(Psalm 16:6)


Potiphars wife lied against Joseph.

He was sent to prison. He was not guilty of the offence that took him to prison. It was not fair, but he was jailed, anyway.

But after a while, 2 men joined him in his cell. They were domestic servants of Pharaoh, the king of Egypt.

What are the odds?

These 2 men could have been inside ANY cell, but the lines fell unto Joseph in pleasant places, and they were brought to his.

They both had a dream, Joseph interpreted, and that was the beginning of a chain of events that catapulted Joseph to the Palace.



There was a devilish plot to eliminate Mordecai. The irony was he had no idea! Haman hated him passionately because he refused to give him the respect he thought he deserved. So he had a gallows made to hang Mordecai.

But the very night Haman wanted to tell the King his plans for Mordecai, something happened: the King could not sleep! So he asked for the Book of Records to be read to him as he lay on the royal bed. Then it was discovered Mordecai had helped the King by exposing a plan by 2 of his officials to kill him! The king asked, Have we honoured Mordecai for this? No, Your Majesty! The King thought over it: what can I do to honour Mordecai? He needed counsel, so he asked if there were any of his top officials around. Haman was.

What are the odds?

The king could have had insomnia any other night, but the lines fell unto Mordecai in pleasant places, and the King was sleepless the same night. Haman wanted to ask for his permission to hand Mordecai.

This led to a chain of events that led Haman to his death and elevated Mordecai to his office in the Kingdom.


Scripture teaches us, The lines are fallen unto me in pleasant places; Yea, I have a goodly heritage.” Psalm 16:6.

What the Psalmist means is, situations and circumstances turn out for his good. Things may look gloomy, things may not look right. But God is working behind the scene to bring something beautiful out of it.

It may not seem like it, we may not be aware (most times we are not), but God IS working!

Joseph had no idea the Prison was his route to the Palace.

Mordecai had no idea that Haman’s hatred was his ladder to Office.


What are the odds?



He was sentenced to death for armed robbery. He knew his time was up the moment he was caught. He was sentenced to death by crucifixion.

But the lines fell unto him in pleasant places, and his crucifixion was set on the same day as That of Christ. He was crucified on the cross next to Him. And the last words he heard were, “Today you shall be with Me in Paradise!”



He went through a divorce a few months earlier.

Now, he has an illness that requires surgery. Life couldn’t be any worse, he thought.

Sitting in the aircraft on his way for the surgery, he sent a friend a message: “I’m in an aircraft on my way to your city”. The friend responded with a flier: he would be preaching in a Church on Sunday.

As the aircraft took off, he prayed the surgery would go well…

He was at the hospital the next day, Friday. He was examined, given some medication and asked to come back the following week.

On Saturday, he contemplated whether he should attend the Church his friend was preaching at the next day. He decided not to go: his health brought him to town, not a Church program.

But he woke up the next morning with a strong urge to attend the Church service! So he took an Uber over.

As he sat down, he noticed a lady sitting on the pew in front of him.

He liked what he saw.

“I just got divorced a few months ago; I shouldn’t want to get myself entangled in a “situation-ship” so soon, he thought…


But he couldn’t keep his mind and eyes off her; he couldn’t concentrate on the Service he came for.

After the service, he walked up to her and introduced himself: “Hello, Sis. How are you doing? My name is…” “I know you”, she replied. “I follow you on Twitter!”

They exchanged numbers…

And the rest is history.


What are the odds?


The lines fell unto him in pleasant places, and he not only got ill and needed surgery, but he also flew to a different city, attended that Church Service and sat behind the lady who eventually stole his heart away and became the source of comfort for him after his divorce.

When he was going through physical pain when he realised he had to fly to another city for surgery; he had no idea he would return to his base with something more than a healthy body: he returned with a healed heart.

Getting into another relationship was the last thing on his mind as he strapped himself in that aircraft seat, but the message he sent to his friend kick-started a series of events that eventually led him to enter his REST.


As a Believer, the odds will ALWAYS be stacked in your favour!



Haruna Daniels