Bad Hand

Bad Hand

Bad Hand


She had always been fascinated by sex

While she was in the boarding school, it was practically the only timeless topic

Her roommates think and talk about sex all the time

She did too

In the beginning she thought it was abnormal but by the time she became an undergraduate she realized it was very natural

When she visited her friends and classmates’ rooms and paid attention to the discussions, the hottest topics were always guys, sex and relationships!

Almost exclusively in that order

She would listen attentively while feigning disinterest

Her Christian upbringing portrayed talking about sex almost like a sin

It was shrouded in a mysterious garb reserved for only the married

She felt dirty thinking about sex all the time

To talk about it was simply unthinkable!

Her mother was a staunch born again Christian

The turban wearing type with Jesus’ like sandals

She couldn’t even imagine her mother having sex


She had expected that she would start having her menstrual period in her early teens

She didn’t

She told her mother

Her mother said she should pray about it and that was that

She prayed

Their denomination does not believe in hospitals

It was regarded as a taboo for a believer to subject his or body to such a carnal institution

She resolved to wait on the Lord

She was still waiting on the Lord when she turned 25

Suitors started coming

She was a graduate with a good job

It was time to settle down

She settled for a fine young man also from her denomination

They had a glorious wedding

They went to the UK for the honeymoon

Finally! She would let the ninja in her cupboard loose

She had a warm bath

Dressed in a devilish nightgown one of her carnal colleagues bought for her

He was ready for her

Oh God!

She shuddered at the thought of his “giantness” as she saw it in all its glory inside her


They kissed!

His touch was as light as a feather

Within minutes she was hot and panting

Like a deer panting after water

He latched onto her nipples

The atmosphere tingled

Oh my God!

This is the younger version of heaven!

He took her hand downwards

Placed the giant in it

She throbbed with it

Finally, she met Adam! Adam nodded approvingly

He worked on her body until she was tender, deboned!

She was suspended somewhere between ecstasy and rhapsody

Foreplay over

He opened her legs

One minute…five minutes…fifteen minutes

He employed Vaseline to ease his way


He put on the light, opened her legs wide and took a look

By this time, she had crashed!

Something was wrong!  

The space where her vagina was supposed to be was so tiny, only urine could come out of it


He looked at her with a mixture of pity and disgust

Didn’t you know you don’t have a vagina?

He asked!

Oh God! How was she supposed to answer that question?

How could she have known? How could anybody have known?

On the outside everything looked like it ought to!

They went to the hospital the next day

She did a barrage of tests and a series of MRI’s

She was diagnosed with diagnosed with Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser (MRKH) syndrome

Life took a downward turn

They returned home from honeymoon

Her husband insisted on annulling the marriage, after all it was never consummated

She didn’t know what to say!

It was all like a bad dream!

How could she not have a vagina?

How could any woman not have a vagina?

She had neither a uterus nor a cervix too

She can never have children!

The doctors advised her on the medical options she had and how much it would cost her!

The options were way beyond her capacity

Her most realistic option was to accept fate or trust God for divine intervention

One month later, she moved to her own apartment

The marriage was annulled

Many people wondered why her marriage crashed so soon

Others talk about her behind her back

How many people would she explain her lot to?

Life has dealt her a bad hand!




This series of events happened in 2017

Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser (MRKH) syndrome, is a condition that affects about 1 in every 4,500 newborn girls, according to the National Institutes of Health. It happens when, during embryonic development, the female reproductive organs (including the uterus, cervix and vagina) do not develop properly. As a result, the uterus and vagina may be underdeveloped or absent entirely, the NIH said.


People with this condition are genetically female (meaning they have two X chromosomes), and have normally functioning ovaries. They also have normal external genitalia, and so the condition is usually discovered only when women do not get their period, as was the case for Moats.


In some cases, the condition can be treated without surgery, by using vaginal "dilators" to create a vagina or enlarge an existing vagina, according to the National Organization for Rare Diseases (NORD). Vaginal dilators are specially designed plastic tubes that can be used to stretch and widen the small amount of vaginal tissue that is typically present (sometimes referred to as a vaginal "dimple"), according to NORD.


The condition can also be treated with surgery to create a vagina, which is called a vaginoplasty.