I came into 2019 desperate to 
know more of God. 
I came into 2019 with an uncommon 
kind of hunger. 
All through 2018 and even previous years, 
I had lived in fear. 
My prayer life hinged on an understanding 
of what the enemy is capable of doing. 
I prayed because I didn't want to fall 
'prey to the enemy'. 
I prayed out of fear. 
Whenever I heard my phone ringing, 
I sometimes developed panic attacks 
hoping it won't be sad news.

I knew there was more!
I knew there had to be more!

 A lot of the messages I had listened 
to until then laid so much emphasis 
on having to fast, pray and attain 
authority over household demons 
and trends. 
I remember the Holy Spirit in October 
of 2018 telling me there's so much 
to Him. I didn't get it. 
But yeah, I knew there's got to be more.

I had two "one-of-a-kind" believers on 
my Facebook and Twitter timelines respectively.
 On Facebook, it was Pastor Taiwo Akinyemi. 
On Twitter, it was Gbenga Samuel-Wemimo, 
though I fondly call him Uncle Gbenga. 

In January of 2019, I messaged these 
great sons of a Great God. 
I was already in talks with Pastor Taiwo. 
Pastor T talked about eternal salvation, 
immortality and awesome realities of 
the man in Christ. 
I didn't really like the sound of "Eternal Salvation". 
It sounded too good to be true. 
Pastor Taiwo is fond of asking me to 
read several Bible verses and do so 
from different versions. 
I did. It started to make sense. 
Pastor Taiwo, thank you do much 
for the labor. 
Thank you for the teachings. 
Thank you for the prayers. 
Thank you for being a believer indeed. 
Thank you for standing for the truth 
even in the face of diverse confused 
opposition. lol. 
I love you so much sir.

Uncle Gbenga posted stories. 
Real life stories. 
He introduced himself as The Brother in 
Jeans and T-Shirt. lol. 
I loved that someone is coming off 
the bandwagon of African status quo. 
Uncle Gbenga began to teach us on PSSBC. 
Feels like I was one of the reasons 
the school was started. 
He debunked several beliefs! 
He debunked several wrong visions and 
dreams about heaven and hell. Lol. 
How liberating! 
Uncle Gbenga, I know you'll see this. 
You told us that as lights, 
we should never stop shinning! 
You taught us never to limit the move of God. 
You taught us to know that we have 
authority and it doesn't come by
 specially dedicated fasting and 
prayer sessions. 
Uncle Gbenga, the first day I met you, 
I went "wow! Wow!! Wow!!!" like an ambulance. 
The aura of love around you is amazing. 
You leaped for joy and hugged me so tight 
like we've met before. 
You told me on that day that the Gospel 
is a total package. 
It doesn't just make us citizens of heaven. 
It makes of carriers of heaven. 
You also share how the believer is 
above every curse and traditions of men. 
Thanks a lot for this beautiful family sir. 
Thanks for the opportunity to serve sir.
 I love you, sir!

- Jaiyesinmi Amos (PSSBCNigeria Alpha set)

PS: I celebrate your testimonies sir
There are so many
We have both prayed for a deaf brother
over the phone before
We have also deliberated of deep family
We have a history with the Holy Spirit
God bless you, my brother!
Let's reveal Him in the lives of many
more in 2020