Titi's Revenge

Titi's Revenge

She plotted her revenge carefully 
She was nobody's fool 
She had suspected her husband was 
cheating on her for several months 
She was not a novice at the game of love 
She knew all the signs and feelings 
that are prevalent in a cheating relationship 
She had cheated and had been cheated 
on in several of her past relationships 
She could tell when a man's head had 
been turned by another woman 
She could also tell when a woman's head 
had been turned by another man 
She had promised herself when she 
was getting married that she was not 
going to take such rubbish from her 
She was a beautiful woman in her 
own right and she was deliberately leaving 
behind all her potential lovers, manfriend, 
sugar daddies and one night stands to 
build a home with her husband 
She was beautiful and very much in 
demand in the social circle, she
was not going to roll over and play 
dead for any man 
She told her husband this the very day 
he proposed to her 
The proposal was done in public and left 
her little room to state her terms and 
conditions, but after all the noise had down, 
she sat him down and made him 
promise never to cheat on her 
What is good for the goose is good for 
the gander 
She wouldn't be the sort of woman a 
man will keep in one house while flirting 
around with other women 
She made that very clear 
She told him she would walk away at any 
hint of cheating, whether proven or 
He agreed To show him how serious 
she was, she gave him a Bible and asked 
him to swear on it and he did 
He placed his hand on the Holy Book and 
swore to be faithful to her all the days of 
her life 
She felt he got her message loud and 
clear until she started noticing the signs...
He became absent-minded around her, 
as if his mind was completely somewhere 
else while his body was with her 
He started traveling and working late a lot 
His phone would ring at odd times and 
he would find his way out of her presence 
when receiving a call 
He changed the password of his phones 
and sometimes came home refreshed as 
if he had showered somewhere before 
coming home 
She perceived strange scents and even 
saw condoms, hotel room receipts, and 
other tells 
He was cheating! 
The problem was, they already have three 
children and she couldn't just walk away 
as she had always threatened  
But she couldn't take it lying low 
She would never play victim 
She needed to pay him back in his own coin 
She needed him to know that two can 
play that game 
So she logged off emotionally from the 
She stopped caring about his welfare 
Her mother used to say there was no 
point trusting anyone who you cannot 
ask to blow your eyes when something 
falls into it 
She couldn't trust him as far as she could 
throw him 
She wouldn't be emotionally invested in a 
relationship where her partner was only 
playing a bit-part role 
She thought her husband would notice 
the move but he was too far gone 
She stopped hugging and kissing him 
before he left for the office and when 
he returned 
He didn't even see it 
It was her first warning 
She escalated it and became moody, 
uncommunicative and even rude
to him 
He felt it but it barely broke his stride 
He asked her on several occasions what 
was wrong with her but he asked the 
same way he would ask their housemaid, 
not full of love and concern but as a 
matter of courtesy it really hurt her 
What sort of man does this to his wife?
Then she got an idea 
One of her colleague at the office had 
always been a womanizer, the sort 
that would enter any hole without 
She had started forming "I don't care" 
and "I am free to do what I like" in the 
office through her dressing and general 
communications with her colleagues 
It wasn't what she wanted but it was 
lashing out and reacting to the pain of 
betrayal she felt deep in her heart 
She would have cheated on her husband 
for real but nobody was showing any 
interest in her that way 
So she decided to induce it 
It all started with a tacit suggestion 
She pretended her car was bad and  
asked the colleague to drop her at home 
They got talking 
She asked him how he was able to satisfy 
all the women he was dating at the 
same time 
She asked if there was a medicine local 
or orthodox that he was using for his 
libido and all
It was a subtle way of telling him she 
wasn't sexually satisfied by her husband 
She even cried a little as she spoke 
She knew her colleague would take 
the bait 
She had deliberately dressed for the role 
she was playing and she knew his eyes 
were glued to her breast as she leaned
forward while pretending to be distraught 
Her colleague said "How can your husband 
be so ignorant? How could he keep 
someone as beautiful as you at home 
without learning the tricks of satisfying 
a woman? it's like having a Ferrari and 
driving it like a beetle!" 
He talked on and on
When they got to her house, she asked 
him if he would come in 
She told him her husband had traveled 
as usual and the children were with 
their grandparents 
She told him she really needed someone 
to talk to 
He didn't need much encouragement 
She would be another feather in his cap
Another rumour at the office testifying to 
his irresistibility 
As soon as they got into the house, she 
kissed him 
He kissed her back eagerly and started 
touching her everywhere 
She was deliberate 
She didn't want to sleep with him, she 
only wanted it to appear as if she wanted to
Her husband was at home 
He had told her he was going on a short trip 
that evening and would be at home all-day 
She just needed to provoke a conversation 
and prove her point 
Her colleague was just a pawn in her 
revenge plot 
Her husband needed to learn that she was 
not to be taken for granted 
She was not some helpless woman he 
could walk all over 
While they were still kissing, she pushed 
her colleague away 
She told him she had never had the courage 
to allow another man to touch her intimately 
since she got married 
She told him to please be tender with her
He didn't wait for another invitation 
His blood was all hot 
He was like a shark tracing the scent of blood 
He took off her blouse and started to tease 
her breast 
She got carried away for just a minute 
She closed her eyes 
That very moment, she heard footsteps and 
a loud bang, then she felt everything slowing 
She opened her eyes, she saw blood all 
over her chest 
Her colleague was slumping and her 
husband was towering over the two of 
them with a pestle 
If she didn't fling herself at him, he would 
have hit her colleague again and killed 
him for sure!
Things didn't go as she planned at all! 
She had envisaged that her husband 
would charge on the scene screaming 
and she would scream back at him and 
accuse him of his unfaithfulness 
All she wanted to do was prove a point 
She had even done a video recording 
on her phone which she posted to her 
google drive detailing her plan and 
asking her husband if he could take 
what he was doing to her 
She didn't envisage her husband's violent 
reaction or the injury to her pawn 
She rushed her colleague to the hospital 
Her husband had hit him at the back of 
the head...
They were very fortunate her colleague
didn't die
Her colleague spent about two weeks in 
the hospital
He suffered from short term memory loss,
migraine headache and some speech 
issue but he recovered fully
Luckily he didn't press any charges
Her husband waited until her colleague
was discharged before making his
He threw her out
She had provided him with evidence
of her infidelity and had almost ruined
his life by provoking him to commit
She didn't understand why everybody
thought she was the devil
Even her parents!
She tried very hard to hold on to her
job believing that things will blow over
and people will move on
It didn't happen that way
Her colleague, (The pawn) told her if
she doesn't resign, he couldn't guarantee
her safety because her sight stirs him
to rage
She resigned
She lost everything and had to live in
a room reserved for cleaners at her
church while searching for another job
Her husband got the children
She was unsettled and had nowhere to
put them while she sorted herself out
It turned out that her husband wasn't
cheating at all
He had lost his high paying job for over
a year and felt he would lose his respect
with her if he told her
So he kept it to himself while hoping to
get another job
They had been living majorly off his 
While hoping to land a good job, her
husband took up a role with a logistic
company that entails delivering goods
all over the country via trucks
That was the reason for his emotional 
withdrawal, constant tiredness, coming
home refreshed as if she had a shower
(Which he did at the office after their
long journeys and tedious work), and
most of the other signs she saw
He couldn't even afford to cheat if
he wanted to
Her husband explained that he always
carried condoms on his trips as
advised by the courier company after
some of their staff members got
gang raped by some ladies in a state
they traveled to
He was trying to maintain a lifestyle
the family cannot afford and it took its 
toll on him physically, emotionally and 
When added together, her revenge didn't
make any sense
Everybody saw her as a foolish woman
who had a home and threw it all away
Even their church pastor advised her
to let things settle down for a while before 
approaching her husband for reconciliation
A day turned to a month and a month
to a year
The days kept counting and her despair
kept growing
Her husband told the Brother in Jeans 
and T-shirt his story in 2018
He wanted God to restore his finances
so that he would be able to cater
for his children
He was a highly qualified electrical engineer
who worked with a manufacturing company
until the company pulled out of Nigeria
In the course of their discussion, he
told the brother in jeans and T-shirt about
the stunt his wife pulled while they
were living at Olowo-ira Area of Lagos
The brother in Jeans and T-shirt met 
with his wife
She was a beautiful young lady whose
life got turned upside down by a series
of wrong decisions
She had learned her lesson and tearfully
begged for forgiveness
What else can a man of God whose sins
were forgiven for free do?
The Brother in Jeans and T-shirt promised
her husband that by the power of the
Holy Spirit, he would be fully restored
financially and career-wise within three
months if he forgave and took his wife 
The husband said if it didn't happen
within three months, he would surely
throw her out again
He even made her sign an agreement to
that effect which the Brother in Jeans
and T-shirt was a witness to
In the movie titled "Odysseus" there
was this bag of wind that was given to
Oddyseus and his team to lead them
Even though one of Oddyseus' team
members opened the bag and the
wind escaped leading to another round
of peril for the team but it worked for
as long as they didn't open the bag!
There is a wind of fortune that could
be spoken forth to the destiny of a 
man or woman that would compel
the oil to flow ceaselessly and the bread
and fish to multiply effortlessly by
the power of the Holy Spirit.
After he agreed to take his wife back,
the brother in Jeans and T-shirt told
him about the power of the Holy Spirit
and how His presence in a man's life
could turn sand to gold
He led the two of them to Christ and
got them filled with the Holy Spirit
he taught them how to frame their
reality with the Word of God's power
They joined hands and prayed in the
spirit for a while
Eleven days later, a global technology
company (with headquarters in Germany)
located at Isolo offered him a juicy
One year later, his wife was pregnant

PS: Secret kills a marriage

He realized a year later as he grew
in his walk with the Holy Spirit that
getting the job had nothing to do with
taking his wife back
God blesses all his children unconditionally
The brother in Jeans and T-shirt just
took the opportunity of his desperation
for a change of circumstance to reunite
his family
He was very grateful for it
This event happened in 2015
They were separated for three years 
and 22 days before the Holy Spirit
restored them
The family lives in Lagos, Nigeria

Don't be a man whose weakness is so
obvious that anybody can exploit it
to their advantage
If people know you as hot-tempered,
a womanizer, a glutton or drunk
you have exposed yourself to the whim
of schemers or plotters who could use
these weaknesses to lure you into
their snare. 
You need the Holy Spirit to break free
of these weaknesses
You need Jesus now

GSW's Stories: There are wise and
there are foolish decisions
When an elaborate plot of foolishness
is exposed, it is a pain to see
When a good plan comes together,
it is joy to see
Read the story above over and over
Glean the coded wisdom and adjust
your course
If you are a believer and you are
suffering, dont just glance through
Pay attention to the Holy Spirit
He promised to enlighten the hearts
of all those who read
The wind is already stirring for you
There is a change of course by the
power of the Holy Spirit in the name
of Jesus!