The two sides of a coin 

There are no middle grounds
That was how it was, and how it 
will be
It's either light or darkness
Life or death
Saved or unsaved.

In the absence of one is the presence 
of the other
Cues aplenty in nature 
An unfarmed land naturally springs 
up weeds
When light is not shone, darkness 
takes over.

The darkness is not literally dark
Its ways are paved with things untold
Imbued with good things
Yet, it's a labyrinth of fear and 
A treacherous winter sea with ash and 
smoke mingled
With shadows and flames abound
A bulging eye of the pale southern sky 
that sends shivers down the spines

The northern light sky that shines 
perpetually looks on 
Waiting assuringly
Its rays percolate the dark murky water
To the deepest depths of all trenches
Its ways are bright and certain
It's the river of love that flows endlessly

Tell yourself whatever you want
But take a deep-dive into the workflow of 
the things of the spirit
In the grand scheme of things
Would you rather pander to every whim of 
darkness when the light can encapsulate 
Would you rather dance in the valley of 
black fire being tuck away deeper when 
there is a way for an escape?

Be like me
Be the light bearer 
The carrier of eternal life
You are the one the Master wants
Be eternally free from darkness
Invite Jesus to your life today.



My heart aches
It longs to go home.
To meet my saviour
To meet my master
To meet my lover

What would I say when I meet him
In my garment that shimmers in his light
My eyes sparkling
My belly merry
Filled with laughter 
After drinking from the rivers that 
flow from the temple.

Oh messiah!

How do I behold his glory when I'm 
before him.
In his light I see.
In his path I stand

Oh the new Jerusalem
Where all the saints will be
How beautiful you are
Where the foundations are made of 
precious stones.
Christ, being the chief corner-stone.

There we will make merry
There we will shout 
A shout of joy!
In zion where our King reigns.

Home sweet home
I long for you. Every now and then. 
I do. 
I do.

Dedicated to:
- My late sister, Dr. Olabisi Falodun. 
I miss you a lot, your laughter on the phone, 
and your visits on Sundays. Surely, 
dad misses you most.

- To the saints who have gone to be with 
the Lord. 
Oh, what a perpetual glory in his 

- To those who are still hurt because of 
the departure of a brother or a sister, 
you haven't "lost" them, because they 
are with the Lord forever. 
Time reveals all. 
So, rejoice and be glad. Now, wear your 
shoes again, and tie the laces, get back 
on the track, and continue running the 
race stronger than before.

We love you.

Matthew 11:28-30 NIV
“Come to me, all you who are weary and 
burdened, and I will give you rest.
[29]Take my yoke upon you and learn 
from me, for I am gentle and humble in 
heart, and you will find rest for your souls.
[30]For my yoke is easy and my burden is light .”