The Condition

The Condition

The Condition


The day he gave his life to Christ

He did it deliberately and with a very clear head

It had long been coming

The Lord stirring his heart to become a believer

He resisted it on principle

He had only one heart and he had pledged it to his girlfriend

His girlfriend was the best

When he had nothing, the girl stood by him

The girl would bring food items and provisions to school for herself and for him

When he couldn’t pay his house rent as a student

His girlfriend asked him to move in with her

They became a “campus couple”

Live in lovers

His girlfriend was a Pastor’s daughter

She didn’t mind what people would say

Whenever her parents were coming to check her in school

She would carefully pack his bags and hide them with one of the neighbours

He would find somewhere to go

And when they were done with their visitation

He would come back into her loving bed

Their love was meant to be

He was the brain of the union

He supported her academically and they are both a great combination

She was also his only friend

He was not really a “friend” person and she filled the vacuum perfectly

There was nothing he needed in a woman that she doesn’t have

Though they were both in their early twenties

He couldn’t see a future without her

Whenever they get broke on campus

She would travel home to nibble at the ears of her parents

They were not so rich

But he was from poverty

If she went home, she would bring something

If he travelled home, he wouldn’t get transport money back to school

His parents were that poor

On this particular occasion

There examination was fast approaching and the food stuff they had was almost depleted

They also didn’t have any money

She borrowed some money and travelled on a Friday

The plan was for her to return on Sunday evening

Once she was gone he felt very lonely

He tried to study but it was to no avail

He decided to take a stroll

Strolling helps to distract his mind and most likely by the time he got back to their room he would be very tired and most likely sleep off

As he was strolling, he came across some students staging a drama show

He needed the distraction

He sat down and watched the drama team do their thing

It was a Christian drama about salvation

It was very dull and plastic

He was about to leave when he heard the voice

It said “Son, give your life to me”

He turned around, there was nobody close by who could have whispered the words to him

He had heard many things about the Christian folks

They always talk about one spirit or the other

He was not a Christian and he believed it was all a bunch of nonsense

He walked away briskly

What sort of voice was that?

But his peace had somehow been taken

He was restless all night

He did everything he knew how to do!

He showered, used sleeping pills, played jazz

Nothing worked

The next morning he saw his girlfriend’s Bible under the candle stand

He picked it up

His hands started trembling

He laughed at himself

Hit seemed as if he had become superstitious all of a sudden

The Bible is just a book!


He opened it and saw “Come out from among them”

 He threw the Bible on the floor

It was pure coincidence and possible trickery of the mind

The next morning, after tossing and turning all night

He woke up very early and went to the nearest church

As the pastor preached, he realized he will either have to give his life to Jesus or continue in a state of restlessness for the rest of his life

The thing had gripped him in a very cogent place

He looked up to the heavens and said “Okay, I will give my life to you but my girlfriend is non-negotiable! She loves me and I want to marry her. She stays. Nothing must change! I made her a promise that I will keep with my life. I will not jilt her even for my own salvation. That is my condition!”

He proceeded to the altar and gave his life to Jesus

Just like that!

The restless feeling lifted

Peace flooded into his soul

He cried in relief

Right after he was led to Christ in prayer

The Pastor laid hands on him

He received the gift of the Holy Ghost

He started praying in tongues

He felt light, he felt delirious with joy, what a day!

When his girlfriend returned that evening

He hugged her with passion, he was bursting to tell her the good news

She looked into his eyes and said “You have changed! You have become born again”

How did you know? He asked with enthusiasm

“I am a pastor’s daughter, I have seen that look several times” she responded

Everything changed after then

She just wasn’t comfortable around him anymore

He wondered why!

He was willing to continue their relationship like before

She wouldn’t have it

She wouldn’t even let him touch her

That night, she slept in a friend’s room and told him he had to go

He had to go to the church and speak with the pastor

The pastor offered him a temporary accommodation

He left in tears

They remained friends afterwards

When they were graduating, he asked her “What did I do wrong?”

She said she simply didn’t want anything to do with a Christian, she wanted to enjoy her life and Christians are natural fun killers!

They parted ways

Seven years later, they met at a minister’s conference

She was happily married to a pastor

She met Jesus during the NYSC

He was also happily married

The Holy Spirit settled both of them in his own way!


PS: If you are in a relationship at the moment and you are afraid if you give your life to Jesus you will lose your relationship because walking with the Holy Spirit will bar you from pre-marital sex and other habits

I assure you that you are being short sighted

God knows your tomorrow

He knows how to get you there without struggle

If you insist on having your way

You will most likely short-change yourself

Come to Jesus today!

Let him settle your tomorrow by the power of the Holy Spirit

Come into His rest!