When our parents, family members or siblings reject the person we bring home as a potential husband or wife, we all get perturbed; it is true that some parents come up with flimsy excuses while others have genuine concerns but we must be patient to understand their reason and judge if it is coming from the right place.

I have seen parents dismiss their son or daughter’s choice simply because of the tribe, state or name he or she bears. You can imagine a mother saying, “all Femi’s are womanizers” and “all Shades are cheats.” Or, “People from this place or that place are not good because they don’t make good partners.”

However, sometimes they know more than you can imagine.

A lady was a student at the Polytechnic, Ibadan, Eruwa campus some years ago. She met a lecturer while she was in Pre-ND class and they started dating.

This lecturer took her to meet his older sister and introduced her as his intended.

The older sister said she would have to pray about it. The prayer took a day. She came back with a solid No. This lecturer was shocked, he was in his 40s and had never brought any woman home before in his life. His sister told him the lady would destroy their family and turn them against one another. She said she received this by the Spirit.

They were a closely-knit family and this lecturer respected his older sister very much. He called off the relationship, even though it was a painful decision but he did so.

A year later the older sister’s first son, gained admission into the same school through Poly Jamb. He knew nothing about what had transpired between his uncle and this lady.
He saw the same lady one day on his way to a friend’s house, they became friends and started dating.

Within six months, they had become live-in-lovers on campus. It was hot love.

One day this guy told the lady he had an uncle in the school who is a lecturer. The lady asked who. He told her. She pretended as if she didn’t really know the lecturer.

The next day she went to a church close to her house to pray about her marital destiny. She met the shepherd, he told her to bring three names. She did.

He told her the guy she was living with is her husband from heaven. She told him his family was proving stubborn. The shepherd said, “I can fix that for you.”

She paid. The shepherd did whatever he told her he would do and the love between her and this young man became hotter to the extent that there was nothing this lady could ever do wrong in his sight.

The lady expected the lecturer to understand and she was sure the spirit of God is one, so if the guy’s mother goes to pray, she will be told the same thing the prophet said to her that she was the wife from heaven. That way nothing would stand in their way of getting married. It was a well laid out plan. They finished ND2 and she went to visit him at home during the break.


His mother saw her and freaked out.
What! No way!

“You have climbed my brother and now my son, and you expect me to say all is well?”

The mother told her son, “No way!”
The son stormed out of the house with his babe. They both returned to their apartment in Eruwa. She told him what had happened between her and his uncle.

He said, “Everybody has a past! I have chosen you as my present and future.”

His mother didn’t see him again throughout the break. She sent for her younger brother and told him what happened. Her younger brother went to Eruwa and found the 


The young man stuck to his gun. The lecturer went back to his sister and told her not to worry. It is young love and nothing lasts.

They moved from Eruwa to the main campus in Ibadan for their HND, still living together, and getting deeper in love.

The young man refused to go home or see his mother. He insisted she must accept the lady or forget she had a son.

The mother saw this as the fulfillment of the prophecy she received about the lady when she prayed about her union with her brother. She labeled her a witch sent on assignment to destroy her family. “Her target was my brother, when I thwarted that plan, she now moved in on my song.” This became her song.

The young couple didn’t budge. For three years they were at a stalemate on the issue.
They went to serve and then moved to the UK together for their Master’s degree.

The young man’s mother was still adamant and insisted that they couldn’t marry each other. They kept hoping things would change.

When they got to the UK, they had a slight challenge regarding accommodation. A pastor told them about some housing units they could apply for. They did, not knowing it was illegal for them to do so. The young man was deported. He was the one that made the mistake and all the documents were in his name. The lady didn’t return to the country with him. She believed he would sort it out and return to her.

A married cousin of his who couldn’t take them in as a couple due to his own circumstances at the time was asked to help. The lady moved in with him.

Days rolled into months, phone calls upon phone calls, appeal upon appeal. It took three years for the guy to get back to the UK. By that time, they were barely communicating as well as they did at the beginning because she was working and timing became an issue. But she was aware he had sorted things out and would be returning to the UK.

When he got to his cousin’s house, he realized she was pregnant. Pregnant for his cousin. It was a bitter pill for him to swallow but he took it on the chin and walked away from the issue.

He made peace with his mother but he and his cousin and his cousin’s siblings became bitter enemies. She married his cousin and he also got married to someone else three years later. He returned to Nigeria and settled in Ibadan.

Last year, his cousin and this lady had a fight; the cousin was arrested by the police and thrown out of the house. He slept in the train station for some days before he was allowed to go home and pick up a few things belonging to him.

The cousin called the family for help. The young man, now a father of two remembered his mother’s warning. He said, “My mummy was right about her, see what she eventually did to my cousin! She ruined his life and took over his sweat.”

This story is a true-life story sent in by Brother Biyi, the (young man) in the story.

PS: Learn to walk with the Holy Spirit that your feet may be guided.

Learn to listen to your parents especially if they are prayerful and have a track record of walking with God.

Manipulation is what you must discern and resist from parents, pastors and friends. Remember, in the multitude of counsel, there is safety.