"Calm down! CALM DOWN!"

She was talking too fast; I couldn't understand her.
But I knew she was hurt.

She called me that evening, around 7 pm.
From the background noise, I knew she was in traffic.

"Please park, let's talk", I advised.
"I'm not driving", she replied... 

"I'm in my car, in front of Cash & Carry".
I asked her to take a minute to calm down...

My mind went back to a few months earlier when she married the love of her life.

When I saw her call, I had assumed she wanted to tell me she was pregnant or something... 

Hearing her so agitated set an alarm ringing in my head.
What in the world could be wrong, I wondered.

When she calmed down, she told me a bizarre story.
A week earlier, her husband had suggested they buy a new TV and move the one in the living room to the bedroom.
She agreed... 

He told her, "Babe, I'll find out how much it will cost. I want us to get a much bigger one than this", he opined.
She agreed.
A few days later, he told her he saw a good one at Cash & Carry for ₦400k.
"Babe, let's contribute 50-50 for it", hubby suggested.
She agreed... 

They both work in blue-chip companies, making good money.
She transferred ₦200k to her husband.
The next day, he returned home with the new TV and set it up in the living room, moving the old one into the bedroom.

On this fateful day, she was driving back home from work... 

She saw a Cash & Carry outlet in front of her by the road.
"Uncle Harry, something just told me to go in and check the price of that TV", she said.

She drove in & checked the TV: the price was ₦150k!

She was MAD!!!
She returned to her car, picked up her phone and called me... 

When I heard the story, I didn't know what to say.

As much as I know women could be a handful, as much as I know wives get plenty of skoin skoin for head, some husbands get plenty, too!

How in the world would a husband do this to a wife???

A few months into your marriage... 

You plotted how to STEAL ₦50K from YOUR WIFE?
Are you ok???
Every husband should be ASHAMED of you!
Stealing from your wife is against Bro Code: you should be EXPELLED from the Men's Network!

The irony is, the wife will report this to her parents, his parents, their Pastor... 

They will have a meeting and "counsel" the husband and ask the wife to "forgive" him.

And she will: the pressure on her will be too much to do otherwise.

And they will "patch up" their marriage and "move on"...

But can things EVER be the same again?



Haruna Daniels