She was determined to give her husband a baby boy

The man had been an absolute source of joy for her

They met at their annual village festival

He was six years older than she was

He just got a job with the federal government

He was informed two days to the festival that his father had become critically ill

The doctors had given up hope

He couldn’t sleep a wink all night

His father had labored too much over him

Even if the man must die, it must be in another twenty years

He had vowed that his father would never know a day of lack from the moment he got his letter of employment

He had just resumed that month when he was told his father was dying

He prayed all night

In the wee hours of the morning, while he was preparing to set out

He suddenly fell into a trance

He saw himself in front of his father’s compound

His father’s dead body was laid right in front of the house

He arrived at the scene and screamed in agony!

People held him and started condoning with him

He was totally broken

Then a man appeared on the scene

The man looked at him and the crowd

The man didn’t say a word

The man walked to the row of coconut trees right in front of their compound

The man pointed at the tree right in front of their house

A bunch of coconut fruits slowly moved downwards from the tree

Until they were suspended in the air right before the man

The man pointed at him and motioned at him to pay attention

He stood up and watched the man intently

The man counted the coconut anticlockwise

He stopped at number four

He cut the fourth coconut out of the bunch

He peeled it

Broke the coconut and poured the juice all over his father’s head

Then he poured some of the juice into his father’s mouth

His father suddenly jerked to life

Everybody screamed!

He ran to hug his father

By the time he looked up to thank the man

The man had vanished!

He came out of the trance blinking like a doll

What had he just seen?

He told himself it means God had healed his Father

His father would live and not die

He rushed to the bus stop

The journey took him nine hour

When he got home, it was around sunset

He saw a crowd in front of his Father’s house

Everybody fell silent as soon as they saw him

He walked through the crowd until he got to where they laid his father

Just as he saw him laid down in the morning

He could have cried as he saw himself do in the trance

But his heart was suddenly steeled!

He went into the house, dropped his bag and went to get a long ladder

He carried the ladder to the coconut tree right in front of their house

He used the ladder to climb the coconut tree

He saw the drooping coconut bunch right around the top of the tree

He counted anti-clockwise

He plucked the fourth coconut

He carried it down the ladder

Peeled the chaff and broke the coconut

By this time a huge crowd had gathered

They could sense a strange event taking shape and they wanted to witness its failure or its success

He poured the juice on his father’s head and some on his mouth

He stood there looking at him

It didn’t happen immediately as it did in the trance

He didn’t faint for a second

He knew his father would live

His father did

It was not as ceremonious as he expected

It was the fore finger on his Father’s left hand that twitched first

Somebody saw it

Then his father took a deep breath and opened his eyes

That was the moment he started crying

He received his dead Father back from the Lord

He didn’t know how or why but it was the greatest gift God gave him!

She was there that day

Her family had returned home for the Christmas holiday earlier that morning

The village is sweet in the first few hours

Then boredom would set in

She was taking a stroll that evening when he saw the drama

At first, she didn’t know what to think

But the moment she saw his crying as his father came back to life

She fell in love with him

He was all heart and love, pure bliss!

The next day she woke up very early and prepared a very good meal for five people

She carried the food to their house

She had been informed that the young man and his father were like best friends

After the death of the boy’s mother through childbirth

His father had insisted on taking care of him himself

Family and friends made attempts at talking some sense into him

“You need a woman in your life to take care of this boy”

“You need a new wife”

“You need to father more children”

He turned deaf ears to them all

He was a farmer and he trained his son up to university level through ceaseless labour

She loved the story

When she knocked on their door

He was the one that opened the door

She didn’t know she would suddenly become shy and red in the face

Though it was early in the morning

He saw her reaction and tried very hard to make it easy for her

She introduced herself and told him she figured they would need the food

She was right!

He thanked her profusely and she left

Since that day she brought them food every morning

It was a subtle way of telling him how she felt

And he got it

A week later he came by their compound to say thank you

He met her people and sang her praises

He called her “Heart of mercy” in their language

Saying that while others were contented with the story about his dead father’s return from the dead

She was the only one who knew the man could die of hunger if such a critical need was not met

They became an item

Two years later he married her

She was by then a certified teacher

They had a set of twin girls

They were transferred to another state immediately after she was born

Then she had another child, also a female

In their community, a male child was everything

He didn’t have a mother who would heckle her like other wives in her shoes

His father loved her like a daughter

He loved her like she was his twin sister

He was the very best husband in the world

He deserves to have a son

A boy he would train to make another lucky woman happy

His own flesh and blood

His scion

She got pregnant again

She begged and begged and pleaded to God

“Please give me a son, just one”

When she delivered the baby, she delivered another beautiful girl

Her husband was over the moon with joy

He told her he was satisfied with four children

He didn’t want any more

She wasn’t satisfied

She didn’t want to argue with him

Weeks after she delivered the baby

They went for family planning

She participated grudgingly

The daughters God gave them were great

They didn’t give them any problem as children and they were brilliant

Her husband treated them like little angels

He delighted in their presence and they delighted in his

The day her third daughter clocked seven

The pastor they invited to pray for her gave her a prophecy

He said “I see new children in this house”

Her husband laughed, she laughed

They both felt the young minister was just throwing words in the air

She had gone to three doctors to seek their medical counsel

She wanted to undo the family planning and have another child

She had not seen her menstrual cycle in many months and she was worried

The gynecologist told her bluntly

“Your womb cannot hold another baby, thank God you married and delivered your child early, you have polycystic ovary syndrome, you are most likely not going to have another child”

The news stunned her

As much as she tried, she couldn’t keep her sorrow from her husband

He empathized with her but expressed his satisfaction with what God had given him

Five months after the young pastor came to their house

They were transferred to a state very close to their village

They were happy because it was likely they would be able to put down root and settle in the state

They forgot all about the prophecy

But the young pastor wrote it down

He knew what God told him and he was sure it would come to pass

Four years later, one of their daughter’s got very ill

They rushed her to the hospital

While the doctor was attending to her 11-year-old daughter

She suddenly felt dizzy and fainted

They had to give her a bed beside her daughter

The doctors ran a series of tests

Her husband was beside himself with worry

After several hours, the doctors came with the verdict

“Congratulations, your wife is pregnant”


She still had her family planning on and the whatchamacallit cyst too

How come she was pregnant?

Seven months later

She delivered a set of triplets

Three bouncing baby boys!

They remembered the young pastor immediately and called him

He had become the brother in Jeans and T-shirt!

He honoured their invitation to name the babies

They were named Peter, James and John!


Ps: There are many readers who have hanging prophesies

Prophecies that sounded real and genuine but simply refused to come to pass

As you read this, I command the loaded cloud of prophecies to rain

I speak forth your season of prophecy fulfillment

No matter how long ago that prophecy was given concerning you

As long as it is from God

It shall come to pass this season in Jesus name