The church said there is a formula for getting a good marriage; marry within the fold, go through your pastor, go through a proper counselling session with experienced elders who will tell you both the truth in love, the bed must be undefiled, pray, be convinced he/she is the one

He did everything.

Absolutely by the book.

She was even a pastor's daughter.

He dreamt of her three times before he summoned the courage to speak his mind.

As they were taught, it was the pastor he told.

The pastor swung into action and within two years they were married

He married the devil.

While they were on honeymoon she told him calmly that she does not want to be a pastor's wife.

Ha! He started a fellowship as a student and it had metamorphosed into his church of 5,000 members.

The ministry's strong women base was why he got married!

On the day they were to return home after the honeymoon, she cried bitterly.

He had called her father to tell him the issues arising and he had counselled that he should exercise patience with her.

Once she got back home she would adjust.

The counsel failed miserably

Whenever went to church, she would point to the clock and tell him "Be home by so so time or there will be war in this house".

Whenever he came home late, she would unleash hell.

One day she poured salt in the engine of his car just to teach him a lesson

She multiplied his sorrow

She did not attend his church or any church for that matter.

Once in a while when she attended his church, it is to accuse someone of sleeping with her husband or demand for money.

Her parents, elders of the church, friends and relatives intervened.

She simply refused to budge.

Within two years, his church began to feel the heat of her missiles.

The congregation dwindled. His mother came to the house, saw how things had deteriorated.

She called his wife and spoke frankly to her.

His wife got angry and poured hot water on his mother.

It was that bad!

He rushed his mother to the hospital, by the time he got back home she had packed her belongings and left.


He married her at 30, a young preacher full of hope and aspiration of a bright future.


He was 36 when she left. His coat of many colours smeared. His spirit broken!

What went wrong?

He prayed

He fasted

He sought counsel

He had a dream, the same dream, three times

He didn't rush into it

She remarried three months later, to a man who already had three wives

It was as if she had accomplished her mission and moved on

He could barely stand.