The Puddle

The Puddle

The Puddle


He was walking down the street with his babe

(Well, let’s call her his babe; although it was only their second date)

They had gone out for the first time the previous Saturday

He was her cousin’s friend, an average looking guy with strong Christian convictions

She would have gone out with him earlier but for this religious fanaticism

It is true that many ladies want a god fearing man, but bible totting brothers were a bit of a mystery to her

She was born again and she knew what liberty in Christ really meant!

She didn’t want to marry a Christian brother who would take that liberty away from her

There are Christians and there are Christians!

There are those whose gospel is the ten commandment

They profess Jesus but preach Moses

The brother looked and spoke like one of those

A Salvation Police Christian whose gospel is touch not, eat not, do not!

She couldn’t stand such people

Sin consciousness had them tied up in knots

She is God Conscious, and would never trade her liberty in Christ for religion

He had been on her case for years

Buying gifts, sending messages, trying to prove his love

She had been noncommittal about it

She neither encouraged nor discouraged him

There had to be options to choose from and she didn’t have any yet

She decided time would expose his true intentions

After two years of constant plea and quality attention

She decided to spend an evening with him

They went to the movies on their previous date

She had a good time

He was witty, funny, intelligent and sincere

She was taken aback by all the promises she saw in his eyes

She had never been happier to be wrong about her assessment of him

When he asked her if she was available to go out with him the following Saturday

She eagerly said yes!

Saturday came but the weather had other plans

It rained for four hours

The streets were flooded and as the rain abated, the streets were littered with puddles of all sizes

He was in a jovial mood

Talking about the rain and the goodies that always come with it

She was a bit disappointed but fascinated by his optimism

How can anyone not be disappointed that their good plan was ruined by the weather?

But he had learnt over the years to be grateful to God for whatever season he was in

After all, it was God that made life a reality

Stones can neither acknowledge the power of God not refute him

But he can glorify God for every season and he believed his babe should learn to do so

As they talked they came to a big puddle

It covered the entire road

Someone or (some people) had taken the pains to line up big stones in the puddle for people to skip through the puddle on

The stones were lined up on two sides

One for those going down the street and the other for those going up the street

He told his babe to go first

His babe laughed

“Go first and I will follow in your footsteps” she said

He went

At the other side of the puddle a couple also deliberated on who to go first

The lady was elected

He skipped through the stones carefully southwards

While the other lady gingerly stepped on the stones northwards

They passed by each other

The stones were so closely arranged that they barely had enough space to navigate

They exchanged accusatory glances as they passed by each other

“Why couldn’t she wait until I have passed through” he thought

“Why couldn’t he wait until I  got to the other side” she thought

They both got to the other side of the puddle

The other lady and his babe were on one side of the puddle

While he and the other lady’s guy were on the other side of the puddle

The other guy screamed “What is wrong with you? Why did you touch my babe’s “bum bum” (Backside)

The other babe didn’t understand what her man was saying

“What’s happening dear? The other lady shouted!

The other lady’s man screamed on him: Your hand touched my babe’s bum bum!

He looked like “What is this one talking about?” but didn’t say a word

The other lady’s man was taller and bigger than her man, she watched as he walked briskly to her man with his flailing forefinger right on her man’s face: You this small boys, didn’t you see that while you were about to pass by my babe on those stones in the puddle, the back of your left hand touched my babe’s backside?

Her man: Ah! The back of my left hand? The owner of the backside didn’t complain, why are you all worked up? We passed by each other stepping carefully on stones to avoid the puddle. How can anyone be aiming to touch another woman’s backside with the back of his left hand while avoiding falling into muddy water at the same time? You have insecurity issues

The other lady’s man: You will apologize to my woman for touching her backside either accidentally or intentionally or I will deal with you

By this time she had navigated the stones to their side. She and her man and the other lady’s man were on one side of the puddle, the other lady was the only one on the other side of the puddle

The other lady’s man: You touch my babe’s backside, I touch your babe’s backside! No cheating

The Other lady’s man grabbed her backside

She screamed and slapped him instinctively

The other lady’s man raised his hand to slap her

Her man rushed to her defense

A fisticuffs ensued

She couldn’t believe it

In all her dreams and fantasies while growing up

She never imagined a scene where two men in their twenties would be fighting because of her

It all happened very fast

The other lady’s man lifted her man up with the intention of slamming him on the ground

Her man bit the other lady’s man’s left ear

Almost severing it from his head

The other lady’s man screamed in agony and dropped her man

There was blood everywhere

The other lady had disappeared by this time

She emerged minutes later with police officers

Her man and the other lady’s man were arrested

They got to the police station

Police officers started their antics

She called her brother who was a lawyer

Her man got bailed

Her man insisted that they bail the other guy

She said No!

He pleaded

She gave in

Her brother drove all of them to the hospital for treatment

They became friends

She could never understand guys

Beating each other senseless in a minute and shaking hands the next!

Her man apologized to the other guy

The other guy apologized to her man

Then they both apologized to the two ladies

Her heart literarily melted!

That was the moment she decided to marry him!

Two years later, the other guy and his babe were the best man and bride’s maid at their wedding!

PS: This event occurred in 2005

The other guy and the lady broke up in 2007

She claimed he had anger issues and it was true

She is happily married to another person

The other guy became born again

The Holy Spirit broke the dam of anger

He was set free with glaring evidence

He introduced the other guy to his wife’s younger sister in 2010

They got married in 2012

The three marriages are blessed with children