend stark naked on his sofa, fast asleep

She was shocked

What was going on?

She tip toed into the room, left the door slightly ajar

Few minutes later, he arrived!

Her friend was still asleep

He entered the house and screamed

He: What is this?

Her friend started awake, told him to take it easy.

“Why was he screaming like a child?”

He: How did you get in?

Her friend didn’t answer

He: What do you want?

Her friend: See, I am in your house and I am stark naked and you are a man. Let’s assume I tore my clothes, cut myself at the right places and scream sexual assault who do you think the police will believe? Who do you think my friend will believe?

All I have asked of you is sex. No strings attached. The shoe is on the other foot now, for years men have pressured women into having sex with them.

This is the age of women. All it will do is make me feel empowered and you will feel used for a change!

So am I screaming in terror or screaming in pleasure?

Your choice!

Her man gave in.

She saw his shoulders slouch and knew he had caved!

That slouch was his tell!

She came out of the room, her eyes on fire

Her friend saw her and screamed!

She charged!

It became a fight

She was so angry! So mad!

He had to call the security man to separate them

Her friend left the worse off the encounter

She left too

He called off the engagement

He didn’t give a reason

She was abroad when she got his message

He blocked her on the social media and her phone number

When she returned she went to see him

He said he had to leave the feminist movement and everything pertaining to it, including her behind

And that was that!


PS: It’s been two years, he had married a good girl from his church

Her friend had relocated to the US

She just met someone

They are talking things a step at a time