There is a light by which we must live a meaningful life as believers.

Jesus said those who follow him will no longer walk in darkness because he will show them the light of life.

When we see expressions like this in the Bible, many of us do not really understand what such expressions really mean.

The term darkness connotes many things: it means ignorance, it means a lack of meaning, it means a lack of understanding, it means blankness, it means evil, it means a lack of illumination, it means a lack of sight or the environment in which one can see.

It means a lack of direction; the inability to make informed decisions. It means Confusion. It means deception, it means unknown.  It means a secret, as in, "I was kept in the dark."

It means a lack of information. It means a lack of understanding.

Isaiah had written about darkness covering nations and gross darkness covering the people.

The prophet was talking about the coming of Jesus; He said, "Arise, Shine, for thy light has come and the glory of the Lord is risen upon you." Again, remember the prophecy about the coming of Jesus saying, "A people walking in darkness have seen a great light, on those living in the land of deep darkness a light has dawned."

John would later testify that in Jesus was the life, and the life was the light of men. John called Jesus the true light which lights up every man that comes into the world! Jesus being the light is to many just a religious saying today.

There are believers who are deep in darkness. There are filled up church buildings that have never had an encounter with the Light even though they call the name of Jesus and pray in his name; they have substituted the Holy Spirit for doctrines of men and would rather fight over titles and accolades of men than be at the center of God's will.

They preach sin and their gospel is fueled by fear; they are experts at demonology and village people prayers, their gospel always takes their members back into the realm of darkness in the name of prayer and deliverance.

You will hear, "Your family has an altar which was instituted by your great grandfather, the demon of that altar is fighting with your destiny." This is being said to a born-again Christian whom the Word of God called a New Creature, for whom old things had passed away and all things became new!

They are the peddlers of generational curses and ancestral afflictions. Ministries deep in darkness. Their unenlightened members do deliverance every month, some, every quarter.

They are delivering born again Christians who are full of the Holy Spirit!

They forget that the Bible stated clearly that we have been delivered from the power of darkness and conveyed into the kingdom of His Son of love.

They see and talk evil consistently. Their pulpits are where witches will be confessing while binding the church tighter to darkness. They know nothing of the joy of the Holy Spirit and the fellowship of Zion. They attach demons to everything and conscript many into fearful delusions.

A lady told me yesterday that her pastor said if you sit with someone with one demon, the demon then multiplies into you. Wow!

Ayo Babalola married a witch, Baba Sadela of Gospel Apostolic Church did the same; the witches couldn't harm them physically but your own Christianity is carnal, you are not full of the Holy Spirit, you don't have the light of life; So, if you sit with a demon possessed person, you're the one the demon multiplies into.  Such lies are the foundation upon which many so called Christian books are written today. They are the pillar upon which many Bishops are standing. They are the reason many churches are still open with members who are lacking everything Christ gave the church. 

No authority, no power, no gifts of the spirit, no fruit of the spirit, no sign indicating they are believers, no boldness, no sound mind, no love, always anticipating evil, always distressed, worried, sad, fearful and anxious, claiming to be in Christ but living a life of crisis.

This is not what Jesus died for that we might have. Eternal life is not a life of constant crisis and woe; It is a life of victory, a life of glory, a life of joy unspeakable. My life!

A life of peace that is beyond comprehension, supernaturally led by the Holy Spirit. A life that keeps you far above all evil and independent of circumstances.

If you think you cannot have and live such a life as a Believer then you are in darkness.

If you're not living such a life yet, you have not truly come into Zoe. The Zoe life is a life that is learnt and mastered by the Word of GOD.

Buy the truth and sell it not. Witches are not witnesses in the scriptures. Demons do not feature in Zion. Even the accuser does not speak here, (Zechariah 3). He has no standing!

The only thing that speaks is the blood of Jesus, the blood of sprinkling which speaks better things than the blood of Abel.

Knowing this truth and living this life was why Jesus came. He came to give you the life that will light you up. He came that you might have the light of life.


As a fellowship we will be deliberating on the Theme: The Light of Life this evening during our Night of Glory (28th October 2022).

You will hear believers like yourself, not title bearers but shining Glories share the reality of the Zoe life.

For once, don't argue. It is online and you can log out anytime.

You are required to bring nothing. Just come and experience fellowship.

I am inviting you specially. If indeed you're sure the son has set you free, then you should live your life in freedom.

Indeed, Jesus offers liberty, not chains and chaos.

This glorious life is possible and we are living it. Come and learn how.

Send me a DM or WhatsApp on 08072744871 if you have questions.