Mothers Are Always Right

Mothers Are Always Right

Her mother married nine times. She always said: “Never suffer with any man”.

Understand that the love of a woman must wane in the heart of a man.

Before your husband lose interest in you, marry another.

Her mother never believed in love, she called it a chain for fools

As a teenager, her mother would tell her:

You can never get anything right the first time.

Anybody who tells you otherwise is lying.

You fell many times before you mastered how to walk.

That is how life is.

That is how men are. That is how love and marriage is

At 23 she brought her man to her mother.

Her mother said ‘Remember, this will be your ‘Morning’ husband Morning husbands are the most memorable

They set your course for the other men you will marry

Don’t get carried away with him

Have a baby and be on the lookout for better men

His mother said No! Open your eyes, see clearly

People from this tribe don’t stay married

I am talking from experience "Look at her mother, That is what the daughter will become"

 "A bird without a permanent nest Flying here and there

Not waiting long enough to nurture her children"

He defied his mother It was pure scapegoatism

Blaming his beloved for the choices her mother made

Thinking their love wasn’t genuine enough he married her

His mother gave her blessings, wished them well

She was careful not to alienate him

But she knew she would be proven right

Her marriage was a good one, He was hardworking, faithful, dedicated and committed

It made her resent him It was as if he was trying very hard to make her feel guilty for leaving when she was ready to go.

Men are always out to get women She must escape before he becomes ‘Mario’

She had a daughter, nursed her very well

Two years later she packed her load

He returned from work, picked the baby at the preschool

Got home, waited for hours

Started calling everybody

The next day he went to see her mother

He was told she had moved on MOVED ON!

Her mother comforted him

Told him her daughter was not brought up to marry only one man ‘I married nine’ and she is my daughter

‘You cannot have her only to yourself’ She is a gift to the world It took him months to locate her

Why did you do this?

She wasn’t even remotely sorry

She said the got a better deal and she took it

She met the new man through her mother

He is rich, divorced and has less life struggles

She had to take it It has little to do with him

More to do with her and her desire to move ahead in life as quickly as she can

Time was in a haste

Two years later, he met another lady

He met her pastor, they picked a date

Few days later

His pastor called for a meeting

He got there He saw his run away wife

The divorced man had become Born Again

He is doing restitution He had taken back his first wife

Told her to leave She wants to come back

He laughed and walked out

His fiancée called

She had received a phone call From a nasty woman who said she should leave her husband alone

The next day, the fiancée called off the wedding

Her parents said she cannot marry a divorcee

Especially now that his ex-wife is back on the scene


She came with her folks

They begged and begged

She has had a rethink

She was being childish

She is now a new creature

"He should remember Jesus He who has no sin..."

He told them he needs time think about it

He requested for a transfer at work

Got it

Relocated with his daughter

Only his mother and siblings knew where he was

She tried all she could to locate him

He remarried at his new station

His daughter is now 15 years old

He also had two other children

The runaway wife is now in husband number 6's house

She also has four children

Their mothers were right