The Mystery of Christ (Part 1)

The Mystery of Christ (Part 1)


We are discussing the mystery of Christ. 
A lot of people don’t know about this.
For example they shut down the 
congregations, so how will they know? 
Jesus had such challenges with the 
religious leaders of his day. Matthew 22:43-46.
David said The Lord said to my lord, and 
the Pharisees sang about it. 
Then Jesus said if David called him Lord, 
how come He is David's son? 
And they couldn’t answer him.

Christ is the English of the Greek kristos, 
which is from the Hebrew Meshiach, 
which in English means the anointed. 
This is significant.

Meshiach means to smear, to rub, to anoint. 
Meshiach is used for the one that anoints. 
This goes for the blessing. 
You can only bless the one that is blessed. 
If you’re not blessed, the blessing won’t work. 
The anointed means the one consecrated 
by God, it has nothing to do with the oil. 

When the oil is used, it is only symbolic. 
If God didn’t anoint you, it doesn’t matter 
how many bottles of oil has been poured 
on you. 
It won’t work. 
God makes a choice, and he anoints the 
one he chose, by the spirit. 
So the oil is used as a symbol of the 
spirits consecration. 
When this is done, it means symbolically, 
this one is chosen by God and is chosen 
to what God wants to do. 1 Samuel 16:6 
Samuel went to Jesse’s house and was 
ready to anoint Eliab. Let’s read.

1 Samuel 16:12 He was looking for the 
lord’s anointed, not the “would-be” anointed.

Here’s an interesting thing, if David called 
Him Lord, how then did he call him his son?
That means David had a better understanding 
of the Christ, than the Pharisees did. 

If David called him lord, what else might he 
said about this Christ. 

Seems he knew better than the Pharisees, 
so if I want to find out about the Christ, 
I would ask David and not the Pharisees.

Let’s find out what he knows: Acts 2:25-28
29 was Peter preaching, and he was 
preaching this on the day of Pentecost. 
Peter states emphatically that David was a 
Vs 32. This is remarkable, because here 
we see that Jesus did go to hell. 
And his flesh didn’t see corruption, means 
his body didn’t decay. 
So he went to hell but did not remain in 
hell, neither did his body decay. 

Vs 34: the lord said unto my lord, remember that.
 He was talking about the Christ. 
He declared that this Jesus whom they 
crucified, God has made him both Lord and Christ. 
Who was the anointed one supposed to be? 
He was supposed to be king. 
The messiah is king. 
They knew it. 
So he declares that God has made him both 
Lord and king. 
He’s the anointed. 
Do you know what he charged them with? 
He was charged him with killing the king. 
They didn’t know who he was. 
Now they’re hearing that this Jesus they 
crucified is both lord and Christ. 
He is the anointed one. 
This is something. 
We are talking about Jesus. 
We are not talking about some poor fellow 
who is looking for help from God. 
He is lord and Christ.

Let’s go to Zechariah, here is what the 
prophet said Zechariah 9:9. 
The first thing that the Christ is king. 
He wasn’t a savior, having a crown. 
He is king having salvation. 
He is lowly, you’re not gonna see him, 
looking greatly dressed with regalia 
like the king. 
You’re not gonna see him dressed 
like Herod or Caesar. 
Think about the fact that he comes 
riding on a donkey.

Some thought that he was going to come on 
a chariot with a great army. 
But he comes on a donkey. 
Who is he? thy king. Matthew 21:1-5. 

Go to Saint John 12, we read from verse 12. 
The common people had enough sense 
to tell who he was. 
John 12:13 they knew, it was the leaders 
that didn’t know. John 12:16. 
They saw it happen but didn’t understand. 
His disciples didn’t understand. 
The common people understood. 
The religious leaders didn’t understand.
 Luke 19:34-39( the Pharisees wanted 
him to shut his disciples up). Vs 40 -
Jesus is saying I am king. 
Luke 19:41- the Bible said Jesus wept over it. 
Luke 19:44. How painful, the king was rejected. 
They didn’t know who he was. 
Had they known the scriptures they 
would have known. 
The leaders were ignorant of the scriptures. 

Daniels 9:24. Seventy weeks 
( I explained this to you before). 
He gave Daniel an overview, from then till 
the end of time. 

Daniel 9:25- specific. See the lord never 
left the people in darkness. 
He was always clear. 
There was four commandments given in all. 
Cyrus came, Darius came, Darius 
commandment was to finish Cyrus work. 
Artaxexes came. 
Each had their commandments, 
while the first two were to handle the 
sacrifices and the temple. the latter 
was to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem. 
There was definiteness from God, 
as to when the king would come. 
How come they still didn’t know it?
They didn’t reject him because they 
knew he was to do die. 
They did so because they were hardened, 
unbelieving and didn’t know him.

We have to take the word seriously. 
The word is truth. 
We are not only to believe it, but to act on it. 
His words are very important. 
Acts 2:34-35, Matthew 22:41- 
Who is Jesus talking about? The Christ. 
So when he quoted David, Jesus was 
saying this was talking about himself. 
David was talking about the Christ.

1 Corinthians 15: 25.This was an expose 
by Paul about the resurrection. 
Notice the language, he didn’t say he 
reign when his enemies are under his feet; 
he said he must reign till all of them are 
under his feet. 
This is remarkable. 
We are backing up to verse 23, to put it 
in perspective. 1 Corinthians 15:23-26. 
So he says death is going to be destroyed. 
Now I want you with this in mind, go to 
Hebrews 2:8( who is he talking about? 
He’s talking about man. Go to verse 7, 
who? Man.)
Verse 9-10. He’s saying that because 
man sinned, he fell from the position 
God put him, which is over all the works 
of God’s hand. 
But we see Jesus. 
So Jesus is the second Adam with all 
All authority has been vested in the name 
of Jesus. 
Man may not have the power to change 
his life as his desires, but if he would use 
the name of Jesus, all things are possible. 
Death came into the world through, death 
passed upon every man. 
So when Jesus came, he gave us life. 
In his name, there’s power, deliverance. 
It is all vested in his name.

So, how does he reign? 
He’s not here, he ascended to heaven. 
Romans 5:17. So Jesus is the name that 
This is the name of the king, the messiah 
the Christ, his name is Jesus. Let’s read 
from Philippians 2:5- ( I explained this to 
you the other time, about Christ not 
thinking it robbery)
Philippians 2:10-11 ( remember he is both 
Lord and Christ). 
What a name. So this takes us into 
Ephesians 1, and I want you to follow this, 
cos now (Pastor blows). Ephesians 1:17 
( the spirit of wisdom and revelation in 
the knowledge of him, wow)

First you have to understand what he 
is like, the power, authority and glory 
that he has. Who is he? What power 
does he wield. 
We take about the force. 
How powerful and mighty is he. 
Who is this Christ? 
So you can understand why we are 
bold and confident. 
Because we know the one we have 
believed in. 
If you don’t know him, how can you 
believe? Ephesians 1:21.

He says after Jesus died and resurrected, 
because of that humility and obedience, 
God gave him a position that is far above. 
Ephesians 1:22, all things are under his feet. 

Here’s the difference between the legal 
and vital statement. 
The legal statement is that God had subdued 
all things under his feet. In other words, 
God has done it. 
The only reason we can cast out devils is      
because all things have been subdued 
under his feet. 
If that power was n’t available unto them 
and they had to wait till the millennial reign, 
it means that all that we read in acts 
would not have happened. 
So because the name has authority, 
they cast out demons, and the same 
authority is what we are using to cast 
out demons today, and they’re fleeing, 
all over the world. 
Ephesians 1:23- I need to break this 
down for you properly, so you can 
Jesus is both lord and Christ. 
He is the anointed. 
In whom all the glories and graces of 
God have been vested. 
All of God is vested in Jesus. 
Acts 2:32-33. I’m trying to show you, 
here, how great this Jesus is, and 
the place that he occupies in the 
Did you know that it is Jesus who 
distributes the Holy Ghost. 
We refer to him in Matthew 1:18, as 
the child of the Holy Ghost, but Jesus 
is the one with the right and power to 
give the Holy Ghost to men. 
How great is he? 
Peter said Jesus received the promise 
from the father and has given us to him. 
John 14:26- whom the father will send 
in my name, do you know what that means. 
So the father would send the Holy Ghost 
in the name of Jesus. 
When you pray in the mane of Jesus, 
it is taken as though Jesus said it. 
We’ve gotten the power of attorney. 
This means the father can’t do anything 
on the earth, without the name of Jesus. 
Because the earth belongs to Jesus, 
therefore it belongs to God. 
God needs the authority in the name of 
Jesus to do anything. - John 15:26- 
Jesus would send the Holy Ghost from 
the father. 
Who is this Jesus that he would have 
the authority to send the Holy Ghost 
who proceeds from the father?!
There’s a scripture in the king James, 
that other translations have an issue 
expressing because they’re trying to 
contextualize it, instead of doing so 
with the body of truth. Revelation 11:15. 
King James understood he shall reign 
forever and ever. 
Revelation 11:17- king James says 
“and hast reign”, other translations 
say “shall reign”. 
The Greek says “thou didst reign”, 
which is what the king James says. 
(Pastor read from the Douey-Rheins 
Verse 18. And the nations were angry. 
So he wasn’t talking about the millennial, 
because it is a time of judgement. 
The nations didn’t have time to be angry. 
So it’s referring to something earlier. 
The nations were angry with the lord’s 
But he did reign, 1 Corinthians 15:25. 
And he is reigning through his church. 
His name has power. 
And you can have dominion over the 
powers of darkness. 
Imagine if the church knew this. 
Most never knew because they never 
learned it. 
Pastor said he had asked people over 
the years, what did you receive now 
that you’re born again. 
The first thing you receive, when you 
are born again is Eternal life. 
The life and nature of God that is 
imparted to your spirit when you got 
born again. 
When you were born into this world, 
you were born with human life. 
That’s why Jesus said “You must be 
born again”. when you’re born again, 
your human life is supplanted. 
Eternal life replaces your human life. 
They were not placed side by side. 
when you have this eternal life, 
no sickness or disease can have 
dominion over you. 
If you don’t know, you will be sick like them. 
Christianity is not a religion. 
When you receive this life, you’re 
completely changed. We are not into religion. 
Many think this way and they are wrong. 

2 Corinthians 5:17 would be made clear to 
you and you would live the life of this 
creature that you are.