The Enslaver

The Enslaver

The first time I had that dream
I woke up feeling aches and pains all 
over my body
But I couldn’t tell anybody the dream
I wouldn’t dare!
I believe that as long as you don’t tell 
people your dream, they can never come 
to pass if they were bad dreams and if 
they were good dreams you have a better 
chance of seeing them come to pass if 
you shut your mouth and let nature work 
itself out
So I kept quiet
A week later, I had the same dream again
This time, I woke up with sore knees and 
sore fingers
I was a born again Christian
I was in 200 Level
How come I was the subject of this sort of 
Yet, I couldn’t speak
I just found myself withdrawing from the 
antagonist in my dream who happened to be 
my bunk mate
She was a beautiful lady
The sort I’d actually dreamt of meeting in 
the university
She was the best student in our class
Though her CGPA was 4.4, it was surprising 
nobody could match her despite the array of 
talents we had in our class
The class before us was pushing 4.8CGPA and 
there was a 4.6 CGPA in 400 level
She was also the class rep
She was friendly, open and very nice
But the dream!
At first I found myself keeping away from our 
room all day but as time went on I found myself 
more comfortable sleeping in a friend and 
classmates room
A few weeks after I stopped sleeping in my 
room altogether, one of my roommates met 
me in the library
She asked me why I stopped sleeping in the room
I told her I was studying with a friend and
 preferred sleeping in the friend’s room
She pulled me aside and said “Or were you also 
having the dream?”
I got alarmed!
I didn’t respond, I just asked her what dream 
she was referring to and she said, 
“Since we resumed this session and got placed 
in the same room, I had been having a recurrent 
dream. I would see myself and other students 
in a strange house, So and So (My bunk mate 
whom I described earlier) was always the boss! 
She would dish out house chores to us and we 
would all get to work! We would mop, wash plates, 
wash clothes, sweep, clean the compound, cook 
and clean for hours. Once we were done, we 
would serve her food on a golden dining table 
and fall on all fours while she walks on our 
backs to her food. 
Then she would sit down like a queen and 
eat while we stay there on our knees like 
slaves for hours!
Whenever I wake up after having this dream, 
my whole body would be sore and my knees 
and fingers would be very painful! I had 
never shared this dream with anybody 
until this morning when Such and Such, 
our fourth roommate blurted it out to me 
while we were preparing for classes. 
I thought I should look for you and ask 
you too”
She had described my dream vividly!
I told her as much
I didn’t know why I opened up to her, but I 
had to talk to someone and we were in this together!
So what can we do about it?
We didn’t know!
Of course we started reacting negatively 
towards my bunk mate.
We whispered all sorts behind her back and 
called her all sorts of names, but nobody dared 
to confront her
If she was indeed a witch as we were projecting, 
calling her out on it would be a very foolish thing 
to do and if she wasn’t a witch and we called 
her out on it we would have effectively ruined 
a good person!
We all left the room for her
In my case, leaving was a good thing because it 
reduced my proximity to her and I found out I was 
able to sleep better, relax better and assimilate 
better in class, unlike before when it would 
seemed as if I worked all night and I would end up 
dozing in class
Though I still had the dream but the frequency 
reduced from thrice or more a week to only once 
or twice
The game changed a few weeks after we all left
 the room

I saw myself (in a dream) and my two other 
roommates in chains. 
We were in a dungeon somewhere. 
A palace guard came to the dungeon and led us 
to a palace. When we got to the palace, we saw a 
huge crowd! It was judgment day!
I saw her on the throne, with a golden crown 
on her head!
She sat there, angry and furious over something
We were forced to kneel down before her, she 
called us deserters, traitors, all sorts of names
The other people in her royal court fell to their 
knees when she stood up, they hailed her over 
and over
We were there for a long time
And then the most unusual thing happened
While we were all there on our knees, groveling, 
she went back to her throne, sat down and started 
reading her book. I saw clearly “GNS 210” 
written behind the notebook
When I woke up, I had a splitting headache, 
my knees were also very sore
We were starting examinations that morning and guess 
what? Our first paper was GNS 210!
I could barely concentrate in class
After months of studying and scoring very high in 
my tests, I flunked the examinations
I finished that semester with more C’s and D’s 
than the previous three semesters combined
It was ridiculous
I studied very hard
I did well in my mid semester tests, class 
projects and practical and yet I failed
So did my roommates, except her
She had two A’s, and scored B in all the 
other papers and yet, nobody scored as high 
as she did in my class
Not one person out of over 100 students
When I got home I couldn’t explain my 
disappointing results to my Father!
My school had sent the results home 
even before I got home!
I hated to disappoint my Father and I hated 
the fact that I couldn’t tell him why!
 A week before the second semester resumed 
officially, I went to school
I spoke with the student affairs unit about 
changing my room and hostel altogether
They usually wouldn’t do this in the middle 
of an academic session
But I begged and lied and cried
I told them my doctor recommended it and 
all sorts
Eventually they agreed and they took me far 
away from my previous hostel
Though the hostel was further away from the 
school area, I didn’t mind
I also started a seven days fasting and prayer
I spoke in tongues a lot
I needed my freedom badly and I had to take 
it by force
When school resumed, I was confident and I 
felt strengthened
I was equally bold!
I would sit beside her in class and talk to her
 freely as if everything was normal
That semester I never had the dream once
I passed my papers wonderfully
I beat her on the GPA even though she still led 
on the CGPA
My previous roommates continued to complain 
but since my own story had changed, I couldn’t 
play victim with them anymore
It was at the tail end of 300 Level that the man in 
Jeans and T-shirt came to minister in our 
student’s fellowship
The ministration was different
A lot of worship songs and singing in the spirit
The Holy Spirit was given the room to do his wonders
My former bunk mate started manifesting 
(screaming like a maniac)
There was a chain on her neck, she said it was a 
gift from her grandmother and she never took it off
As she was screaming, she was shouting that the 
chain was on fire and burning her neck
The man in Jeans and T-Shirt laid hands on her
She couldn’t bear the discomfort of the chain anymore
She broke it off her neck leaving a long red scar
Young man in Jeans and T-Shirt: My sister, what 
was this chain for?
My former bunk mate: It is my “rulership” right. 
My grandmother told me that as long as I wear it, 
no matter how average or poor I am at anything,
 nobody would ever do better than me.
The young man in Jeans and T-Shirt told her to 
throw the chain in the dustbin and prayed for her
She accepted Jesus as Lord and savior and started 
speaking in tongues
If I wasn’t at the meeting I wouldn’t have believed 
my ears, our other roommates were also there and 
we all heard it with our ears.
The dreams stopped afterwards
We all did academically better
I graduated with a 2:1, my bunkmate also graduated 
with a very strong 2:1, our other roommates also
 improved tremendously
A direct entry student who joined our class in 200L 
made a first class and other classmates also surged 
academically after the yoke was broken in that service
I will be getting married on November 10, 2018
My bunk mate is married and lives in the UK

PS: Life is spiritual
Some people bear demonic incisions and items
with pride not knowing how much damage it is
doing to them and others!
If you have charms hanging in your home or on
your body! It is not helping you! It is limiting you!
Turn to Jesus today and get the real advantage

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