The Kingmaker

The Kingmaker
The Kingmaker

There was widespread panic on the day
the Kingmaker died
Flags were at half-mast
He was a national figure
Politically, he was very relevant
Culturally, he was a shaper
He was the steward of the throne
of the Elysian Fields
The Kingdom of Elysian had only
one High King
The High King founded the Kingdom 
and there was only one ruling house
The High king lived in a palace hewn
into the rocks in the middle of the
He was a good High king
He ensured his people prospered and
lived in a kingdom of righteousness
and justice
Globally, the king and his kingdom
were renown and many came from far
and near to seek wisdom from the
The High King made a provision for
the role of a Prime Minister and
a steward
The people would have elections and
choose their leaders
The process is monitored and supervised
by the Steward
The Steward was chosen by the High
King and he or she cannot contest for
the position of the Prime Minister
The Kingdom used to be purely monarchical
but the High King amended the constitution
to the parliamentary system of government
He did this because times have changed
and other nations around them were doing
the same
Moreover, the people wanted to have a say in 
their government and only a despot is scared
of giving the people a chance to govern 
themselves and be all they can be
Soon after they amended the constitution
the country had its first general election
It was a success
A prime minister was appointed and
sworn in
The citizens were very happy
The High King was pleased
But the Prime minister was a very
ambitious man
He wondered why he had to answer
to a king, after he had been sworn in
as the Prime Minister
In other nations, the High King
was always a "Figure head"
The prime Minister was actually the
man or woman of the people
The Prime Minister felt the High King
had merely chosen him to be a puppet
and vacate the seat
He felt a Prime Minister shouldn't have 
anyone looking over his shoulders
He desperately wanted to secure his 
government without any political
godfather's interference
The Steward went to the High King
He reported all that was happening
The High King told the steward he
had seen everything
It was obvious the Prime minister 
had his own agenda
The High King gave the Steward an
The High King said "Go and see this
young man, I have observed him for
a long time.
I want him to be the next prime 
Kindly go and swear him into office
It made no sense
The constitution allowed the person
in power to rule for as many terms
as possible as long as the people
kept voting for him in a free and fair
The Prime Minister had secured his
position with the people and was most
likely to be voted in over and over again
Swearing in a person who was unduly
elected into an elective position made
no sense, it was absolutely illegal 
especially when the person doing the
swearing in's position had been vacated
and taken over by the Prime Minister
The High King told him not to worry
"Just do as I say and leave the rest"
So he found his way to the young
man's house and informed him of what
the High King said
The young man didn't argue
He acknowledged that the High
King must have seen something in him
and particpated in the swearing-in
ceremony joyfully
He promised the young man that
the High King had a plan which will
come into fruition soon
The young man believed him
Soon after this, the young man was
employed in the science institute of
the Kingdom
He spearheaded the government's
project of landing astronaults on the
moon and he became a national hero
The Prime minister went everywhere
with him for political reasons, especially
the political rallies
He was a testament to the success
of the Prime Minister's government
He was given the microphone to say
one or two things at the political rallies
It made him quite popular
So popular that the polls started
indicating that the people see him
as a potential replacement for the
Prime minister
At that point, the Prime minister
fabricated a case against him and
ordered his arrest
He got the information on time and
fled his house in the middle of the
He had studied M.K.O Abiola and
Nelson Mandela in his political science 
and history class and understood what
was going on
He didn't want to be incarcerated
Not everyone would be as lucky as 
Olusegun Obasanjo
He knew he was a threat to the Prime
He knew that was "Sin" enough
and would be punishable by death
He fled the country
Then something he didn't envisage
Citizens of his country who were 
residing in the nation he fled to 
started oming to visit him
They regarded him as a political 
Like the opposition party leader
They even said it to his face and
many of them contributed money
and amassed support for him at 
It was a wave he couldn't stop
The Prime Minister placed a 10 million
dollars dead or alive tag on his life
Assasins were deployed from all
over the world
He went further underground, moving
constantly and using many body 
Some enemies of his nation lent him
a helping hand in terms of food, 
financial aid and political assylum
The Steward always kept in touch
That was his consolation
Without the steward, there would be
no one to tell the public what the
High King planned and how he was
chosen and sworn in secretly
He wouldn't dare make such a 
claim but the Steward had a reputation
that the people would never question
As long as the Steward was alive
he knew he would one day become
the prime minister
Five years after he went on exile, the
Steward suddenly fell ill and died
It was the worst day of his life
He felt he had put his neck out there
and it had been chopped off
Without the Steward there was no
He didn't even have a direct link to
the High King
It was a dark season
The Kingmaker was dead
His Godfather was gone
He forgot all about the throne
A living dog is better than a dead
He needed to focus on survival
But the High King had other plans
One Sunday morning, while he was
holding a meeting with some of his men
they heard the news that the Prime
Minister and his family had lost their
lives in a plane crash
A messenger arrived with a special
mobile phone for him
The phone rang as soon as it got to
his hand, when he picked the call
a voice said "Return Home"
He knew instinctively that it was the
High King
The following day, he returned home
with his men after many years
There was a hero's welcome and an
air of uncertainty
There was no steward to conduct
a fresh election
There was no candidate for the post
of Prime minister
Everything was in a limbo
Suddenly a group of men rose up
They were hermits who had shut out
the world and its affairs for many
They usually visit certain cities in the
country when they have spiritual
messages, revelations, visions or
specific messages for specific
They went straight to him bearing
the staff of the office of the Prime
They pronounced him Prime minister
over a region of the country
This gave him some level of legitimacy
in that region
The government office had been 
occupied by a self appointed ruler
who was frantically trying to hold on
to the reins of power without any
The Hermits stood as Stewards and
organized another election
He contested against one of the Sons
of the late Prime minister
On the Eve of the election
The Sponsor of his opponent defected
to his camp
He won the election in a landslide.

PS: I was discussing with a dear daughter
of Zion yesterday
She was talking about the impact
a man had in her life and that of her 
The man is sick and they are afraid
his death would affect them adversely
I told them this story
The story of Samuel, Saul and David
Samuel annointed david King
in Secret
David would have wanted Samuel
to be alive as the custodian to the
Samuel died
God raises the Men of Issachar vision
They were only raised that once
to help a man in the scripture
They ensured David was crowned
God does not leave a lacuna
He's got you covered
Fear not