The Increase

The Increase

If I say to you that I saw water bursting into flames, don’t call me a liar

Just ask me to bring you the ashes

If I can, please believe me

We got to the roofing stage of our building project

I was sent a bill of 10 million Naira for the wood needed to construct the parapet

17 million Naira for the wood needed to construct the wood for the roofing

The workmanship was about 13 million Naira for both

We have not even gotten to the roofing itself

But when I drove to that site a few days ago, I saw a roofed structure 

I saw it with my two eyes

So I knew the roofing stage was done already

I turned to God and asked what to do

He didn’t say anything

I called a friend and a sister and said send me anything worthwhile that you can spare

She sent me 1 million Naira 

I took it to God, I said this is the seed of your people 

I added my own seed to it which was 2 million Naira

Then all the offerings we had towards it and other things was one million Naira

Making it a total of 4 million Naira 

I then told those who would buy the materials to go to the sawmill

They bought the wood for the parapet first and sent me a bill of 4.4M

They said they found the cost to be cheaper than projected

I paid out of the four million Naira I had and surprisingly realized I still had change left instead of deficit 

How do you remove 4.4M out of 4M and still have 650,000 Naira with no offering coming in

It was an account where I could effect a transfer and no offering or giving came into that account

I left the change there

We continued the prevailing prayer

They delivered the wood and started construction

I gave it a week

Then I sent the same team to the sawmill to go and get the wood for the roofing

I had 650,000

This time we had some money come in from our North American chapter totalling 2.4 million Naira 

Offering for Project from Nigeria was 1 million Naira

The total this time was also 4,050,000 Naira

They bought wood worth 14,400,000

I sent 4,000,000 Naira three times

Making a total of 12,000,000 but only two were acknowledged by the receiving bank

They said they didn’t get the third one so I tried two million two times

One went through while the other hung

In total the bank got 10,000,000

I sent out the 10,000,000 and promised to send them the balance this morning 

I went to the bank to complain about my transactions that didn’t go through this morning

They checked and apologized

They said the transaction was flagged because they were not sure if I was the one moving such a huge amount of money or if a fraudster was at work

I paid and I still had a balance with which I settled half the workmanship on the parapet that was still being carried out 

Of course, this won’t make sense to you

It made no sense to me too

I will not allow you to comment on this because frankly what you believe is your opinion and I am not interested 

What I know is this a fact!

We are doing parapet now

We will start constructing the wood for roofing next week

By the middle of March, we will start roofing

I am not prophesying

I have prevailed 

The economy has no power over me

I bring the plenty out of the little

My source flows continuously

I have the oil of His Grace that does not dry up

My vessels are everlasting and can never stop being filled

In Jesus, I have all things

I rule and reign over money

Of my increase, there shall be no end

I prosper in that place where the Lord has positioned me and I lead all His sons and daughters into their inheritance in Zion


Blessed be God!