It was December 31st
He made a transaction on his
mobile App on December 27
It was the electricity bill
His money was deducted but 
the code with which he would
recharge his electricity was not
sent to him
He didn't want to suffer the 
indignity of being in darkness
while the neighbourhood had light
during the festive season
He called their customer care
He sent messages to the
twitter handles of his bank and
the electricity distribution company
He didn't get any response
He was swamped with work
Making plans for the coming year
and wrapping up events of the current
He forgot all about the transaction
until that morning
It just came to him at about 9AM
that he had a failed transaction to
deal with at the bank
He hurried to the bank
He met just a few people
He was attended to in a jiffy
He took his leave!
Just as he was about descending the
stairs to the exit
He saw her spectacles
Big, white and large! 
Almost ridiculous in its size
He looked away but then his eyes
needed a second look
By this time he was halfway down the
She was descending after him
He turned and looked at her again
This time he saw the grey blouse
and black jeans
She has a beautiful height, she looked
sprightly, joyful and free
He descended the stairs thinking
about her
When they got to the metal detector doors
She was right behind him
He turned around to say hello
Their eyes met
He wasn't sure if she was looking at him
What was it with the "GaGa" spectacles
The security man by the door had
to tell him twice that the door was open
It was that intense!
The invasion of his subconscious
by a total stranger
He got through the metal door
He walked towards his car
few meters to his car, he turned around
He needed to use the ATM
There was a queue
He joined the queue
He remembered her again
His mind told him she must
be long gone 
He looked around
There she was, standing beside a 
car right by the entrance of the 
bank, fiddling with her phone
He wondered what she was waiting
He got to the machine and made his
He took off for his car
He walked right by her
She smiled and said "Hello"
He stopped, looked at her and said "Hi"
She said "Why are you guys like this?
I know you were drawn to me
You wanted to say hello
But then you were starting to
walk away and dismiss the impulse!
He didn't know what to say
She was right and he was dumbfounded
She extended her hand and introduced
She sid her name is so and so and
that it was a pleasure to meet him
He shook her hands
She smiled and started to walk away
He called her name!
He asked for her phone number
She smiled and gave it to him
Then he asked her if they can 
see later in the day
She told him she planned to stay
indoors until the evening when
she and her family will be going for
the cross over service!
He asked her where her church
was located 
She told him
He shook her hand again
This time, he wasn't so quick to
release it
He liked her a lot
But the Spectacles bothered him
Still holding her hand he said 
"What's with the spectacles?"
She smiled and removed them
She said "You wouldn't believe
if i told you the story behind it"
He saw her eyes
They were gazelle-like, deep and
He liked her breasts too
Even though she was wearing a
comfortable and covering blouse
They were full and confident
He really liked her
She caught him sizing her up
She said, "You like me!"
Again he was dumbfounded
Most girls will take the look as
a compliment
She stated it matter of factly
It was odd but it deepened his
likeness for her
He released her hands
She said her goodbyes and walked
to a car
He waited for her to drive up
He turned around and got in his
He was very excited!
When he got home he sent her a 
message on WhatsApp
She responded!
They started chatting
It was meant to be a "nice meeting you
It lasted for over five hours
They chatted from 12:34 pm till 6 pm
They talked about her
Her family and her career
He told her about himself and his
family and his career
They talked about religion, the
Holy Spirit, their past
It went on and on
When it was almost six O'clock
She convinced him to come over
to her church for cross over service
He also convinced her to go out
with him on the second of January
That was how they were able to
end the chat!
He dressed up later in the evening
and got to her church by 10 pm
She had reserved a seat for him
He didn't know why she made 
his heart leap and melt at the
same time
She was happy he came
She was still skeptical of what
she was doing
It felt good but she was not given
to following her feelings
Her feelings had led her into the wrong
alleys in the past
The cross over service was a 
She introduced him to her parents
and siblings as a "Friend"
They parted ways
His parents teased her all the way
Her father said "She brought her
boyfriend to church so that she can
say "God has accepted him", so you
must do so too!
His mother said "For you guys to be
crossing over together publicly 
in church, i hope some private cross
overs have not been taking place"
She couldn't stop laughing
It was her dream come true
For her parents to talk to her like that
and not call her into the room
asking her why she is not seeing anyone!
Her parents are not the "Marry by thunder 
type" but they are very concerned for
They know she was very lonely
She was a mathematics guru and
would rather be alone than mix
It was her nature
She couldn't stand mediocre 
She hated parties and social events
She missed out on having a profitable
relationship when she was in the 
She didn't feel she was ready at the time
By the time she was ready
There were no suitors
She returned home and got a job
For four years, she was alone
Living like a hermit
Taking herself out once in a while
She had no joy
Then her mother reached out to
the Brother in Jeans and T-shirt
Her mother told him everything
He came to their house to see her
They talked and he made her laugh
He was a nerd of sorts too
He understood the complexity of
her behavioral pattern 
They connected
He told her he wanted to take her out
She had not left her house in weeks
She had a project she was doing remotely
with her company
She didn't have to go anywhere
He took her to a supermarket 
He bought her some biscuits and ice-cream
He told her to pick anything she desired
in the supermarket
She picked the ridiculous sunglasses
He paid for it and said "I command
by the power of the Holy Spirit that
your husband shall be drawn to you
before the end of this year! On that
day, everything shall align in your
He will like what he sees and you
will like what you see!
Both of you will make each other's
heart's leap for joy
There won't be much talk
It will be a coming together that
will endure forever!"
She said Amen
That was over a month before that day
That fateful morning, her mother
came to her room and said 
"You locked yourself in the room
and refused to give the seed that was
sown by the word of the prophet to
come to pass in your life!"
She was furious
Where was she supposed to go?
Stand by the roadside like a prostitute?
Her mother didn't want to upset
So her mother kept quiet
An hour later, her mother sent her
to the bank to transfer some money
on her behalf to some people
That was what brought her to the bank
She wore the "Gaga" to prove a point
to her mother
When her mother saw it, even her mother
was put-off by it
But she insisted she would wear it to
the bank
Little did she know...
His message woke her up the 
next morning
He asked if he could come to her
He wanted to see her
She asked her mother if she could
invite him over
Her mother said yes!
He arrived at 4 pm and stayed for
three hours
When she was seeing him off at
7 pm
He held her hands and told her he
loved her
It was barely 24 hours since they met
She just nodded 
The next day, she went with him to
visit his parents
His mother was warm and very 
His mother took her by hand into
her room and started talking to
her about personal stuff!
He was the first of four boys
and his mother had been waiting
for him to bring home a wife!
His mother nicknamed her "My second"
It was so nice
She spent the whole day with his folks
She returned home around 9 pm
by noon the following day, she had gone
back to his parent's house
His father, a chaplain in the army,
couldn't make it home until that day
His mother insisted she must be around
to meet her father-in-law
His father fell in love with her immediately
He started calling her "Okanlawon"
meaning "The girl in the midst of boys"
He took her as his own daughter
When she got home that night
she started telling her mother the
Things were too good!
It was as if she was dreaming
She was already thinking of marriage
He just met this guy!
She didn't know when she started crying
it felt too much like a set-up
Her mother told her to call the
Brother in jeans and T-shirt
She called and explained
He laughed!
Africans are always mindful of evil
No matter how educated or enlightened
they are
They expect evil to come when things
are moving too well!
He said "Evil is not lurking! Evil is not
coming! Destruction is not coming!
Disaster is not coming! 
You dwell in the realm of the blessed, 
you belong to the light and Day!
Darkness cannot come near you!
Ride this wind and be at peace!"
She thanked him
The relationship waxed stronger
They started preparing to get married
in June 2019
They finished their marriage counseling
session in November 2019
They got married on the 14th of December

PS: This event happened in Lagos,
She met him at A bank on CMD road
They got married at a Church in Magodo
The two families live in Magodo Phase 2
They had never met each other before
Yet, they both grew up in the same estate
But the word of God is powerful
When it is released upon the most ridiculous
The blessing turns ridicule into a blessing
Glory be to God! I see a SUNRISE

GSW is saying THANK YOU!

We have had a very good year
Many wouldn't believe if I told them
how young we are in our walk with
the Holy Spirit!
As an individual and as a ministry
We are seeing giants raised daily
We are seeing destinies liberated
We are seeing stereotypes breaking
We have crossed the Rubicon 
Our platforms have all recorded
tremendous growth and successes
Stories have been changed
Lives have been transformed
My joy is full!
Can you imagine that this testimony
had to wait till today!
There is a long queue of testimonies
and there are many not even written!
The Holy Spirit dwells in us!

I want to thank the GSW platform 
PssbcNigeria administrators and 
coordinators for all our lecture rooms
Night of Glory administrators and 
GSWMI intercessory team on Telegram
Producers of the GSW show on 
Producers of the GSW show's podcasts
Pastor Tunde Adelakun, Ministers 
and members of RCCG Christ Covenant 
Parish, Ogudu Road, Ogudu
All the ministries that had extended a 
hand of fellowship to us in 2019
and all our partners!

Thank you for praying for us
Thank you for walking with us
Thank you for dwelling in Zion with us!
2020 is the year of the Glory Revealed!
I see abundance and wonders
I see His glory in the midst of his people
I see His fire all around his people
I see a blessed nation!