The Key

The Key

I hear an ethereal music loudly. 
Amidst the cacophony of sounds in my 
near environment, yet it's gentle and clear.

A melody so delicate and pure rings from 
my heart, and the words formed in my 
mouth in consonance to the melody.

My heart couldn't place the sound to any 
key, I wonder why.

As my attention progresses to an undivided 
stance, it responds by growing loudly while 
the background noises fade away.
Then came the still silence. A silence so 
synonymous to the one described in the word 
when the lamb opened the seventh seal.

Understanding beckons slowly, and strongly 
rushing into my consciousness.

As the sons pay more attention, noises of life 
fade away to pave way to the world of our 
Oh yes, the keys of the music are not of the 
world of men, they are from home.

I am from Zion, and I am entitled to these 
experiences even while I am still here on earth. 
Heavenly music being sung by angels should 
ring smoothly in my heart, while I bask and 
drink in the ecstasy of His presence.

I awake from my visitation with a wide smile 
on my lips, renewed and longing for home.

As days pass and I go about my activities, 
I take a deep pause to bring back the sonorous 
voices of the heavenlies and hear the sound 
in my heart again, and it reminds me of a 
glorious vision.


Tai - the beloved

It's 11:54pm, a day after solemn assembly 

Even though I informed the Pssbc family 
I was going to bed, I couldn't just go to bed 
without writing something about your love, 

I love you because you first loved and gave 
yourself for me.

Holy Spirit, it's your thought that fills my 
heart in the night.
It's your thought that overshadows my heart 
when I wake in the dead of the night.
It's your thought that springs in my mind 
when I wake while I declare, "it's the day 
the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be 
glad in it".

There's a transformation of love going on.
A joyous pattern is taking shape in my heart.
Everyday as I confess how your love is 
shed abroad in my heart.
And how I genuinely love the most gracious 
and the vilest person
There's joy and love solidified in my heart.
Dear Holy Spirit, there's a change going on here. 
I can feel it in my heart. 
A change of love for you and people.

In my chats, discussions, phone calls, there's 
an aura of love for the people. 
I love this new dimension. 

Ah, Holy Spirit, you are the music of my heart 
and mind.
The lyrics and melodies of my song.

Hence forth, I call myself the beloved, because 
I'm the beloved of the Father.

Yet, I'm itching and looking forward to another 
level of love dimension and knowing.
Yes, I will be drenched in it
I will swim in it
I will ride the crest of the wave of your love 

Thank you, bread of life.