She cried to God in prayer daily
Asking for revenge
Telling Him what should happen
To the person 
That made him a widow
She was certain
Someone killed him
And that person must be killed
That was all on her mind
She wanted the person
To feel her pain
She decided to go into 
Seven days prayer
With just one prayer point
"Lord let him that made me a widow die suddenly "
On the third day into the prayer
She heard the voice 
"Are you God?
Can you fight your battle?
Were the past battle won by you or by God?
Let go and move on"
She was unhappy 
About letting go
But she knows 
Obedience is better than sacrifice 
From the moment she let go
Revelations started coming in
It dawned on her 
That his uncle was involved 
In his death
The same day she knew
The uncle called her
Apologising indirectly 
She asked him for what?
He just told her to calm down
He said he has some gifts to give her
He stays in Ibadan 
While she stays in Lagos 
She gave all reasons
Not to see him
He insisted on coming 
To avoid seeing him
She went to her sister's place 
She refused to pick his call afterwards 
She didn't go back home until late evening
The uncle brought seven different foodstuff
She didn't know
What prompted her to count
Yam Rice Beans Garri Noodles
Yam-flour and plantain
Tied in a sack
Kept at the flat entrance
She called her next door neighbour 
Asked her if she wanted the stuff 
Neighbour didn't mind
She took the sack of food

The puzzle started fitting in
The uncle tampered with the car 
To cause the accident
He took the car for his use 
From the time 
They got to ibadan
Till they left
He had plenty of time

He poisoned her husband
When he visited  him at home
He came when she was not around 
He sent the nanny out
Claiming he wanted his pastor 
To pray and annoint her husband
That was the last time 
Her husband was seen alive 
According to the nanny
Her husband "slept"
After the visitors left 

She left all for God to judge
Since God had told her 
The battle is not hers 

Within two years 
Of knowing the killer
She went through some battles 
The uncle threatened her
In her dream 
She called on her hub
To come chase him away
And he did
The uncle ran away

Another time
She dreamt 
That the uncle 
Sent his son 
To come use charm on her
The son refused 
On the ground that 
They had been told 
She is strong 
And can not be charmed 

Sometimes during her drive 
On the third mainland bridge
To clients office on the island
She will hear some evil voices
Telling her to jump into the water
Below the bridge
She would charge into prayer immediately
Turn up her worship song 
Which she listens to 
Every time she drives
Until the evil voice died

On one occasion
She had an accident 
It was almost fatal
She was with her two boys
She hit the middle divider on the expressway
On ikorodu road
The car was flung into the middle of the express
Speeding vehicles averted the crash expected to happen
All she kept saying
Under her breath was
"Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!"
One man got down from his vehicle
Knocked on her window till she turned it down
The man spoke softly to her
Asked if she was hurt
Told her to come down with her boys 
The man called his mechanic 
To help her arrange to pull the car away from the road
The man also gave her money
For fare back home
He was like an angel 
Sent by God 
To rescue her from that situation 
She didn't even get his number 
To thank him again the following day

After two years 
On her way home from work one day
She met the uncle's son
On ojota pedestrian bridge
He was going to ibadan
The young man told her
His father died few months back
She was surprised
She felt like shouting 
He went on to explain 
That he was suffering from 
Diabetes but the doctor 
Didn't detect it on time
It got worse before they knew
It was too late
To save him
He died 

Such is life
God said he will fight her battle
He did in his own time
She has always trusted God 
For everything