The Broken Hedge

The Broken Hedge

I got married to my wife as a virgin 
My wife was a virgin too We were both 
Christians although my wife had a 
background in another religion 
Our relationship was a very good one 
I met her in the choir at the local church 
we were attending when we were teenagers 
Those days she used to sneak to church 
without her parent's knowledge and hang 
out with members of the teens and young 
adult church 
None of us knew she was not a Christian 
until we decided we needed to know one 
another's houses for the purpose of 
follow up and deepening friendship ties. 
That was when she said her entire family 
were of another religion and she would be 
in danger if they knew she was hanging out 
with church folks! 
Nobody witnessed to her or tried to convert 
her, she just liked Christianity and started 
coming to church but at that time she didn't 
give her life to Christ! 
Her voice was angelic! 
She loved music! 
I sincerely believe music was what 
brought her to Christ. 
That was the only way she could give 
her gift an expression as at that time 
Our relationship became personal when 
we got to the University 
I joined the campus chapel choir and 
on the day of our first rehearsal, i saw her 
walk into the room 
The choir director heard her voice and 
designated her the soloist right there and then
We were both strangers in a big school and 
naturally got drawn together 
That was how feelings began to grow
She gave her life to Christ when we were 
in 200l 
The campus fellowship held a revival once 
during the second semester and a very 
popular Man of God came to minister 
My wife sang with the choir 
After singing, she couldn't stop crying 
She cried throughout the service and 
walked over to the altar before the 
preacher made the altar call, her conversion 
was so real and contagious 
That day, many people came to the altar 
crying for salvation it was as if a spirit of 
repentance was unleashed 
My wife decided after that day to stop 
pretending she was still of the
other religion 
She changed her mode of dressing and 
really stepped out for what she believed in 
When we were going on holidays, she 
refused to dress as she used to 
She went home a Christian 
It was an "If I perish, I perish" mindset 
Something strange happened the day 
she went home
Her father, who had been ill and bedridden 
for many months was healed 
She didn't pray for him 
In fact, it happened the moment she stepped 
into her father's compound 
Her father asked her why she changed religion 
She told her father of her love for Jesus 
Her father accepted it
The whole family couldn't believe it 
Her father had disowned two other children 
and his own younger sister for converting 
The penalty for disowning their religion was 
that severe and yet her father said everyone 
should leave her alone She was allowed to do whatever she liked!

This was the background story sir 

After we graduated, we decided to get married 
I got a job with a mobile phone retailers 
while she got a job with a bank 
Three weeks after our marriage, her stepmother 
(Her father had three wives) suddenly arrived 
our house on a Saturday morning
She came with her 19-year-old second 
She said she wanted her daughter to stay 
with us and help out with chores, in return 
she expected us to train the young lady 
It was very unexpected but she came 
prepared not to take no for an answer 
(I had discussed getting a maid
with my wife before marriage and we both 
agreed we needed to be able to walk naked 
around the house for at least the first two 
years of our marriage before bringing 
anybody into our home) 
After a lot of back and forth (We promised to 
pay the young lady's school fees and all)
We had to accept the young lady into our 
That night I had a dream 
My wife and the young lady brought me 
some food in different plates 
My wife stood by my left 
The young lady stood by my right 
When my wife opened her plate, the 
food in it was rotten 
When the young lady opened
he plate, the food was fresh and delicious 
I didn't eat either of the food but from 
that day i found myself developing a 
dislike for my wife 
It was so bad that I would sleep in the 
guest room while pretending to work 
overnight so as not to sleep beside her 
She was always farting, snoring, belching, 
listening to ridiculous things on her phone 
and just being generally unpleasant and
When my wife noticed, she started
 complaining and it led to constant fights 
Pastors got involved and so did friends 
I stopped eating her food, i stopped 
Because it persisted for long my wife 
called my people 
She tried her best to explain what she 
felt she did wrong and how she had 
adjusted while i remained aloof 
I understood what they were all telling me 
and i would agree but I cannot change 
how I felt within 
I hated her so much
Then her stepmother came to the house 
to check on us and her daughter 
She came on a Friday night intending to 
pass the night and leave the following 
As soon as i returned home from the office 
and she saw me, she started thanking me 
by saying "My son, thank you for taking 
care of us! 
See how beautiful "so and so" had become?
 Look at her jutting breasts, and her lavish 
backside, look at her hips? 
She is now so beautiful! 
You have spent so much on her, you have 
brought out the woman in her
 I kept politely nodding and saying "Thank God
She left the next day at about 4 pm. 
My wife went to sleep at about 9pm 
I was watching TV in the sitting room when 
the words came back to me "Jutting breast, 
lavish backside, hips, I have spent so much, 
her beauty is out... 
The words played in my mind all night, 
those words...
The next day I closed early from work and 
went to a boutique i bought a lot of clothes 
for my wife's step-sister 
When i got home at around 4pm 
I gave the clothes and told her to try them 
on one by one 
She obliged me I would help her adjust the 
collar or the bra strap or something
Within the hour sparks were flying I had 
been without sex for almost two months 
because I couldn't stand my wife 
My wife's step-sister was irresistible 
(Not that i resisted, she didn't resist too) 
We started having sex that day 
At first, it was in secret but we grew 
bolder and started making plans of how 
to get rid of my wife. 
I didn't know how that discussion started 
but my wife's step-sister had this hold on 
me that I cannot shake! 
I was lost in her, covered by a fog of 
willingness and compliance 
The day she told me to beat my wife, 
I did so gladly
The next day was the day you came to 
our house for the first time 
I was lost brother Gbenga 
I was so lost I didn't know how to think 
I didn't have control over my own feelings 
or behavior 
I remember shouting at you to get out 
of my house 
I remember seeing you smile and
saying "I have stepped into this house, 
the reign of enchantments and demonic 
spells are over today" and then you left 
I remember my wife running after you 
begging you to come back 
I remember my wife's step-sister running 
I slept off on the couch a few minutes later
I didn't wake up until the following day
i think i slept around 5 pm and woke up
with a bad headache and thirst around
7 pm the following day
I was the only one at home
My step sister was gone
My wife was gone too
I remembered everything that happened sir
I couldn't lie and say I had memory loss
I was mean to my wife and I beat her
up without any restraint
It wasn't me, I wish you will believe me
It wasn't me at all!
I hate to admit that i was bewitched
It makes me look so small and helpless
But that was the best explanation here
I was eventually able to place a call to my
She picked but said our marriage is over
She said the moment i raised my hands
against her, I killed the marriage
Brother Gbenga, I want to come and see
you sir
I know you can fix this 
Please sir, help me rebuild my home
I don't want to lose my wife to the antics
of witchcraft
I promise you I will never ever be in that
situation again
Please sir!

PS: This was the message that i received 
from my dear brother that fateful day
I called his wife immediately
She was hurt but she knew what happened
was because they both gave sentiment a
Many of us do this
We would have a premonition or an 
instruction from the Holy Spirit but we will
override it in the name of "I want to be nice"
or "People will not understand"
The devil loves sentimental believers
He knew they would please "man" at the 
expense of divine instruction

GSW's Story: His wife reached out to me
when it became obvious a superior force
had taken over their home
They were comfortable believers
They forgot about praying in the spirit
and taking charge of their spiritual 
The devil's imagination is morbid and he
would often come in the most unexpected
The step-sister left their house and didn't
The couple reconciled a week later
They had learned their lessons and were
glad to come out of it without any
permanent damage

Dear Believer, do not take the Holy Spirit
for granted or put Him in a back seat
You open yourself up to many dangers
(both seen and unseen) and manipulations
(Both human and extra-mundane) if you
slack in the place of prayer.
The prayer of the righteous is still powerful
and effective
Pray in the Spirit
Pray in understanding
Sing in the Spirit
Sing in understanding
Seek not yet repose
Watch and pray