The Elder

The Elder


It was a perfect day, an ending to a busy 
week, when the elder made a replica of 
All was given to him -- control and power -- 
the very attributes someone else strongly 

He communed with the elder in the cool of 
the day. 
They journeyed in the garden filled with 
succulent, juicy, luscious fruits, along the 
green scenery interlocked between the 
breathtaking landscape. 

At the turn of another cardinal point, they 
could perceive the fragrance of the 
heavily-scented yellow flower abloom the 
crystal-looking grounds creating a sharp 
contrast to its background. It's full of 
kaleidoscope of butterflies reflecting the 
elder's glory in that form.

Always eventful time they spent together. 
The replica of the elder named all the animals. 
He functioned in a scope in similitude to the elder.

Another replica of him was made for him, 
fashioned from his bone. 
Their souls cleaved to each other. 
They bonded! 
One became two in one day.

From some where came the fellow who 
coveted control and worship. 
Although, his core has been eternally 
corrupted, he still emits a certain beauty 
and dazzling brilliance. His tongue was 
sweet, and eloquent. 
He deceived the second, and control 
passed to him.

Two became nothing, and fell into the 
shadows where death lurked. 
Death bit and held on to them, transferring 
a mortal venom to their core.

The fellowship with the elder ended.

Two in the shadows became alone 
and desperate.

The power monger was happy, and he 
ruled with an iron hand. 
He gave the scarb-filled death passage 
from the underworld to the real world.

Life began to evaporate. Surely, he was 
far too stronger than life. 
All forms of life were corrupted with 
the sting of death 

The plants started to misbehave, the seas 
started to pass their boundaries, creatures 
felt the pangs of death! 
They screamed in agony and pain, while 
the fallen controller laughed. 
Their pain was his pleasure!

The two toiled. 
Two became four, four became eight, 
eight became hundred. 
Geometric progression set in, and the 
earth became populated.

The elder gazed on to his replica 
who has lost his glory. 
And to his descendants.

The fallen was bold, and he went to 
the presence of the elder whenever 
the elder called for party or a solemn 
assembly of his sons. 
Such audacity! He rode on the authority t
hat was passed to him.

Only if he knew.

That the elder had a plan. 
He created time, he already knew what 
he would do before the events played out. 
He waited for the right moment to restore 
his beloved. 
He wanted to walk with them again in 
the garden.

Men found different ways to commune with 
the elder: they'd talk to stones, trees, water, 
carved images etc. 
They longed for fellowship. 
They were created to fellowship with the elder, 
that is who they are! 
Still, they got it wrong.

The curse of death had to be broken by 
a man like them, and by one with pure 
untainted blood. 

The elder loved man so much, 
he decided to find a legitimate way to 
redeem them.

He came to the midst of men in the form 
of a man. 
His pure blood had to be shed.
Without the shed of blood, there's no 
remission of sin.

The elder died, came face-to-face with 
the man called death. 
What a glorious day.
The earth stood still, as its tilt where it 
revolves upon froze! 
The physical earth became empty of the 
sons of the fallen, as they all ran to the 
underworld to witness a great victory 
from their fallen master. 
On the other side of the coin, the sons of 
the elder watched from above. 
He wrestled him, and broke him forever 
crippling him. 
He moved on to fallen power monger. 
The fallen cowered before the beaming 
light of the elder. 
He was defeated and perpetually disarmed.
The sons of the fallen stood in awe and 
amazement, yet hatred oozed out of them. 
That's who they are, and they can't help it.

The elder is back and alive forevermore. 
He restored men to himself, and he did 
much more than the beginning: he gave 
them his own type of life-- zoe.

These God-kind of men now walk in 
dominion over all, and fellowship has been 
restored for ever more.

Yet we wait longingly to go back home. 
In due season we shall, yes we shall.

Romans 5:18-19 NIV
18 Consequently, just as one trespass resulted 
in condemnation for all people, so also one 
righteous act resulted in justification and 
life for all people. 
[19] 19 For just as through the disobedience 
of the one man the many were made sinners, 
so also through the obedience of the one 
man the many will be made righteous.

The elder -- Jesus -- wants a fellowship 
with you. 
Just come as you are.


Tai Falodun