The Tailor's Apprentice

The Tailor's Apprentice

She is a tailor
Her apprentices
Usually come from people 
Well known to her
This particular apprentice 
Was from someone 
That knows her customer
The apprentice is a young lady in her teens 
From the first day she came to the shop 
The tailor's spirit just didn't settle well with the lady
She felt pity for the mother that brought her
She decided to take the teenager 
Under her apprenticeship
Despite that they can not afford the full fee.

Everything the apprentice touch must get destroyed.
From pressing iron to needles 
Customers clothes get burned when she irons them. 
The sewing machine gets faulty
The moment she steps on it to sew. 
Yet she could not afford to fix the damage she caused 
She and her mother will beg the tailor 
Promising that the apprentice will be careful in future 
The damages in the shop 
Had caused a lot of loss 
To the tailor

It was like a curse 
The tailor tried talking to her
Admonishing her to be careful
While handling things in the shop
Instead of getting better
She got worse 
At a point it became a case of 
One day one damage 
The tailor concluded 
That the case is not natural
It must be spiritual
She needs deliverance 
Unfortunately the apprentice is not a Christian 
And she is unwilling to get delivered
The tailor decided to send her away
When next she destroys anything in the shop 
Of course it was not long
That the apprentice burnt a customer cloth
She sends her away
Her mother begged and begged 
Telling everyone to come help her beg
The tailor was harassed 
The situation was getting out of hand
The tailor listened to their plea
And accepted the apprentice 
She decided to go into prayer
Concerning the apprentice 

She dreamt that the apprentice
Has come to destroy her
Till she has nothing left 
She told the girl to leave
But she refused
The tailor picked a cane
And beat her mercilessly 
Till she ran away in that dream

The following day 
In the shop
The tailor got to shop 
Before the apprentice 
When the apprentice arrived 
Her skin was marked 
With beating from a cane!
The tailor asked innocently 
What happened to her
She said she is not feeling fine
That her skin reacted to something she ate
The girl was restless all the time she was with the tailor that day
Without telling the tailor
She picked few of her personal belongings in the shop
And told the tailor that she wanted to buy some things around the shop 
She left and never came back to the tailor shop.