KULUSO (The process of time).

When Lizzy my elder sister and i were growing up, we were divine partners in doing silly things, if we told you a few, you might find it hard to believe. There was an unusual grace on us for these things. On my way home two nights ago, i remembered one and i was laughing on my own on the road. While still on the thought, the Holy Spirit began to open my eyes to lessons on what seemed stupid and funny. So this is it..........

There was this tiny insect that made some kind of hole in the ground that you turn with a little stick to get the insect out. I think they called it kuluso, then. I don't know where Lizzy and i got the myth that kuluso can make the breast grow, so whenever we were on holiday at our grandmas' we would go and remove the insect and put it on our chest and be singing kuluso, kuluso, so we can have big breast.

We were just children then, not even gotten to the age to start growing breast, why in God's universe were we looking for breast at that age? I wonder now. We did this thing on and on but the breast never grew and i don't know at what point we stopped.

As I thought on this that night, it dawned on me that we were trying to force a season that was supposed to take a process of time. We wanted kuluso to make our breast come out, but we didn't know his divine power had put in us already all that pertains to breast development...