Lost In Transit

Lost In Transit

The devil sometimes makes a lot of sense

One of his key advantages was his ability to prosecute cases beyond every reasonable doubt

No judge will listen to his argument and not be persuaded

He is the king of logic

He understood how the human mind works

He understood how God works

He understood how angels work

The one advantage he had above mankind was mankind’s weakness for coercion

Man wants arguments to come to a logical conclusion

God says if man ate a fruit man would die

The devil understood God perfectly

The devil told man’s wife she wouldn’t die

Oh no!

You will just be like God!

She thought about it

The devil made sense

God does not kill

Nothing God made dies

She believed the devil

She ate the fruit

He ate the fruit

They lost their throne

The devil became their prince

Yet they saw no wrong in what was done

Why couldn’t God come down to the level of logic?

Argue persuasively as the devil did and convince them not to eat the fruit?

The second Adam came

He understood God doesn’t do logic

The devil came oozing logic

He wouldn’t buy it

He triumphed!


Strip clubs are springing up all over the nation

Hotels and Brothels are money spinning businesses

The children of promise celebrate and endorse such establishments

Church instrumentalists go to such establishments

"We want to play for you on your JUMP night

We want to be the team for your LIVE shows"

They get the gig and pay their tithe

The church blesses them for being good hardworking Christians

Christians didn’t carry placards to protest

It’s a free country

It’s a free economy

Sons sneak to the clubs at night

Daughters don high heeled shoes and short gowns to taste the fun

It’s all good

Until someone builds a big church for the worship of Jehovah

Common sense will be remembered

"Oh No!

You should have given the money to the poor and the needy in the society

Oh No!

You should have built a factory

Oh No!"

Religion is the opium of the masses

The shepherd has his flock

Sometimes he also has a dog or two

Dogs follow the shepherd

Dogs run around amongst the sheep

Dogs knows the shepherd’s call

Dogs understand the shepherd’s words

Dogs quote the scriptures as the shepherd did

Dogs hound the sheep and keep them in line

But dogs were not meant for the kingdom

They were not counted as members of the flock of his pasture

They are not his!

They bark

The wag their tails

They cozy up to the shepherd and pretend to hear from him

But they are dogs

They insult the sheep of his pasture

Call them gullible

Aren’t sheep meant to be gullible?

If Jesus wanted goats, he would have called them goats

He called them sheep

Dogs would try to tell the sheep

Don’t say “Bah”, Say “woff”

Don’t eat that, eat this

Don’t pay tithe, pay tax

Be logical, be reasonable, USE YOUR HEAD

The very argument of the evil one in the beginning

A believer who uses his head can never walk in the miraculous

A believer who uses his head can never be a true believer

True worship has nothing to do with the head

It is always a matter of the heart

In the realm of logic

Christianity is null and void

A virgin can never be pregnant!

A virgin can never give birth!

Nobody can turn water to wine!

Nobody can speak to the wind!

Nobody can walk on water!

Nobody can heal the sick!

Nobody can raise the dead!

Nobody can die and resurrect!

Nobody can ascend to heaven!

The Holy Spirit cannot come down from heaven!

There is nothing like speaking in tongues!

The lame has an incurable medical condition

The leper can never be healed by spoken word

You cannot use mud to restore blind eyes

How can anybody fall under the power of the Holy Spirit?

Nobody can die to pay for the sin of the whole world

The death of one person cannot redeem the sin of all

Your logic will have to conclude

The Kingdom of Jesus is null and void!

End of story!

Once a believer embraces logic, he is squarely placed in the devil’s stronghold

Nothing makes sense anymore

He or she begins to drift

His language changes

Every pastor becomes a liar

The Kingdom of Jesus becomes the enemy

The church becomes a taboo

Once they leave the safety of the supernatural

They become victims of logic

It is logical

If mosquitoes bite you, you must fall sick

If you fall sick you must go to the hospital

In the hospitals the doctors are god

If the doctor says you will die in five days, just say your goodbyes

That is the world he or she operates in

In the kingdom the supernatural is a must

If a mosquito bites you, the mosquito will die

If you have a growth in your body, you talk to it and it dies

When you pay your tithe, you become more blessed than the person who didn’t pay

You celebrate every great work of God done through your brothers and sisters all over the world

You have life in you

You give life to others

You call doctors a liar

Doctors come to you for help when all else fails

You walk on water

You can be in three places while you are sleeping on your bed

The realm of the sheep and the shepherd is beyond comprehension

No dog can ever understand it

The dog will say but we follow the same shepherd and serve the same King

How come your reality is so different?

How come you cast out demons and heal the sick

How come you command the pneuma with ease?

The shepherd would respond

It is not by power or by might

It is by my spirit

My sheep know my voice

The voice of a stranger they will not hear

Logic kills

Many professors will hold on to their logic and ignore the power of God working right beside them

They will acknowledge that they do not really know how this world came into existence

They will propound theories upon theories and get no closer to the truth

Are you a believer priding yourself upon your logic and common sense?

I daresay you are lost in transit

You started out believing in Him

But now you believe in your sense

How disastrous is that?

To look away from the risen Lord because you can think!

You need to repent

There is nothing logical about Jesus

If you were indeed baptized into Him

There should be nothing logical about you


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