The Simple Prayer

The Simple Prayer


He was sitting quietly in the living room. 
With no one around to disturb him 
He started speaking in tongues and meditating. 
Words from PSSBC Lectures in the previous 
class kept on floating in his mind. 
Just some weeks before during the lockdown 
due to the corona virus, he had joined an 
online class where they were teaching about 
Christ and walking in the fullness of the Higher 
The lecture of the previous night really 
impacted greatly on his heart.. 
He was told he could heal the sick, just as 
Jesus did and make the lame walk as well... 
the thougts of these kept him up till around 
He stood up and was about to retire to bed 
when his phone rang... 
His friend Peter was calling. 
With sleepy eyes he picked the call and 
they started gisting, telling each other 
how the day went and making plans for the 
His eyes were already heavy now and he
 wasn't paying much attention again, not 
until he heard his friend mentioned sickness.... 
The sleep left his eyes in a hurry. 
On hearing the word sickness, something 
sprang up from within him. involuntarily he
found himself telling his friend that he can 
heal the sick by praying for them. 
The words came out from his mouth so fast 
without him thinking. 
Even him was wondering where those 
words came out from. 
He just seem to have this conviction in his 
heart that he can make sickness disappear. 
Peter was surprised and wanted to know 
more, so he obliged by telling him about Jesus, 
how he died, resurrected and gave his 
disciples authority over all works of the evil one. 
He told his friend the spirit of God lives in 
him and by his spirit,  he can heal the sick 
by exercising the authority he received 
from Jesus Christ. 
Peter paused for a while, he had never heard 
his friend talked in this manner before, 
he must have been brainwashed by some 
so called man of God.... very gullible of him. 
The awkward silence over the phone took 
a moment, and when he finally spoke, 
he responded jokingly saying " Pastor 
Scooby Doo pray that this pain I am 
experiencing in my joint disappear" 
Since you claim you can heal the sick
He offered just a simple prayer,  he quoted 
some scriptures and commanded the pain 
to go in the name of Jesus. 
He gave thanks to God for honouring his 
words in his mouth and ended with a big 
To Peter, it was as if his friend was high 
on something for believing he could heal a fly 
talkless of humans.
They exchanged pleasantries and ended
 the call.
He laid in bed, replaying the conversation 
with Peter on his mind. 
He asked himself, "can that simple prayer 
I said really heal my friend?". 
"Probably i could have prayed some more or 
better just keep shut concerning these 
convictions on my heart. 
Peter will probably be laughing at me right 
now for going spiritual on him.  
His phone woke him up. 
The ringtone pierced through the night. 
He looked at the clock, it was just 3:30 am. 
Why on earth will Peter be calling him back 
at this time?. 
It had better be something important he said 
to himself, or had he called to mock him for 
acting on the word of God.... 
He grudgingly picked the call and was 
surprised to hear Peter crying uncontrollably. 
He sat up straight in bed and asked why he 
was crying.
You are right Peter responded. .. 
I couldn't sleep since you told me about Christ, 
I started feeling so much warmth all around 
me the moment you ended the call when 
we last spoke, and i just couldn't understand.  
There was something about that prayer you 
I stood up to use the gent and i couldn't 
feel any pain.  
I jumped, twisted, and even did pushup just 
so that i will feel the pain, but it had disappeared.  
You were right when you said you could heal 
the sick. 
Please tell me more about Jesus.


Note: All Christians have the power of God, 
but ignorance of the word of God keeps them 
on the ground.  
The bible says these signs shall follow them 
that believe, but some want to see the sign 
before they act. 
Those that are sick around you are still sick 
simply because you fail to take responsibility 
( with power comes responsibilities). 
A word from you can make the difference 
in someone's life, so begin to act on your 

If you need someone to pray with you, feel 
free to reach out.