He relinquished the rulership of his own life.
The elderly woman took advantage of his economic situation.
The Queen raped and seduced him repeatedly.
The princess would have done the same and reported him leading to his lynching.
The Queen turned him to Anikulapo and later took away the blessings she gave him when he decided he wanted more out of life than sleeping with her and pretending to be her husband.

As soon as he began to take charge of his own life, she felt out of place and began to plot her departure. Since he had decided to live his life on his terms, she must then take away the cushion that laid the foundation of his fame and wealth. Fame and wealth that came to him after he was beaten to death and resurrected mysteriously.

She was neither beaten nor killed, a parasite who fed off the misery of a young man all her life.

Young men, please learn great lessons from that movie titled Anikulapo if you have watched it. Anything given to you by anyone can easily be taken away.

If he had bought farms and businesses while the going was good, he would have been able to do without the charm for raising the dead.

I learnt that lesson many years ago as a young minister of the gospel.

Going about working miracles and winning souls is good. But at a point you must be wise enough to build substance out of it. You can't be anointed and keep begging others to meet your needs for you! 

Those who were wise enough to do this are a blessing to the world today while those who lacked that foresight realised as they grow older that they couldn't keep up with the energy they had in their youth in the present and have to depend on others for sustenance!

The Ado gave him a good start but he should have leveraged on it to own more and become more in terms of properties and businesses while it lasted.

This would have helped him tremendously when the Ado stopped working.

I cannot speak to how he treated the lady because she was never his wife; she was another man's wife who took advantage of him, abused him, and ruined his life (he could have married the princess and still had a great life), caused him to get lynched and took advantage of him for many years.

Even though she was not holding a chain, she held him in captive for years.

His decision to be free and pursue a life outside of her with other wives, etcetera was what led to her decision to take away the power of the Ado which wouldn't have mattered if he had leveraged on it properly.

Kenneth Hagin wrote books, Benny Hinn wrote books, they sold tapes etcetera.

They knew that was the way to institutionalize their ministries and ensure they get income that would be sufficient to fund their ministries.

Many are writing to me in my DM, claiming to be anointed and yet begging for bread.

Learn from Anikulapo.

Don't sell miracle water and merchandise the supernatural.

That's way too unoriginal and unsustainable.

Don't sell mantle and handkerchiefs, the knowledge the Lord deposited in you is a substance worth sharing.

Write books.
Make podcasts, audio tapes and videos.

If what you have is worth hearing, I will buy and learn!