The Broker

The Broker

The Broker


Getting a husband or a wife was supposed to have become easier

Communication barriers had been broken down by technology

Anybody and everybody are now at your fingertips!

Or so she thought

She saw testimonies of couples who met on twitter, became friends and eventually got married!

There was one that particularly interested her

The guy was trying to get the lady to subscribe to a tourism experience with his company

He slid into her DM and talked to her about it

She responded positively

Then he asked her if she would like to be on the trip as a single or as a couple

There was a special discount for couples

She said she would go as a couple if he would be her plus one

They laughed over it

Exchanged numbers

Met soon after

Became friends

Became an item

One year later

He proposed

Six months after he proposed

They got married

The lady shared their love story on twitter

Shared the wedding pictures

Such a sweet story!

Why can’t her own story be like that?

The guys in her DM are always asking for silly stuff

“Send me your nude pictures….

Do you want to get down with me?....

Do you want to chat dirty?...

Can we hook up?...”

Only God knows why she was attracting perverts

She wondered about it

What was it she was doing wrong?

She was 29 years old

A believer

A lover of God and all his works

She was equipped to be a good wife

She was sociable

She was down to earth

She was profitably engaged

She was an asset to any man

But the suitors…

Where are the suitors?

There are so many good guys in her church

Great husband materials

But none of them seemed to have any interest in dating her

It seemed guys have a certain taste for women from other places

They would rather go to another church to get a bride than take a second look at the ladies right beside them

It was like the story of Hagai and Ishmael in the Bible

Her child almost died of thirst because she couldn’t see a well full of water right in front of her

Why couldn’t guys see her?

It was quite depressing

Having to keep a straight face and pretend all is well

When all she wanted was her own man

Some ladies complain about having relationship challenges


She would rather have a challenging relationship than no relationship

One day while she was crying

Her elder brother walked in

“What is the problem? Why are you crying?” He asked

She had never opened up to him before

She didn’t want to be a burden to anybody

She was old enough to fight her own battles

But he caught her at her moment of weakness

She didn’t know when she spilled her guts

He listened and smiled

“Wipe your tears, my sister, there is nothing to be worried about”

His words were comforting

A problem shared is indeed a problem half solved

What happened after was sort of magical

Her brother went all out on her behalf

He marketed her to his friends and colleagues

He prayed for her marital destiny every day and told her to study the book of Ruth in the Bible

He became her Boaz

Six months later, she got a call from one of his friends

He had been transferred to their city and needed accommodation

She was in real estate

Her brother nudged him in her direction

They talked

She found him a suitable accommodation

He arrived the following week

She took him on a tour of the accommodation

He liked it

He liked her

She could tell

They settled the accommodation business

He called her afterwards

They became good friends

He started attending her church

He took her to the movies

He took her to the beach

They had a very healthy friendship

One day told he prosed

Exactly one year after they met

She said yes!

But there was a small problem

He had spent all his savings on getting the accommodation and that means they would have to wait for several months for him to have enough to prosecute a wedding

She suggested that they both start committing a certain amount of their salaries into an account towards the wedding

He loved the suggestion

She called her brother, told him the good news

He was happy for her

One year later, they had saved enough

They went for marriage counselling

They did the introduction

They got married

When they got to the wedding reception

The time for the wedding toast came

Her husband stood up and invited her brother to the podium

Her brother took the microphone

Her brother said “I was studying the book of Ruth when I realized something, many men distance themselves from the marital destiny of their sisters and loved ones. They don’t want to be seen as meddling or interfering. They don’t want to be the one to shoulder the blame in case the union didn’t work out!

But the Holy Spirit told me I should be like Boaz, I shouldn’t rest until the marital destiny of my sister was settled!

That same evening I had a discussion with my sister

I realized the Holy Spirit was on point!

Where do I get a good husband for my beloved sister?

I prayed and God led me the handsome man we are all looking at today

So I gave him a call and he told me he had just been thinking of calling me because he needed help!

He had been transferred by his company from the headquarters to one of the branches and he needed accommodation

I started blessing the name of the Lord

I was sure when they see each other, the chemistry would speak and the spirit of the Lord would say a big Yes!

They fitted nicely in my spirit!

I gave him my sister’s number and told him she was into real estate

She would get him the very best accommodation for the budget he had in mind

I started praying

A month later I found out they had become friends

I kept praying and today, they desire of both their hearts had been met!


He made the toast, people drank and cheered

She felt so proud of him

She was happy she opened up to him and asked for help

Keeping it all bottled in had almost led her into depression

He acted like Boaz in every way

He didn’t rest until she was safely living her dream

He was the best brother in the world!