I come from a broken home, my mum left my dad when I was 4 yrs. old, she remarried and had 3 kids. My dad raised me alone, I reconnected with my mum much later when I was going to start my undergraduate at the age of 15 in 2002. As soon as I got to college in 2003, I gave my life to Christ and started working in the church. Coming from a Muslim home, I really felt the enthusiasm of knowing God personally through Christ and I loved every bit of it. Growing up was tough and I realized I didn’t have a blossoming childhood so I decided I would commit my future family into Gods hands, I didn’t want to breed the type of home I came from. I wanted a happy home filled with Gods love thus I prayed for a wife that God would give to me and He answered that prayer.


I met my wife back in University days in January 2009, I had just finished my bachelors back then while she was in her 3rd year of nursing undergrad at OAU, Ife. We became friends and we maintained contact while I went for NYSC in June 2009, went for my masters in the UK in 2010, got back to Nigeria, started a job then eventually left Nigeria in 2014 to start a PhD in USA. At this point she had graduated, finished NYSC, worked a bit and then started a masters in South Africa. Between 2009 and 2013, I had asked her out but she just remained friends with me. However in 2014, we began to draw close. At this point, my mum (who I only had a fledgling relationship with) began to mount pressure on me to get married and while I had had the intention of marrying my wife, the pressure made me bolder to officially ask my wife to marry me.


I left Nigeria in August 2014 to start my PhD and returned back to Nigeria in December 2014 (she came home from South Africa for holidays) to propose to my wife, she said yes. We made plans to get married in June 2015. As we were both away, my mum and my wife’s aunt made necessary marriage plans (my wife’s parents were in the US at the time staying with their first son in Houston Texas). We got married in 2015 and I left for US while she returned to South Africa. My wife’s parents also came for the wedding and returned to the US afterwards. The wedding made me realize some disturbing facts about my mum. She had blatantly mismanaged the monies I gave her for the engagement items and bought low quality items, she didn’t buy the bible that was requested and didn’t come with the bride price. Additionally, she claimed her pastor had informed us not to have a loud wedding which we didn’t but she furtively hosted a party for the wedding with a couple of friends.  Shortly before we left, she instructed us to bathe with some water which she said she got from her pastor/prophet or what not but my wife and I did not. She also gave us a blanket which we refused to use.

My wife finished her studies and joined me in the states in Nov 2015. She reported something disturbing, she stated that my mum had called her and repeatedly asked that whatever she tells my wife should remain between them and not have me know. Secondly, she tried to blackmail my dad as a terrible person to my wife. So, my wife became wary of my mum. In view of this, when she became pregnant, we kept it from my mum but only announced to her when she delivered a baby girl in October 2016. A confidential source from home told us she was shocked as she had confidently stated my wife would leave our marriage barren.

A few months after our daughter arrived, my wife had three/four terrible dreams in succession, each similar to the last and in the dream, she was trapped in a building surrounded by either a large gate or lions and she couldn’t leave the building. At this point she was preparing for her nursing licensure exams in the US. She wrote the exams in January 2017 and failed. We put two and two together and realized the dreams must have something to do with the failure. We decided to pray fervently. Her mum was with us at this time taking care of the baby. Our trio prayed and fasted and eventually the battle was won. Both my wife and mum in law had a breakthrough dreams and my wife rewrote the exam three months later and passed. As nurses are in great demand, this was the only hurdle she required to go through to get a job in the United States or at least so we thought. She kept applying but no one would hire her. Eventually she found one and they just hired her without moving forward with her immigration case. All in all, we sensed stagnation and we were praying faithfully.

During this time, she had a succession of dreams where she saw my mum giving her bad food in the dream which she didn’t take and, on some occasions, the dream consisted of my mum packing her bags out of our home. We began to wonder what it all meant but prayed against such nonetheless.  I came home to Nigeria in August 2017 and my mum called me aside and told me my wife had had several abortions in the past and that she was basically trash. I kept quiet knowing that wasn’t true. I returned to the states same August.

One time, a prophet (who we met by chance here while he visited the states and preached at our church) had given my wife and I a word in 1 Peter 5:10. And said we would suffer for a while but after that God would establish us. We didn’t understand the word and thought it had to do with the delay in my wife getting a job.

All of a sudden in September 2017, she discovered a lump in her breast, she was diagnosed of breast cancer in Nov 2017. One day the Lord gave me a word “This sickness is not unto death” found in John 11: 4. I held on to the word and believed. We began to consider treatment options, my wife began some form of natural treatment which were less invasive than chemotherapy. In order to have her focus on treatment, I took my daughter to her parents in Nov 2017. From the time of diagnosis, my wife had terrible dreams. But one of them stood out as follows:

She saw herself amongst some women in a room where a dingy looking bed was placed and she was asked to sleep on it, she refused and many of them pounced on her and she struggled with them, during this struggle, they had managed to get her legs on the bed and a dark evil substance had covered her legs. Suddenly, a lady whom she knew from her secondary school who had died came for her. The lady then said she was asked to come to take her life, she took her from amidst the women and took her to a place where she took a bath to remove the dark evil substance that had crawled upon her skin. The lady said she won’t take her life since she knew my wife and instructed her to run left as soon as she was done bathing off the dark substance. My wife did as told and when she came out of the shower/bath, she saw some women standing afar off to the right in a hallway and ran left as instructed.

Then in March 2018, I began to suspect that the cancer was spiritual. I informed my mum in law of my suspicion as my wife suddenly began to gain weight inexplicably and couldn’t breathe. At this point, the cancer had spread to her lungs. I rushed her to the emergency ward and apparently one of the four chambers of her heart had collapsed and fluid had built up in her lungs. My wife’s parents are very religious and once they realized their daughter was in the emergency room and heard my suspicions, they called all pastors they knew. And my suspicions were confirmed, the Pastors all stated that it was a spiritual attack specifically from my mum and they all said my wife would live and not die- this was the message they received from God. This was also in line with the word God gave me. At the hospital, she had three surgeries where fluid was drained from her lungs and a hole was placed underneath her heart to drain whatever fluid tried to accumulate around her heart. After my wife came back from the hospital where she spent about 3 weeks. She had a vision as follows:

She saw herself transitioning from the land of the living to the land of the dead and then when she got there, three angels told her to return to the land of the living and while she was returning, there was fire and the angels held her hand while she walked through the fire. There were three women who were her enemies in the dream and the angels took their power as they relentlessly tried to do harm to my wife. She also saw a brown padlock that the angels unlocked with the force of heaven. Then there was a large ocean. She also began to say “they (the angels) asked me to give thanks”. “I will live and not die”. She saw our daughter and myself in the vision as well. I was trying to help her in the vision and she said “do not help me, the angels have my hands, they are helping me”. All the while she was saying this, she was not conscious of her environs.

Armed with this vision, my faith was further strengthened that She would live and it was only a matter of time.  During all of this, we kept trying out a lot medically but to no avail. She had one round of chemotherapy but it made her so much worse we decided to visit a naturopath. Additionally, at this point, she needed care so we decided she should go stay with her parents while I concentrated on finishing my doctorate program. We did. I drove her from West Virginia to Houston Texas in July of 2018. She couldn’t fly as her lungs weren’t in great shape according to doctors. At this point, we continued steadfastly in prayers, fasting and believing. I constantly made trips back and forth from West Virginia to Houston as I was still in school.  The night of the trip from WV to TX, her mum had a dream as follows:

My wife was on her way to being buried by some people and Jesus stopped them.

However as concerning her health, for every one step we seem to make progress, we take two steps back and at one point, she was rushed to emergency as she couldn’t breathe. Fluid was drained from her lungs and she felt temporarily better. She met a Nigerian man at the hospital who was a nurse and one thing led to another and we met his family friends who attended MFM so we also went there for prayer sessions. Her mum also went for some 21 days fasting and prayer session specifically for her case. The interesting thing is everyone who prayed for us said she would live and these were men of God. I believed it as well since this is the word I received from God and it is compatible with her dreams as well.

At one point she had another dream as follows:

She was locked in a place and a man came to open the door to set her free then she came to meet me as I was waiting by a car, we drove off and we got to a traffic light where a woman stood in our way and security came to take her away.

At this point, the dream made sense to me as I had gotten a job offer shortly before I graduated in august to resume a job in Philadelphia but I was waiting for my work permit from Immigration before I could begin so I had interpreted the dream as being a confirmation of her healing and I would eventually pick her up to come stay at our home in the new place in Philadelphia. But her health worsened. At this point, she had been consigned to hospice care by the hospital since their diagnosis was that the cancer is irreversible and she was going to die. She couldn’t breathe well and had oxygen canula attached to her nostrils.

A pastor came to our house and prayed for her with anointing oil from Pastor Adeboye and conducted a deliverance session for her while we were in Houston. Days later she had a dream as follows:

She was behind a tree and seven people were in a boat-like structure on a mountain top, they were all well dressed and in similar attire as though going to a party and a rope was tied to the boat-like structure and it extended to the tree where she was. The people in the boat (six women and one man). She kept pulling the rope but she wasn’t strong enough to. Suddenly, two men came and pulled the rope, the boat toppled over from the mountain top to the valley and all occupants died. As she beheld that, she turned to thank the men and they were gone far ahead of her, she ran to try to catch up with them but couldn’t and woke up.

I interpreted that as victory once more. After a short while, I moved to Philadelphia soon to begin my job. I resumed in November. My wife showed no signs of improvement still. Then in December, she was rushed to the hospital emergency as she couldn’t breathe. This time, a heavy device was used to make her breathe. Still no signs of improvement and then she was placed on life support, I had to leave work abruptly to go see her. I cried when I did. During this time, we prayed and prayed. Myself, her parents, her brother. She couldn’t talk as a device was placed on her tongue which forces air into her diaphragm. She could only communicate by writing on a piece of paper. At this point, the doctors informed me that her lungs had caked and couldn’t expand hence she couldn’t breathe on her own. Her life was miserable at the hospital and she decided she wanted to go home, the doctors told us that she would die without the life support as home equipment couldn’t deliver that much oxygen. Besides, they claimed even on the life support, death was inevitable. I held on to the word of God based on what God told me, her dreams and also the word we received from men of God praying for us. While she was at the hospital, she had a dream as follows:

She was amidst three women who rallied around her in an evil manner and she shouted Holy Ghost from sleep and they fled.

I left Houston on a Monday, she was transferred home on a Tuesday, she passed away on Wednesday, Dec 19th. I was at work when the call came in that she had passed. I felt blank. I didn’t know what to do, I took a flight the next day down and in the midst of the grief, I and her brother planned her funeral and burial. I saw her body at the funeral home and I couldn’t believe she was gone. We buried her on Monday Dec 24th.  A pastor amongst the ones praying for us called my mum in law and stated that my mum donated my wife to her coven members in the witchcraft world. Sigh! He further stated that the lack of a bible in the engagement items and the missing bride price was part of her covenant with the dark world. He stated that the donation was meant for a promotion in the witchcraft coven.

If you made it this far, I am sure by now you must be guessing what’s on my mind. I am confused and pained but more confused than pained. I have a very stubborn faith but this is almost tearing me apart. If God took my wife, I would be more than happy to let her go but if the devil took her I would be gloomy and sad but what’s more? If God gave His word and as it seems, reality is different then I am utterly perplexed and befuddled. At least nothing less than 20 people who prayed said the same thing: She would live and not die. I haven’t been myself the past few days and I have been trying to seek Gods face, I have told Him to speak to me and the last dream I had, I was praising God…I have no idea what that means but all of this has me totally confused, excluding the pain of course.

My spirit has led me to share this with you, I know Gods word is yea and amen and His word does not leave His mouth and return void. Call me crazy if you will but I still believe God can restore my wife but then again, I am very confused and equally pained as this gaping and ravaging hole tears me apart from the inside out.

PS: I beg you by the mercies of God, if you are a believer and you have a challenge such as was discussed above, please reach out! PLEASE!!!

Prophesies, visions and dreams do not heal the sick or break the yoke of affliction. They may lead you to the root cause of the affliction but they will never heal the sick or deliver the oppressed!

If you are sick or you have a sick relative, what you need is the gift of healing, the gift of faith, laying on of hands, the gift of working of miracles, the prayer of faith, the anointing, the word of God, power and sometimes a combination of two, three or all of the above!

it is easier to heal the sick than to raise the dead!

When you need help, please, reach out! 

I cried reading this story!

How would wickedness be given such room to operate unchecked? How? 

No witch or power of witchcraft is allowed to afflict a believer! NO way! Unless of course such a believer allows it or refuses to get help within the body of Christ from the right people!

How I wish the brother in Jeans and T-shirt got a wind of this before the 19th of December?

May the Lord comfort this brother and his household! I pray that the Holy Spirit will brood over this situation and I command the demonic activities surrounding this family to be broken immediately!

Salvation has always been free, please reach out when you need help. Let iron sharpen iron!