Carriers of eternal life

With the snap of his fingers, fire came 
Licking up the waters dry, the woods 
set ablaze and humans charred
He shut the gateway of rain
Humans, faunas and flora felt the
Yet, he was only human.

A shielded mountain man 
A trembling city 
A fear-infiltrated army
A ruddy young boy oozing confidence
The mountain became flat
A joyous city

Thousands of likes on his Facebook 
page of wars
His daily worships were a sweet smelling 
savour being retweeted millions of times
He got the attention of the heart of the 
Yet, he only saw the promise from afar.

Supernatural was norm to him
He saw it all
The sea gave way to him
Uprooted from their pocket and suspended 
in a vertical array
He communicated with the Elder frequently
The son of the Elder and the fallen fought 
over his body
Yet, he could only look and thirst for that 

Years ran into thousands
There they all gathered
Peeping into the world beyond
They already crossed the rubicon
They longed for it.

Time flew by
The promise was fulfilled
A new covenant was drafted and signed 
by blood
Eternally accepted.

A new set of creature was born
Greater than the one called the sea-divider
Higher than the one who commanded the 
sun and moon
Bigger than the one who pleased the 
Elder's heart
Fairer than the sons of the Elder

Carriers of eternal life!

Dear believer, know your place
You seated with Jesus as one
You are greater than all other creatures
Proclaim it. Believe it. It's not pride. 
It's not humility. 
It's the simple gospel.

You want to be this indomitable 
Tell Jesus to come to your life --
it is that simple!
Just come as you are!

1 Peter 1:12. NIV
"....even Angels long to look into these